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  1. Eps 9 was great. YoHan taught Ga On some really precious lessons about human nature. A person can be motivated through a number ways to do your bidding. But generally I would say that it is either pain avoidance or gain driven. But from observation, the fear of losing is often stronger, and that was clear in today's episode. It was satisfying to see how YoHan had tricked the man to revealing his true face to his family. That for me was an even better revenge than Ga On having to go to jail for killing the man. With regards to Sun Ah - she views YoHan as a shiny thing. Something she wants but clearly has not been able to get. So far, whatever she has desired, be it wealth or power she has been able to acquire through all her clever scheming . YoHan is the ultimate prize and she desires his affection. The harder he pushes her away , the greater the thrill it is for her. She thinks she is in love but it really is a twisted unhealthy obsession . Agree with you, @Chocolate. There are some parallels to how both she and YoHan have excuted their plans using somewhat rather questionable methods. She probably thinks they could be "soul mates" who could rule the world together. However, YoHan's intentions ultimately boils down to removing Cha and gang from power , but in her case whatever she is doing is merely to serve her own needs.
  2. Alice, 1st two episodes are on IQIYI. I am sure somewhere out there episodes can be found Same blond ghost - the teen who died in eps 1. He was angry because her mum have been using him to possess all these clients and then she will "exorcise" him off . But actually it is all set up. He was willing to do it because the mum promised to help him find his mum but 10 years has passed . The mum still hasn't kept her promise. Before grandma died , she told this teen ghost that he should go see his mum one final time before he leaves.
  3. @mademoiselle this Nabi is hopeless ...this twitter says it all. And the preview feels like she is toying with both? I supposed this show is somewhat a coming of age drama . So the vibe if compared to Sunbae is so different. Do Hyeuk ...please run for the love of yourself. Nabi to me is disaster. She's so confused. For those who like this ship Too bad there I cannot enjoy any more Bit Na and Min Gwi scenes!
  4. I finished eps 13 - So I am a bit confused with regards to DBM's true personality - so was he really not aware of the other alters or he was pretending so that he can just say it is a mental illness? Or his original self created a "kind/ innocent" DBM to fool the rest of the world? I actually had to close my eyes during Dae Sik's stabbing scenes - I am usually fine with violence since I think I have been so desensitized over the years. But I was so upset that he got injured so bad again. . Kudos to Lee Kyu Hyung for doing such a fine job. Alternating between so many personalities is truly a talent. ------------------ Anyhow , I went and check some spoilers for eps 14 Phew! Wow this was a good fight scene Happy send off for Derek & Chad Oh my...I think there will be S5
  5. @mademoiselle did you post Witch's Diner video here? @mademoiselle @Tofu 20 mins per eps is a bit short but it was fun. Wahh Nam Da Reum has oppa material feel . I was amused her mum use the teen ghost that died to help her make money. This young actor playing the ghost , Yoo Seon Ho is an actor to look out for. He was so good as the autistic son in JTBC's Undercover. Waiting for next eps!
  6. Hmm sorry @LaLa @SnowBlob but I am happy This the best thing that has happened to us given the political mess Msia is in Us Malaysians have a sense of humor & we’re easily satisfied
  7. I am a little bit disturbed by the fringe falling on his eyes. I cannot stand hair on your eyes! Yes agreed. She merely uses this girl and the girl is somewhat afraid of her.
  8. @mademoiselle I think it should be okay , as long as it is not fantasy ( but of course you are also talking to the person who finished Awaken ) Character description cr: Character chart @Darkarcana they released the official poster
  9. Noooo . Did Dae Sik die ? I hv not finished the entire eps as I am working. Gimme spoiler pls @SilverMoonTea https://www.instagram.com/p/CR-OxeqNjaS/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. Me too! There’s this adrenaline that comes with wondering when the OTP will start developing feelings . The happy ( tipsy) smiles
  11. More translations She also subbed two more vids on her IG https://www.instagram.com/p/CR81CDRnlul/?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/CR81nx1HVhN/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. @mademoiselle from the BTS you posted ...the boys got to play with the legend
  13. KJS so cute...he was using body language ...JSM forgot she was supposed to go out after he spoke about changing the chairs. PD had to mention it ..JSM : I am so sorry. But she did this again later. LOL FULL BTS
  14. Naver article listing top 3 Naver videos that gets "infinite play" (many views) http://www.mrepublic.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=111646 Number 3 - Confession Number 2 - First Kiss and yes Number ONE - Ja Sung's imagination!!!
  15. True la . My hubs also not that tall. He's 173cm (I am 164cm) but in Msia people say we're above average. LOL Do you have any oppas that you love for 2 years? I think Seo Kang Joon right? ahahaaha but Ji Sung looks more manly ? ahaha dunno la.
  16. I also dunno why I stop short of making him into my oppa list...maybe he's abit short ...
  17. Yup. That's why I think if people watch kdramas, or Asian dramas, just be prepared for this sort of tropes. Anyway these days the broadcasters are very sensitive about these things since the knets can get riled up over anything.
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