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  2. Thanks @Warm Paws love those parallel scenes Yay finally IQIYI has subbed more BTS
  3. I'm quite curious why Sun Ah's background as a maid is a disadvantage. Surely no one expected that she was born with a silverspoon.
  4. @im0202 @abs-oluteM I found a weibo clip. Dunno if you guys can view it but it should open up in browser! https://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4665496134680585 Hmm this one I dunno.
  5. In S3 he was the one who shot DKW and then he met that woman and went into hiding. Dr Fabre is related to Kaneki that’s for sure.
  6. Me too ...always looking for sexy ones. But agree with @Chocolate...they cannot end up together. It will be wrong on so many levels! @mademoiselle How was Elijah trying to help them here? Finally found some plot spoiler It apparently ended with Sun A saying I will kill you . I suppose she knows it is YoHan who leaked the info Aish...instead of saying he also has her ...he says he has his fan club!. What la...come on Ga On confess already.
  7. Like uncle like niece LMAO. They love uri Ga On. 🤣 Nothing spicy @im0202 Think JS mentioned her sensitive point so she grabbed him. Just JS making it look spicy. This! My ship. Nicely acted out from JY. I felt what he did not say even though he said after she left. Ugh, confess already before it is too late!
  8. Out of all the main characters, Soo Hyun is just being written poorly. I thought she was going to be a badass after that fight scene she had (in Ep 1?) with a thug in the alley. But in Ep 9 with the Yohan cult members and now in Ep 10, she seems to be rushing into action and trouble like a headless chicken. Like you’re a police officer, use your wits and call for back-up please before rushing into anything?! I hope her character shows better growth and decision-making in the next episodes. Ahem I’ve been looking for this scene since I saw screenshots of it on bird app.. Do we have another spicy one today?😂
  9. When I saw this scene, I wonder if it was necessary of JS sitting like that staring into Ga On 😅😂
  10. If Sun Ah's character had been written as villian due to circumstances, with some humanity, I think I would be rooting for the couple. Unfortunately...
  11. Today
  12. Not knowing the context, it looks like they are a romantic couple xDDDDD source
  13. Ah... so it's Batman, Robin and Catwoman (Selina Kyle). Yay! I love the Dark Knight. Nolan's first two movies of the trilogy is among my favourites in the genre. Especially Batman Begins. The allusion to the Dark Knight trilogy really hit home in the flashback where Ga-on is just about to stab Doh Young-choon with his switchblade and Soo-hyun intervenes just in time to stop him. There is a similar scenario in Batman Begins involving Rachel Dawes... also Bruce's childhood friend who later becomes a prosecutor. I actually agree with Ga-on that the rise in street vigilantism and the increasing totalitarian grip by the government doesn't really begin with the televised trials but with the fact that the institutions like the judiciary were taken captive by corrupt politicians for their own ends. As I've said before, Yo-han is an agent provocateur undoubtedly but his role is to reveal the underlying rot and he's not the cause of it. The show isn't the root of the problem in that world. There's a reason why it's popular and why it's captured the public's imagination because the conditions already exist for it. Certainly an argument can be made that the live court show exacerbates the issues but the cause of the problem goes back to those who allowed the corruption of the institution to take place in the first instance. Yo-han is no doubt a genius of sorts. His shrewd understanding of human psychology allows him to calculate and stay ahead of the game in most instances. It's become increasingly obvious why he chooses some people and not others to be on his side. On the surface, he seems to be all about expediency but in reality he is looking for people who have an unshakeable conviction. Ga-on says it's anger and resentment but what it is, is being utterly fed up with ineptitude and the status quo. Only those who have had firsthand experience with a kind of miscarriage of justice "get it". They know from experience that the system is broken and all the high sounding idealism is just that and hot air. These sorts of people cannot be bought with all the money in the world. It is also clear why he's sidelined Judge Oh. She's a liability one way or another. She's easily dazzled... starry-eyed about her position in the show and her prospects in law. She doesn't have strong convictions one way or another about the effectiveness or workings of the law. A person like that is prone to be wishy washy, chasing the next shiny thing when the previous one loses its lustre. In a participatory democracy, the expectation is that the media will do its job and inform the public without bias and give us the facts. But clearly that's increasingly not the case. When the fourth estate loses its independence and actively works with the government and big business to "wag the dog" and mislead the public -- it's the beginning of the end of any kind of meaningful democracy. With the death of Chairman Seo and Sun-ah's ascendency to the of SRF chair, the president can hysterically pontificate over law and order issues employing a very ugly form of parochialism so as to misdirect. The chemistry between Ji Sung and Kim Min-jung is pretty good -- it sizzles in a way you'd expect between Bats and Catwoman. Adversaries with plenty of sexual tension. No doubt Sun-ah is besotted with Yo-han in a way she's not with all the other men for whom she has contempt. Not that he's trying to play hard to get but the more aloof he is, the more irresistible he is to her. Regardless of what her childhood has been and how she's been exploited in the past, she's far too dangerous for my liking and I'm not sure I can muster a whole lot of sympathy for her. It's a great show and I'm lapping up the political satire. Moreover I don't think anyone can overpraise Ji Sung who is just amazing in this.
