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  1. More about director Kang Yoon Sung He directed the 2017 film ' The Outlaw' that earned him the Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Director . Other works : Movies The Roundup | BumJoedoshi 2 (2020) Long Live The King (2019) The Outlaws | BumJoedoshi (2017) Last Concert | Shin Joong-Hyunui Laseuteu Konseoteu (2007) Drama Series Casino (TBA / 2021)
  2. New MBC Friday-Saturday drama 'Black Sun' is set to premiere in September [Official] MBC, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, has created a 'Friday-Saturday Drama' for the first time since its founding, and selected 'Black Sun' as the first runner. As a result, MBC's most anticipated drama 'Black Sun' (directed by Kim Seong-yong, written by Park Seok-ho) in the second half of the year will be seen every Friday and Saturday at 10:00 pm. MBC is a leading organization that has been in the broadcasting industry so far, including traditional mini-series of 16 and 12 episodes, as well as various lengths such as 8 episodes and 4 episodes, as well as crossover works of dramas and movies. It has been well-received by viewers. This new Friday-Saturday drama was also strategically selected to expand viewers' choice of works based on the viewer's content consumption propensity as MBC's flexible programming strategy stood out. According to this decision, 'Black Sun', which will be introduced as a follow-up to the currently popular Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Only Without Crazy', will meet viewers as a Friday-Saturday drama. "As a result of analyzing viewers' TV and OTT content consumption patterns, we decided to move the existing weekday night dramas to weekend nights," said Geon-wook Yoo, head of MBC's content strategy department. “Starting at 10:00 pm on Friday, the beginning of weekend, we will create a new drama twice a week on Fridays and Saturdays, and provide viewers with a variety of fun on weekend nights with entertainment content such as ‘I Live Alone’ and ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’. I hope that the newly established MBC Friday-Saturday drama will receive a lot of love from viewers,” he said, explaining the reason for the new Friday-Saturday drama. ‘Black Sun’, selected as the first hurdler for MBC’s first Friday-Saturday drama since its establishment, is a special drama for the 60th anniversary of MBC’s founding and is a Korean blockbuster action masterpiece jointly invested by MBC and Korea’s largest OTT platform, Wavve. 'Black Sun' is the story of the best field agent of the National Intelligence Service, who disappeared a year ago, and returns to the organization to find the insider traitor who dropped him into the abyss. Actor Nam Goong-min, who has been loved by viewers for his explosive acting skills and extraordinary presence in various works, plays the role of 'Han Ji-hyuk', the best field agent of the National Intelligence Service. He will work with 'Seo Su-yeon', the head of the Crime Integration Center, Han Ji-hyuk's motive and secret crime center. Actor Park Ha-sun, who is considered a 'trend these days' by perfectly immersing the character, will also appear. Ji Eun Kim , a certified elite who joined the National Intelligence Service at the age of 21 and Han Ji-hyuk's partner, took on the lead role for the first time on a terrestrial TV station. Joing with Kim Ji-eun, are Kim Byung-gi, Lee Kyung-young, Jang Young-nam, and Yoo Oh-seong-- actors who give a heavy presence just by their names. The line up raises expectations for the drama. MBC created many masterpieces that will remain in the history of Korean historical dramas, such as 'Dae Jang Geum', 'Heo Jun', 'Dong Yi', 'Queen Seondeok', and 'The Moon Embracing the Sun' . The broadcast industry's attention is already focused on the fact that it is a work that has been released for a long time since 'Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryeong'. MBC's newly established Friday-Saturday drama will feature blockbuster-level masterpieces with various themes, such as action plays and historical plays, and will provide new attractions to the small screen on weekend nights. source
  3. Jun Ji-Hyun's On Being Part Of 'Kingdom: Ashin Of The North': It's Truly An Honour Jun Ji-Hyun, who will appear in 'Ashin of the North', revealed that she enjoys the popular zombie-thriller series 'Kingdom'. Outlook Web Bureau21 July 2021, Last Updated at 12:21 pm Facebook Twitter Google + Linkedin Whatsapp Popular South Korean star Jun Ji-Hyun Instagram Jun Ji-Hyun also known as Gianna Jun by her non-Korean fans is popular among the K-Drama community around the world. Well known for her parts in the hit K-dramas 'My Love from the Star' and 'Legend of the Blue Sea' is also a part of Netflix’s upcoming 'Kingdom: Ashin of the North'. She says it was an honour to feature in the upcoming series which is a prequel to the hit Netflix series “Kingdom,” which is currently in its second season. It's a special episode dedicated to Jun Ji Hyun's character Ashin, who appeared briefly towards the end of the second season. Jun, who portrays the eponymous warrior in the special episode, claimed she was prepared "in terms of the character's body or stamina" before taking on the role of Ashin. The challenge, however, was to interpret her motivations. "I tried to focus mostly on how to interpret the personal anguish and hurt, which we in Korean refer to as 'Han' and how to interpret