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  1. Kairos first 2 eps review: It was so interesting 👏 I like the crime thriller here and the time crossing way to save each other life. 😍😱 The way Kim Seojin and Han Aeri lost their loved one in just 1 ep make my heart break. 💔 I am curious of what will happen in the next ep. Keep going strong Kairos 👍 The casts acting are superb! You can feel it through their emotions.✨ #KAIROS Lets give a lots of support for the drama. #ShinSungRok #LeeSeyoung #KangSeungYoon #NamGyuri #AhnBohyun
  2. Right and everything look so thriling already. 20 days to go. Its not that long. We will see how the drama give us later. Hoping for a good plot and more support from viewer.
  3. I would like to see how are gonna save each other lives. 😍 The drama look so thrilling already based on the details. 👏
  4. Thank you for the tag along @abs-oluteM. Yes I will post about Kairos here from now on. 😊 Kairos Fighting. I am excited for the drama already. ❤ Kairos will be a good thriller and time crossing genre drama. It is gonna end this year with a good impression. 👍
  5. Upcoming new drama "Kairos" with a genre of thriller, time crossing and mystery will be broadcast on 26th October 2020 (Monday & Tuesday). Kairos casting lineup with a great actor and actress including Shin Sung Rok, Lee Seyoung, Ahn Bohyun, Nam Gyuri and Kang SeungYoon (Winner). Lets give them a lots of love and support.
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