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  1. LOL.. about William.. I only know him as an actor... not really familiar with other stuff, but he's a cool looking guy so it should be interesting.. LOL aaaa.. totes in agreement.. i like Jackson too.. too bad he couldn't make it... Forgot to add.. William is Chanel's amabassador.. while Yibo is still on trial period.. LOL.. so we can expect both guys running a Chanel Fashion show I think HAHAHA..
  2. hiiii @mademoiselle Heard SDC5 is gearing up!
  3. @Tofu Youku finally put an english subtitle on the trailer too! Hopefully we can get a speedy subtitle once it airs....
  4. @LaLa Whatever crumbs they gave us.. I gladly accept
  5. @NiteWalker I'm waiting till more is subbed! while torturing myself with the cut scenes! The OST is crazyly good! So heartbreaking....
  6. New Poster Ashina : “In this world, it’s the most enjoyable thing to be able to speak with you.” Li Changge : “Great minds think alike.”
  7. Rumor has it.. the drama will air this summer.. LOL.. but who knows....
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