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  1. okie im going to try to convince myself that i need to watch this for Peng XiaoRan and not **ahem** JH
  2. @IpohBanana we seems to have a pretty heavy political issues or more families issues than political?
  3. er no...oppa means brother isnt it? lols i know i dont know much Korean though i definitely can identify this hahaha
  4. he has no choice....he is surrounded.....and AYa had been taken back to her tribe and he wanted to go after her.... so to get out he had to married the brat.....the brat was happy.....the man was not...it like he is going for his death sentence....u can see from the stills that he didnt even drink the wine to their marriage either.... besides the guy already told him, its in name only....
  5. dont worry everyone watch at their own pace...i havent watch episode 6 either hahha
  6. pretty sure that it will be release soon with Steven Zhang in it lols
  7. my mother will like you for this hahahha...she always grumble when girls took too much back seat in love.... my mom will go berserk if she she watching that drama....mom like RJL after seeing him in Mr Lizard lols....
  8. i still feel wrong calling someone too young oppa hahaha
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