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  1. They’re adorable! So cuteeee @NiteWalker and I see you’ve change your profile picture
  2. @mademoiselle Thanks for the tag.... Ahhhhh I might check this out if it airs on Netflix....
  4. I'm loving this quote "Further than love, closer than friends"
  5. @LaLa hhahaha.... I agreeee Songhwa and Ikjun always seems to be in their own world... with their own language..... that's why she always find his jokes funny.. while others just find it weird...
  6. cough.. cough… you know how Naughty Lu sicheng is once they got together…
  7. @themarchioness Not gonna lie.. I tear up at that part..... Remembering that Yibo joins DDU in the period where he was still so young, his group job is scarce due to Halyu ban.. and the other members get their own individual jobs while he didn't....Then he got DDU. One of the fans repo says that When old fans then went to fetch him off work, at the airport he'd happily told them: “ I have a job now! “ [2016] I believe the brothers knows and felt more about Yibo growth more than we do. Their brotherhood bond are really strong.... and heartwarming to watch...
  8. @NiteWalkerHAHAHAHAH LETS SEE... I'm really busy right now.. but i might try.. to squeze some time... LOLOLOL... @Tofu the novel is super hillarious and passionate...... i'm hoping the adaptation can capture even 50% of the hilariousness and I'll be satisfied...
  9. Ikjun voiced a good thought about Iksong... "No need to rush" To be honest.. i kind of get what Songhwa is feeling.. time has closed that chapter for her.. and it might not an easy thing for her to accept any changes between them. So yeah.. give her and them both time....
  10. hahahahahhahaha.... I started reading the book because of GYH.... and it helps to me to understand the drama better... LOLOL.. but even then.. I've already known the translation's existence for more than a year before i read it... hahahahah... miss/mister translator is taking their sweet time in translating this.. but I'm still grateful! its a pretty cute and fun novel to read right??? ;) Our bickering couple and their pets (bought and stolen) are worth it!
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