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  1. Crank in begins today ! also the unofficial synopsis from theqoo
  2. Any thread takers ? @katakwasabi haha
  3. The original timeslot from Mon-Tue (supposedly to follow Red Sky) was moved to Fri-Sat , and pushed back to next year's winter
  4. SBS Fri-Sat Lineup is confirmed
  5. Namgil is a spoiler king. He should be the one uploading . 😂 . By the way Law School actor Lee Soo Kyung sent coffeetruck support to her taepyonim KIM another reunion
  6. This set of cast plus Disney,
  7. Congratulations @movingwheel and @Lynne ! :yee::hearties::heart::mine::btsnamjoonlove::PikaSwag::Party01::pandacool::duckhearts::Uwu:

    1. Lynne


      Thank you...... :eeeee::mine:

  8. The teasers are getting better and im getting more anxious. Please be good !
  9. Happy Anniversary ! I am supposed to order cake for myself but apparently i was invited to a birthday party
  10. edit apparently the permed namgil photo is requested by gilstory to be deleted.
  11. New poster is out, I am liking this one though. More emphasis on the korean title Black Sun I just watched the teaser (don't me koongmin oppar for watching it late) . In Falsify, he made the character mooyoung a playful toned down chief kim . I watched Chief Kim first before 'Remember' and there I am astonished on how he was consistent in maintaining one character to another , considering that these two roles are poles apart. In Doctor Prisoner, he did not do away from the chief kim pitch but less playful and reserved. Here in The Veil , it screams Nam Gyu Man but without the impression of a monster but a cold ,wounded predator ready to attack. It gave me chills ! In Awaken--
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