that emotion into wanting to avenge for the whole land of Joseon," she said in a global press conference from Seoul. The official logline for the 92-minute series, which is set to premiere on Netflix this Friday. Adapted from the webcomic series 'The Kingdom of the Gods', which was authored by Kim Eun-hee and drawn by Yang Kyung-il, the original drama is a fictional show set in the medieval Korean dynastic kingdom of Joseon. It masterfully uses the zombie pandemic as a storytelling device to explore the universal themes of politics, power dynamics, and corruption. The actor said she was not scared of the actors dressed as zombies and was keen to meet them face to face. "When I got there on the set, I realised just how much trouble all of the actors were going through in order to present themselves as convincing zombies. And I don't know if I can say this, but I begged them for pictures as well. So I was able to take pictures with zombie actors and really brag about it to my friends and family," she said. Jun said she loves 'Kingdom', an internationally popular series from South Korea, as it does not depend on star power but on "an immaculate script, amazing direction, and fascinating art". "'Kingdom' can be referred to as a total or comprehensive art in its own form. And it's truly an honour and it brings me great joy to think that something like 'Kingdom' was created in Korea and is brought to the entire world," she added. As someone who came to the beloved series at a later date, Jun said there was a lot of "positive pressure" while working on the show. "I didn't want to make it look like I was just kind of joining and enjoying the ride that was propelled by what was already a great show before I joined. I really tried to focus more on bringing everything I had into the series." (With Inputs from PTI)
  4. Online presscon snippets Director Kim Sung-Hoon said familiarity with the cast and the writer's treatment made him decide to helm the special episode. He added that there won't be any director who'd turn this down. Writer Kim Eun-Hee said that special episode revolving Ashin would make it 'audience-friendly' instead of immediately introducing the character in Season 3 Lead star Gianna Jun enjoyed portraying the character's anguish Park Byung-eun: The special episode will focus on relationships - his character and Gianna's character - Ashin, and their connections with the Resurrection Plant .People would see why his character from the previous seasons of #Kingdom is good at archery. When we were both working at 'Assassination', Gianna and I were not close. But now, people should look forward to our chemistry on-screen because we've gotten comfortable with each other. I don't know now where we should be focusing more - my acting or my fishing skills because these guys brought up my fishing skills. Gianna Jun: I wasn't scared of the zombies on set. I was actually impressed how they all prepared for their horrifying looks. actor Park Byung-eun: In Season 2, we would be shooting at night and sometimes I was startled to see costumed zombies eating and amused when they were talking on their cellphones with fake blood and full zombie make-up writer Kim Eun-Hee: My fave scene is at the end of the special episode because I was excited to see it come to life. Why I'm drawn to the story of #Kingdom? It's because I wrote it. director Kim Sung-Hoon: My favorite scene is the last scene where the whole episode is running towards. What I like about #Kingdom is the Korean concept of sadness actor Park Byung-eun's fave scene: That which involved Young Ashin lead star Gianna Jun: Ashin knows the secret of the Resurrection Plant. As a fan myself, I got chills watching the Kingdom series. For me, Kingdom is a series that does not depend on one actor alone. It's truly an honor what Kingdom brought to the world. writer Kim Eun-Hee: I would be lying that there's no pressure. But it would be impossible for something that you bring to the world, that everyone would love it. I really hope they enjoy the ep expanding on the northern lands. director Kim Sung-Hoon: Not pressure, but excitement. Because we know a lot of people watch it globally, we improved the production and the story. actor Park Byung-eun: Rather than be nervous and be daunted by the pressure, we focused on the performance. Gianna Jun: There was a feeling of pressure from me. But I deliver better under pressure. Kingdom is already a great show before I joined so I focused on my performance as Ashin. I hope fans worldwide will look forward to watching the special episode and that the #Kingdom Syndrome would be greater after they watched Ashin of the North Park Byung-eun: Now that we're with international media through this presscon, I feel that we are really an international community. But in real life, we are in a pandemic so I hope in the series, we would also find a vaccine for resurrection plant writer Kim Eun-Hee: I thank everyone for your love and support for Season 1 and Season 2. Let's focus on hope. Stay healthy! source
  5. Credits and Casting Jae-Rim HAN - Director Mo-Gae LEE - Cinematography Jong-Chul PARK - Cinematography Mok-Won LEE - Set decorator Byeong-Woo LEE - Music Woo-Hyun KIM - Film Editor Kang-Il LEE - Film Editor Suk-Won KIM - Sound Jae-Rim HAN - Script / Dialogue Jae-Rim HAN - Film Editor [for updating] source Cannes English Presskit
