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  1. So many thoughts for the last quarter of this series but in quite busy thanks to tax season 😂 A very beautiful ending for PyeongOn. This drama worked hard until the end
  2. DalGang couple is nominated at Baeksang Best Actress-Kim So Hyun Best New Actor- Na In Woo
  3. Episode 15 mad cap part 2 (VIU SUBS) - Gajin confronts Moyong Preview: The saddest bathing scene in sageuk.
  4. Tonight i think the VODs are not yet uploaded . K-fans are also anticipating for episode 2 NIW version 😍 A possible ending based on the novel
  5. Episode 14 mad cap part 2- The rights to salt (VIU Subs) (Which brings us back to episode 1-Salt monopoly)
  6. Episode 14 mad cap- Moving to the City (VIU Subs) (can't believe we have only 6 episodes to go after this )
  7. good news ! Update: “River Where The Moon Rises” To Re-Film First 6 Episodes With Na In Woo As On Dal + Episode 1 Available Soon Updated March 28 KST: Episodes 1 to 6 of “River where the Moon Rises” with Na In Woo as On Dal are coming to us sooner than expected! On March 28, the drama revealed that episode 1 will be available on VOD services starting March 29 KST. A source from the drama explained, “Thanks to director Yoon Sang Ho’s decisiveness and the cast and staff’s cooperation, we are able to show viewers the first episode of ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ on VOD
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