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  2. since i only have 15 days of school left (not including 2 day weekends), i may take a break from soompi over the summer, since i do use this website on a school computer. hopefully i'm not gone for too long and i don't neglect my threads too much. sorry if i disappear for a long time. i'm just telling you guys before so then you're not super surprised that i'm not updating my threads regularly anymore.


  3. I guess this will be the part of the melodrmaa being said in the working title. Lols. I can't guess. I also doubt he has the power yet to disobey his father.
  4. episode 10 ✔ good product placement ✔ best hair:apy brand ambassador ✔ 🔥 Seung Gi 🔥 ✔ LSG looks like he smells good even though he just washed his hair 😎😆 ✔ hoping for body wash as next product placement (even on SG's other VS) 😝🤣 enjoy rewatching guys! miss you guys as we've been quiet lately. hopefully we will have crumbs in the coming days/weeks. take care y'all! 🤗
  5. Happy birthday to dearest Mr Dimples https://www.instagram.com/p/COl6744jXHd/?igshid=o9mdjj4x3zii Even The Swoon wished him and listed all his dramas! https://www.instagram.com/p/COmvcgALjIr/
  6. D-day The Swoon share key points https://www.instagram.com/p/COl_UNirt39/
  7. While hunting for pictures, found this old article: https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2020/04/09/actor-lee-jaewook-revealed-to-be-a-star-student-in-his-school-popular-among-female-students-343242 Popular with the ladies from a young age, eh? Not surprised...but found it funny that he always had fan girls writing comments about him anonymously.
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  9. Ooooh Thanks for this! I wonder how it works with Netflix I guess we get some version of this non-sub timeline? Ehh, I'm in no rush to be honest given all the things coming out at once when I'm honestly a one episode a week gal Loving all this promo content and they look cute doing their little cleaning dance
  10. Yay! Glad you guys all liked the goodies! It made me happy to find someone willing to translate that content and I thought it was worth the share especially since we've love this series even 5 months after it ended and despite it's ending Can't believe Move to Heaven will come out next week and LJW looks so good in the teaser pic. I also loooove Lee Je Hoon at the moment and the story sounds so touching and unique! If you guys are interested in a chat, we have a thread for Move to Heaven here: I totally agree about Hong Sister's projects being a hit or miss
  11. In Bum - looking all please with himself doing a good deed... Ji Ah - splash him with salt
  12. Honestly, I don't understand why Ji Eun wanted to kill Bareum as a child, if he was not her son. She had two flashbacks from that moment when she was trying to hang Jae Hoon. I also do not understand why Yo Han had DNA results, and went to look for Michaela at the orphanage, (so it seemed when the nun implied that she learned that Yo Han was a murderer) and why he would be in front of the house where Jae Hoon lived with. supposed mother, stepfathers and brothers. He must be the nurse's son. Somehow they were switched. Ji Eun wouldn't have been able to raise his son when he was born, and who kn
  13. I find it cute. Are they having the same fashion statement or what haha. Both are gaining weight which is good for them, which means they are happy and contented. Happy rewatching Ep10 guys! SeungMin fighting! 💚💜
  14. I love the "Woah! Hey! Hey! Calm down" from Kwak Dong Yeon
  15. I'm not sure what works in the tiny square format, but here are some nice pictures that I like of him - any of these are fine unless someone has better pictures of him Sorry for the LJW spam...hard to find just one good picture you know... Hahaha, I suppose that's why he goes topless every second drama He is also very tall and handsome in real life. You know how some people look good in pictures but then look less flattering in real life? That's not him - he is super pretty And onto my third Oppa, L
  16. Me too . That curly hair thing bugged me , lol! Yes , the voice phising guy is the same actor that plays In Bum's uncle in Daebak. Completely agree. LJH's acting range is really fantastic. Not easy to pull off so many different characters. --------- Will he be able to "seduce" the lady boss with his charm & dressing? https://www.hankookilbo.com/News/Read/A2021050818230002953?did=NA
  17. © farawaychy on Twitter I am in love with this Yas pls release the original picture!
  18. @Chocolate make sure you don't miss the 1st few minutes of the BTS that @mademoiselle posted above . Your boy giving maximum fan service
  19. So from eps 3, Hwa Sun is not the only one who doesn't fully turn into a mutant . That school boy ( the bully) is also infected but he's not gone out of control. And it seems being bitten also does not lead to infection - Tae Han seems alright after being bitten by his friend. Anyway in the preview it from what Hwa Sun said , it seems that someone is controlling the smoke. Apart from Tae Han, driven by my oppa bias no doubt, I am not finding any of the characters likeable or memorable as yet. BTS stills Preview
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