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  1. yeah totally! i look forward to talking to you in the future as well!
  2. i don't ever remember watching that. i'm not super into kdramas.
  3. thank you! also it's okay, i'll update it this weekend.
  4. summer break was good. i started school in late august, i've just been busy with a lot of stuff. i was so happy when they announced it would be physical rather than online school. i'm going to try to be more active her but no promises, i think i'll check in every 2 weeks or so. also i love the new lil badge i got! idk who awarded me with it but thank you. :)
  5. i was on hiatus because of school :)
  6. hello everyone i have 10 days left of school and i'm so excited! i can't wait for summer
  7. since i only have 15 days of school left (not including 2 day weekends), i may take a break from soompi over the summer, since i do use this website on a school computer. hopefully i'm not gone for too long and i don't neglect my threads too much. sorry if i disappear for a long time. i'm just telling you guys before so then you're not super surprised that i'm not updating my threads regularly anymore.


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    2. mirmz


      @bairama summer was pretty good. school started late august but i didn't have a chance to visit this site until now because of all of my school activities.

    3. bai


      as long as you are ok :heart:

    4. mirmz


      thanks rama @bairama <3

  8. lol he's really nice tho. but don't worry about me dating anyone soon. i don't plan on dating anyone anytime soon meat substitute.
  9. @abs-oluteM the gossip of the day: basically one of my guy friends likes me. he hasn't said anything to me yet but a lot of my other friends have said that he likes me. i mean he's okay looking, and he is super nice, but i don't really want to date anyone rn.
  10. hmmm maybe ;) tell you later after school
  11. hi everyone hope everyone is having a great day/night
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