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  1. @mademoiselleI like their presence on The Swoon couch, talk, game.. Adorbs they are like good chingus having fun Kangie answer for his attractiveness: silly. And then he did make that position of paper before staring game LOL he can't help to laugh too *The Swoon latest one I know is in set of separate chair. It's different
  2. a Kdrama too, have another title.. Just Between Lovers you said it all, thank you *clap clap. I don't judge that soon about Nabi too. I'm heavily agree, especially on SAY IT CLEARLY, instead wordplay. Like I don't expect it all totally cleared up in ep 7, but at least, one thing: Seol A as girlfriend or not. Nabi needs that info. Nabi doesn't really in fault about Dohyeok because he didn't confess yet. His feelings to her is his responsibility too. And she maybe neglect all the signals from him because she just have her eyes on Jaeeon for now. But in preview ep 8 finally we can see Dohyeok confesses to her. I'm agree it would inappropriate if Nabi doesn't reject him immediately in intention want to keep him as safe point for her own hope of healing/a rebound. Okkie off to watch TDJ my love
  3. @mademoiselle I know the show is containing your ult oppa but but after watching the compilation, the FL is so beautiful here! She is the one in Rain or Shine right for Nevertheless ep. 7 I don't really know what to say, it's dap dap hae like you said. I see there is some kind of war out there because someone said Nabi is a b*tch but I don't think it's like that. My frustration come from the way their conversation is going on before the kiss scene, and all the events before that in ep 7. Dohyeok makes me stress as well. But I think it is natural flow of the story within all those characters build. Sol makes me think she wanted to runaway because she knows her feeling for Jiwan? Jiwan is still annoying to me though.. I don't see any depth on her character by far. And btw, is Jaeeon probably saw the Nabi's sclupture by her ex at first episode? Idk but the preview of ep. 8 makes me have impression like that. And someone appoint about that too somehow.
  4. think I should watch that series too. Haven't watched it yet! Will add it to my watchlist after your posts + scanning some reviews. Though I like to read why you love it moi!
  5. @movingwheel nice to know, I can see he is trying the best to bring Yu Tu to life
  6. And to think he is aggressively lift her up there on bts....... Hmmmmmmmmmm I'm sold
  7. why he is kind of aggressive and ruin my mind I know they step on gas fully for it fully for promo but.. Oyyyyyyyy! Makss me want to ship them with maximum sail
  8. lol thats why I always watch this before TDJ ㅋㅋㅋ
  9. hi!!!! Btw! I see your profpic is mighty Junyeol oppa Do you anticipate for his upcoming drama Lost too? Come on lets squeal about it on the drama thread LOL
  10. just a little cent of before I watch the episode. I LIKE how this fandom talk about Yohan in 'orchestra' word because it really feels like that!! He is that human orchestra conductor, kapellmeister
  11. omo.. mo.. The way ep 7 is going on with most characters is frustrating.. Nabi-Jaeon-Dohyeok, it is the hardest to watch, like, I'm not comfortable seeing most of the scenes in ep 7. From the awkward car scene, ferris wheel, the jealousy, game, Dohyeok plans, I.. Frustrated.. (So bravo if director/writer want it that way????? LOL) Jaeeon freakin' talks back to Nabi speech about "you have a girlfriend" with "that's not the issue" in the nutshell:
  12. why why the video gives me vibe I should invite Oppa band for my nature wedding kinda white but bit casual theme (maybe) in the future laaaaaa~ateerrrrrr???!!!! @Tofu I'M.. STARSTRUCKKK BY YU TU
  13. I love this idea they will make a great company in bickering so it makes the house alive == Ep. 13 - 14 ep. 14 comment in nutshell: FINALLY. And the way leads couple listen to people surround them talk (ok, that is good idea the new editor talk much about meaning of life/clues to them) I like so much on ep. 13 they bring again Youngwon's writing aspiration. She is now having the moment to write from scratch of her own idea & style :') and the thing she choose as topic is again, heartwarming :) the struggles :) I was like kinda shocked how Gyeom want to get his girl in this episode like wow is it really become this, truly triangle arc after Gyeom looks wiser & wanting JS - YW together again?? But oh.. He is truly MVP here for me. In ep. 14, he is MVP. He just so pure & want the best for JS - YW. ep. 14 Euijoo reveals.. Omg my heart is breaking with her I just want to hug her and make healing group together (heheh I'm bawling so much here I had 11:12 experience, ok call my life is kind of a makjang) Somehow it is beautiful, the way Editor Nam-Euijoo find comfort at each other.. Ep. 15.. YW's father mystery.. Hope she will be all ok :')
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