  14. @Tofu What a mess and disappointing start to the F1 race....all part of the Mercedes plan to send Bottas into the first corner and try wipe out as many cars as he can....Ham is going to have an easy win.....LOL (jk on conspiracy of Bottas haha) But its a crap outcome though. sadfacy.
  15. Maybe she is not on duty and police can't just use their guns whenever they like in SK. One bullet = a report (refer to kdrama, Live). Assuming it is still the same in Dystopian times otherwise she would have shot him 2 episodes ago. E10 Cut (... cont) E11 Preview Errr... is Yo Han even awake in that shaving scene because he did proudly told her that she'll never get another chance like she did last time (kidnap him).
  16. Episode 10 Cuts OMGGG I take my work back... these Ga On and Soo Hyun were being reckless!
  17. Eps 9 was great. YoHan taught Ga On some really precious lessons about human nature. A person can be motivated through a number ways to do your bidding. But generally I would say that it is either pain avoidance or gain driven. But from observation, the fear of losing is often stronger, and that was clear in today's episode. It was satisfying to see how YoHan had tricked the man to revealing his true face to his family. That for me was an even better revenge than Ga On having to go to jail for killing the man. With regards to Sun Ah - she views YoHan as a shiny thing. Something she wants but clearly has not been able to get. So far, whatever she has desired, be it wealth or power she has been able to acquire through all her clever scheming . YoHan is the ultimate prize and she desires his affection. The harder he pushes her away , the greater the thrill it is for her. She thinks she is in love but it really is a twisted unhealthy obsession . Agree with you, @Chocolate. There are some parallels to how both she and YoHan have excuted their plans using somewhat rather questionable methods. She probably thinks they could be "soul mates" who could rule the world together. However, YoHan's intentions ultimately boils down to removing Cha and gang from power , but in her case whatever she is doing is merely to serve her own needs.
  18. Yes I think so too, just couldn't put it into better words. I do love that Kim Min Jung nailed the line, intonation and expression. Not sure if she'll be the ultimate big boss in the end but either way, I'm greatly entertained. Hurraaaayyy. True, the cinematography is pretty amazing. Is this credit to the director or the camera man? LOL. I don't know this PD as well since amongst the dramas he directed, I've only seen Two Weeks and don't like it enough to remember details. Oh. So Yo Han is there to fight the TV thugs too! Glad to know Soo Hyun was trying to take them on herself.
  19. @bairama It was nice seeing that clip. Helps me forget their characters. Song Kang seems to be pretty blur in real life LOLLL. He does so many silly things in there and keeps looking innocent, "Wae? Wae?" asking why. LOL. I need him back as Hyun Soo in Sweet Home.
  20. Yeh @ktcjdrama you're watching! Hmmmm... the layering is so nice isn't it 🥰😂
  21. @__ekleona "They’re almost 40 years old, but, They’re still in trouble They work things out for each other They’re cheering for each other's love & blame They lean on their best-earning friend..." "That's a pretty good 39-year old. One day when they were toasting because they thought they didn’t have superstition of the number nine The story of their very eventful day.." Promotion for 39 #서른아홉 posted on the drama production support blog. Can't wait! Theqoo
  22. Just finished ep.2... much more watchable, and I shall continue on. The production team did a good job finding shooting sites and angles that really made it seem like we're in a dystopian Korea. Then there's the scene of the young students fighting in class. That's a first for me to see and the kids are doing a superb job at it, I'm not sure to be happy or sad
  23. I think she does like Yo Han and was hurt. Then she tried to salvage her pride and smiled through it - as a woman, that is 👍. She thinks Yo Han and herself are cut from the same cloth - they both have the brains to scheme, and the capability to carry it out. She is lonely and Yo Han would be an ideal mate for her. But she doesn't understand that Yo Han, despite the beatings he suffered from his father, deep down, is a good person. Perhaps because he had Isaac to help and teach him. Whereas Sun Ah is a born villian, not one that is truly made by circumstances. Yes she was born poor but she already liked shiny things when young and was thieving. We don't even know how her mother died. When she was raped by the SRF chairman, that added to her sense of grievance and yearning for money and power. She could have done good with SRF, but she did not. I wonder though, who is the end target of Yo Han's revenge. If it is the SRF, was Sun Ah already in power then and caused the fire? For now, it doesn't seem that Yo Han knows that Sun Ah has been the main force behind Chairman Seo before his death.
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