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  1. Booting ceremony with announcement of official lead
  2. trailer released for the drama as it announced it premier date
  3. Casts: Chen YouWei as Ye XiaoWen Xin YunLai as GaoYang Zhao ZhaoYi as Jin BeiBei Liu JinYan as MiJia LiAo as TianMeng Lu FangSheng as GaoBin Yang YiKai as Zhao JiaBao
  4. also YanMeng knows everything....he took all the steps is to take revenge for TianZhen..... i wonder how it will develop further....
  5. a trainee and a superior.....cute love stories.... the trainee is also someone who speak her minds, while she is very outspoken, she seems a lil naive at how some ppl are playing politics in the office
  6. i'm interested in it.....seems interesting, this gif actually make me wanna see more of it
  7. also this LingWei had purposely leave this tablets around to show that she is going thru a bout of depression when she was all the better already....what a manipulative lady!
  8. one of the best parts for me is how YuanQian readily said and apologize to QinShen.....and also stating how she had disregard his feeling....when she had only been considering others and not his
  9. she and the other guy really added further comical sense towards the whole drama and i dont mind their sides lines story at all :)
  10. actually i'm waiting to see how XinXin and QiNan ended up together too.... both of them are cute and very much compatible as they seems to like to be the match makers among the whole group
  11. They seems looking good together, crossing fingers that it will be another good one
  12. I love the setting so far....some of houses brought back memories when i was young, especially this one, it brought back the times when were at our grams house
  13. Pictures of Esther and YuXi filming....they do look good together i admit, wondering what kind of chemistry they will give us
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