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  1. has anyone watched full metal alchemist brotherhood? i recently started watching it and i love it, and i want to know if anyone else has seen it.
  2. should i make a thread to post your favorite anime characters in?

    1. SilverMoonTea
    2. abs-oluteM


      Yes. You can post in The Lounges section if you want more visibility

  3. yeah i used to change mine a ton. but for now, i'm going to stick to this one for a while.
  4. thanks teaaaaa <3 it's fanart of a character from haikyuu (and no not mine i can't draw very well).
  5. hiiii teaaaaaa 🍵 @SilverMoonTea 🍵
  6. well it hasn't been the best, but some good things did happen!. plus i'm sure it could be worse. :) that's what i like to tell myself when i'm not having a good day.
  7. hiiiiiiii angieeeeee @NiteWalker :D
  8. @Tofu yeah my house is built for cold weather and i kinda feel bad for people in Texas because they are not used to cold weather. it would kinda be like a heat wave hitting Antarctica.
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