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  1. lol he's really nice tho. but don't worry about me dating anyone soon. i don't plan on dating anyone anytime soon meat substitute.
  2. @abs-oluteM the gossip of the day: basically one of my guy friends likes me. he hasn't said anything to me yet but a lot of my other friends have said that he likes me. i mean he's okay looking, and he is super nice, but i don't really want to date anyone rn.
  3. hmmm maybe ;) tell you later after school
  4. hi @mademoiselle :D
  5. hi bunbun @SnowBlob
  6. hi everyone hope everyone is having a great day/night
  7. thank youuuu. i had a pretty good weekend. hopefully tuesday is better for you.
  8. hiiii everyone! hope everyone has a good rest of their day/night
  9. well i plan on working on my english project and i also want to bike around town this weekend because the weather's nice.
  10. good morning everyone
  11. thanks <3 today wasn't that hard today actually that horrible (reminder it's 9 pm ish here)
  12. @SilverMoonTea + @Darkarcana congrats for becoming full time mods! (*^U^)人(≧V≦*)/ (note the symbols above are supposed to be two people high fiving)
  13. thanks for the gift @abs-oluteM :)
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