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  2. yes the baby die.....oh my god....my mom said the mother in law is to be blame!!! sighhhhhhhhhhhhh i just dont understand how can she ask the daughter in law to make so many needlework at a go!!!!!!!!! she is really i dunno what word to describe her
  3. actually i saw that he was anxious to go to YuanNiang instead, however he was also hesitating as he forgo the promotion that he knew YuanNiang will want him desperately to take.... in an underlines in between him and YuanNiang i saw there were once some affection in between them, however with more women in the house as forced by Madame Xu, YuanNiang start scheming after she had a miscarriage after being pregnant the 2nd times which also causes her body to decline too YuanNiang scheming and also hunger for more actually the main reason that drove LingYi further away from
  4. Saw him in MITH eps and one that marks to me was in ep 134 intro part.. SG in pink trend that time.. And yes he's really tired in that Penthouse ep because he did the LIVE broadcast of SA night before the filming of MITH.. And yes, for sure SM giving him the care he deserve.. hahaha (delulu again)
  5. This question is also interesting for me. How much he love YuanNiang? From what I've seen, he seems to be just taking responsibility of her? The day he first arrived at home, he straight go home to palace for work. Just when mother ask him why you're not visiting your sick wife, then only he go. On her deathbed he also said perhaps it was his mistake he left her for so long to battle. And when she died, I felt he's not that much into grieving. Surely he already prepared and know. But I felt this not the man in love's tears. Not sure if we will ever get some insight in
  6. hahaha totally i love how she ignore him totally for talking ill of the dead.... she was angry with him for drawing conclusion however i guess he must have love YuanNiang at a certain lvl or maybe held certain affection for her till she started asking for more and more.....and ShiYi was there when YuanNiang scheme against LianFang after all which indirectly involved him as being the one to deliver the blow too....
  7. Actually I'm quite amused with Concubine Qiao. She have this overwhelming love for LingYi. I think its suffocating him. And the background story actually she already admiring him since small girl? Don't you think in modern era she can be those sasaeng ? 🤣 The moment she played song in the garden. And he came with spirit " I want to take care my concubine ", but in the end he's not interested with her, and promised he will visit her more often. But that night he didn't come and just pass the musical book. I have to say this scene, soo satisfying? 😁 Like Shiyi said,
  8. @abs-oluteMmagic show..judging from teaser..the box he gonna do magic on got something bloody inside.. cause it frightened oppa and the audience alot. D1! Hi @Beeso nice to have you here! @Warm PawsThank you so much for the support of this thread! ❤ Drop by bee and warm paws cause I'm expecting we are gonna discuss alot every episode...haha
  9. LMFAO @Tofu I had to re-read your post several times. I genuinely thought you were watching the drama with your ex-bf...I was thinking...what the...who does that...too much awkwardness and feels. geez But then figured out you meant the ex-bf in Dinner mate, actor Lee Ji-Hoon. hahahaha So the current drama hes in is River Where the Moon Rises. (dang, looks a historical setting..im out haha) Diggin deep with this next one....from the drama My Lovely Girl, the female lead herself...Krystal.
  10. also for her to be ended up as a concubine it was actually beneath her status....with her status from her own family bg as the first daughter of the first madame, she suppose to end up as a first lady, however from some manipulation of YuanNiang hahaha i guess we all knows why she will date all the Luo family so much..... and now they transfer the hate to ShiYi **urgh**..... yes she is definitely the top of the class for what you call her hahaha....
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  12. i feel that too! maybe they just gave way for BinJin as dispatch's 2021 couple. they will be the 2022 couple for sure 🤣🤞 thank you @Poisonous Ivy for the new seungmin videos 👏💜💚 even though i watched those clips many times and in a lot of mvs, i still always smile hahaha
  13. I love a female lead who's kind, intelligent, and wise. And it's a treat when the actor playing it can show those traits on the screen. That warning to SY by YN is odd and I hope that they'll shed light on it later on. She is a first class concubine given her background but she's just a first class 'beach' to me. I have to give credit to the actor for playing LF well. She is really irritating.
  14. @TRaNz - Dinner Mate! I loved the songs in that drama. It was really an underrated drama. I’m watching a drama with the ex-boyfriend and everyone loves his character in this drama but I am always reminded of his Dinner Mate character.
  15. Mee tooo....feel like want to punch her in the face.. Urghhhhh......I HATE HER SO MUCH! Ohhh...that madam xu ...
  16. i watch him in 'The Sunshine' with TangYan...i didnt really follow him thru....though @UnniSara might knows a bit more about him since he seems to like him too lols i remember hearing @UnniSara said that he is good in 'General & I' with Angelababy
  17. totally...their chemistry together is very subtle and even though whether they are frustrated with each other or try to understand each other seems so good too.... i love it when they tried to outplay each other too..... **ahem*....i join u and @abs-oluteM in FF thru most of the concubines scenes too :x hehehehe oh i love it when she got the dress down from LingYi too hahaha.....i felt like jumping whenever that happen **ahem** i hate it when i have to listen her how she tried to repent for her action by praying to the Goddess of Me
  18. Some of her crying is so fake till it is comical. My eyes balls are turning white with rolling haha...
  19. I'm glad everyone is loving The Sword and the Brocade. It's probably the only thread in China Charms I'm not visiting because I'm not a huge fan of concubine stories. However, I do think that Wallace Chung and Seven Tan look stunning. @SilverMoonTea - I've only known Wallace as a musician/dancer so I can't recommend any other dramas to you. Maybe @NiteWalker or @Lynne will know more dramas with him?
  20. IKR @JenLYJG didn't do me much either on HDL, he was better on Circle. But in Beyond Evil so suave. Who said we can't collect oppas from murder drama ? We absolutely can! Wah I love your oppa lists. Keep going, you can do better, please collect more Btw @Jane, so quiet what's your oppa list? Haha.. You're the one suggesting me to do this tracker thingy.
  21. We're watching episode 10 and everytime i see LianFang’s smirk, I can’t stand her
  22. Chemistry matters to me and I really love it when the paired actors have this invisible burning desire for each other. To be able to show and make the viewers feel that kind of connection on screen is a talent and sadly not all actors can do it but fortunately the leads here are capable of it. I also hope to see more scenes of them together, not necessarily sweet ones because even a banter scene seems like a foreplay anyway. I mostly FF the concubines scenes, too, I just don't have the energy for them.
  23. I actually rarely watch variety shows so never seen it...haha how can he have trouble with a water gun?? Needs lots of help, this baby I dropped Search after watching the 1st episode. I think it wasn't the sort of drama I was looking for. I like zombie dramas, but I'm not so big on monster dramas...and the pacing was a bit slow for first ep. Not even Yoon Park enticed me to go further Haha this is me too. Maybe because it's a monster drama I watched till Episode 2 and it's been paused so far What the tacos
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