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  1. Live Chat Launch Party!

    A memento of the glorious Launch Party hosted by Soju and Abs! Chatting, singing, maybe even some dancing!

  2. C-Dramas by NiteWalker

    A Winner in the First Ever JangHaven Badge Event!

    C-Dramas! Isn't it time to watch one?

  3. Aegyo

    Token of appreciation for the awesome forum staff of 2020

  4. Havenites Dabang by Lynne

    Grand Winner of the first JangHaven Badge Design Event!

    The Havenites' favorite place to chill and chat.

  5. Do You Like Brahms?

    Brahms and ice cream

    Make for the sweetest, most romantic treat

    A feast for the eyes and the heart

    A gorgeous work of art

    When true love and classical music should meet

  6. Blooming Couple

    The Blooms of Ruyi Pavilion

    Fu Rong and Xu Jin

    Fated for each other

    Fated for love

  7. Halloween Event 2020

    Awarded for participating into the limited event

  8. Start Up Sandbox

    Making your own dreams come true.

  9. Kim Seon Ho

    World dominator!

    Dominating your hearts and the world with his dimples!

  10. Tiger Protector

    I may look cute and cuddly, but don't let that fool you.

    I'm a fierce tiger and your personal protector!

    Granted on the 100th day of JangHaven

  11. Knowing Each Other

    Thank you for taking part in our Guess the Member game!

    You make being here together so much fun.

  12. Hari-nezumi

    Sometimes the best way to warm up is to cuddle a hedgehog!

  13. The Corgi Phat Butt

    Token of appreciation for the awesome forum staff of 2021

  14. Happy Lunar New Year

    Receive many blessings in the new year!

  15. Seven Tan

  16. Professional Single

  17. Dilreba

  18. Panda Noodles

  19. Red Panda More Noodles

  20. Panda Boba

  21. Just Eating Popcorn

  22. The Sword and the Brocade

    Wallace Chung and Seven Tan as Xu Ling Yi and Luo Shi Yi Niang in an epic romance.

  23. The Sword and the Brocade Gif

    Wallace Chung and Seven Tan as Xu Ling Yi and Luo Shi Yi Niang in an epic romance.

  24. Wallace is the Sword

  25. Red Panda Noodles

  26. You Are My Hero

    Bai JingTing being the heroic Xing KeLei

  27. Are You My Hero?

    Bai JingTing

  28. Cherry Blossoms Blessings

    A confetti of cherry blossoms to brighten up your day!

  29. Cherry Blossoms Drifting

    Walking along to a shower of cherry blossoms carried by the wind...

  30. Cherry Blossoms

    A symbol of Spring, and walking under trees full of cherry blossoms...

  31. Li Changge - The Long Ballad

    Dilraba Dilmurat as Princess Changge who avenges her family and aligns herself with Ashile Sun.

  32. Daebak Jung Yong Hwa

    Jung Yong Hwa as Oh In Beom

  33. Fanning in the Heat

    Kitty fanning to stay cool

  34. Surfing Panda

    Make waves! Panda on a surfboard!

  35. Dragon Boat rowed by Dumplings

    Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

    Happy Rice Dumpling Festival!

  36. Dragon Boat Festival

    Happy Dragon Boat Festival - June 14 2021

  37. Sea Turtle

    It's always cool where I swim

  38. My Guardian and Me

    Johnny and Lin Qi

  39. My Dear Guardian

    Johnny as Liang Mu Ze

  40. Romance by AwkarDerp

    A Winner in the First Ever JangHaven Badge Event!

    Who doesn't need a little romance in one's life? Or at least, a really good romance drama!

  41. Someity

    Tokyo 2020 (2021) Summer Paralympics Mascot

    The mascot's name comes from "Someiyoshino", a popular cherry blossom, and the phrase "so mighty".

  42. Miraitowa

    Tokyo 2020  (2021) Summer Olympics Mascot

    From "Mirai" meaning future and "Towa" meaning eternity

  43. Visual Couple

    Yang Yang and Dilireba

  44. You Are My Glory

    Yang Yang and Dilireba

  45. Dilireba and Yang Yang

    An extra-special scene between Qiao Jing Jing and Yu Tu

  46. JH 1st Anniversary

    Thanks for playing the game!

  47. Reviewer

    For writing super reviews about dramas and movies for the entire community to appreciate.

  48. One and Only

    Ren Jia Lun as Zhousheng Chen

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