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  1. Live Chat Launch Party!

    A memento of the glorious Launch Party hosted by Soju and Abs! Chatting, singing, maybe even some dancing!

  2. Staff Knowledge

    You think you know, but do you really know?

  3. Aegyo

    Token of appreciation for the awesome forum staff of 2020

  4. Lee Joon Gi Appreciation

    Handsome, cool, and talented! Whether he's a bad boy on the run or a good guy in disguise, this oppa will always steal your heart. 

  5. JoonChae Wedding Photo

    JoonChae till the end!

  6. Do You Like Brahms?

    Brahms and ice cream

    Make for the sweetest, most romantic treat

    A feast for the eyes and the heart

    A gorgeous work of art

    When true love and classical music should meet

  7. Halloween Event 2020

    Awarded for participating into the limited event

  8. The Corgi Phat Butt

    Token of appreciation for the awesome forum staff of 2021

  9. Mr. Queen

    A modern male soul in a Joseon era female Queen. Uniquely herself.

  10. Bossam

    Stealing widows in Joseon times can lead to happiness... Ba Woo and Soo Kyung with Cha Dol

  11. I love Sageuk Dramas! by im0202

    A Winner in the First Ever JangHaven Badge Event!

    Modern day dramas? Whatever! Nothing like guts, glory, romance, and the manes of glory like a sageuk!

  12. Moon Chae Won

  13. Reviewer

    For writing super reviews about dramas and movies for the entire community to appreciate.

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