  6. Emergency Declaration Emergency Declaration (Korean: 비상선언 Bisang Seoneon) is an upcoming South Korean disaster-action film directed by Han Jae Rim and starring Song Kang Ho, Jeon Do Yeon, Lee Byung-hun and Kim Nam Gil. The film is based on a real aviation disaster in which an aeroplane declared high alert and demanded unconditional landing. The filming restarted on September 12, 2020, after postponement due to COVID-19 resurgence in August 2020.The film was wrapped up on October 24, 2020. The film was first screened in the out of competition section of the 74th Cannes Film Festival on July 16, 2021. It will be released theatrically in 2021 . (wiki) 'Emergency Declaration' means an emergency that declares an unconditional landing at the captain's judgment when an aircraft faces a disaster. The film is about a reality aviation disaster of an airplane heading to Hawaii that declared an 'Emergency' and asked for unconditional landing in the face of an unprecedented disaster, before reaching the destination. Directed and screenplay by Han Jae Rim Distributed by Showbox
  7. Filming started days ago after Jin Su Kyu posted a spoiler hat So a long haired Namgil is our Song Ha Young (from 2018 Hallyu Pia Magazine) pokes @abs-oluteM @SilverMoonTea
  8. The long-awaited 'Kingdom: Ashinjeon' D-7.. A point of view to dive deeper 'Kingdom', which surprised the world with a fresh meeting of Korean background and Western material, returns with a special episode of 92 minutes. 'Kingdom: Asin' is a special episode of the 'Kingdom' series that tells the story of Saengsacho and Asin, the beginning of the great tragedy that covered Joseon. The world is shaking with anticipation at the news that the secrets and origins of Asin's identity and the resurrection plant, which appeared at the end of 'Kingdom' Season 2 that gave rise to countless questions, will be revealed. Established for military purposes, but living in the area of the dead army, where access has been prohibited for over 100 years, Asin, a holy nightmare who has been living with disdain and contempt, accidentally finds the resurrection plant and gets caught up in a vortex of fate. The question is growing day by day about what kind of story is hidden between her and Sacho. Director Kim Seong-hoon expressed confidence, saying, "The beauty of another world that was not covered in seasons 1 and 2, and the deeper pain and fun of the genre coexists." . Writer Kim Eun-hee and director Kim Seong-hoon, who created and visualized the world of 'Kingdom', are working together for the third time with 'Kingdom: Asin'. Writer Kim Eun-hee, who talked about 'hunger' and 'blood' in the previous seasons, releases 'han (恨)' in 'Kingdom: Ashinjeon'. Asin, who lives on the edge of the northernmost border of Joseon, does not belong to any other place, and the hardships and sorrows he had to go through become a relief and stimulate curiosity about what kind of connection he will have with the life and death work that invaded Joseon. Director Kim Seong-hoon said, "I read the synopsis and monitored that it was the most complete article the author had written." Director Kim Seong-hoon also said, "It can be said that the theme of 'Kingdom: Ashinjeon' is one for all, all for one. Director Kim Seong-hoon, who understands 'Kingdom' better than anyone else, said, "I know very well what the purpose of this scene is now because you've read my script a lot." The story itself was a big attraction,” he explained why he decided to direct again. Writer Kim Eun-hee and director Kim Seong-hoon, who are accustomed to each other's work to the extent that "there is no need for a long story", and the "trust and watch" production team who led the syndrome of the 'Kingdom' series will meet again with the world's eyes and ears are turned. 'Kingdom: Ashinjeon ' expands the narrative of 'Kingdom' more abundantly with the appearance of a large number of new characters. Jeon Ji-hyeon, who surprised everyone by appearing briefly at the end of season 2 unexpectedly, returned as A-shin, a mysterious figure who kept the secret of life and death that drove Joseon into a tragedy, and shows charismatic acting. Writer Kim Eun-hee expressed satisfaction with her performance, saying, "She's melancholic, but I also wanted her to look strong and dangerous at the same time. Jun Ji-hyun is an actress who can express the inner side of Asin." In Season 2 of 'Kingdom', Park Byeong-eun, who fought with the Crown Prince Lee Chang in the palace as Min Chi-rok as Captain Eo-yeong, returns as a military officer guarding the northern border and unravels the entangled story of Asin. Kim Si-a, who has a strong acting ability, is a young Asin who finds life and death, and plans to build up the emotional lines of sorrow and pain that Asin is decomposed as a stranger. Armed with skill, Kim Roe-ha radiates a heavy presence as Tahab, the father of Asin, who takes care of the entire village and plays the role of a secret agent in Joseon. Gu Gyo-hwa, who will show a unique character, is Aida-gan, the head of the pajeo-wi, who threatens the northern border of Joseon, and infuses tension in the play. Interest is increasing in the special episode of 'Kingdom', where colorful characters will gather and build more firmly. The special episode 'Kingdom: Ashinjeon' of 'Kingdom', which is giving viewers a burning thirst all over the world, will be released only on Netflix on July 23rd. source
  9. Oh wow. so instead of the usual script reading we have, because of covid restrictions, we have this
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