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  1. @LaLa Iksong Songhwa's so pretty with her longer hairstyle.... I'm excited for S2.. altho I might not join in the first couple of episode.. haha.. I need to stock some episodes first...
  2. @NiteWalker Rattan was once titled SITeng.. its a ghost and human story.. LOLOL... @Tothestars Yess... I really like the trailer..
  3. So many dramas dropping.... i'm excited but i don't think i can keep up ahha....
  4. @NiteWalker ahhhh lets wait and see. ZYX and Chengyi also have another drama coming up.. a modern one.. I'm excited for that one too...
  5. @NiteWalker Lets see if they gave ZLH a good costume this time.. lol
  6. @NiteWalkerWhatt???? Why.... i really like the trailer.. LOLOLOL.. tragic.... my kind of genre
  7. There's a certain charisma i can feel from this pairing. Hope the script is good.
  8. The lunar new year banner looks so nicee....... heiii guysss... how's everyone doing right now?
  9. Hahaha.. nahh both actors have a good amount of fans.. i think the drama will be fine.. lol. but as i don't watch GGS so I think I'll skip this one.. i might catch a clip or two in the net..
  10. I missed the announcement... gonna be listening to the podcast tomorrow at work...
  11. HAHAHAAHHA.. she did! she tried so hard!
  12. @NiteWalker Watch it for the story lololol... lots of people seems to be enjoying it.
  13. @JenL I haven't continue this drama after the last time I posted hahaha. But totally agree, OuyangKai is a delight.... he's a really fun character.
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