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  1. btw, love those drama banners!!:pandablush:

    1. abs-oluteM


      The current one is done by @mademoiselle :heart:

  2. it's been soooooo haaaaard..

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    2. abs-oluteM


      Big hugs Bai. Don’t worry about anything. Just come by and hang out when you feel like it 

    3. oppasaranghaeyo


      It's okay to be "unproductive" sometime, if that's what you're down about. Hope the coming weekend would lift your spirits. Bask in the bright rays of the sunshine/light when you can. tenor.gif

    4. bairama


      you're all the best.. @abs-oluteM@SilverMoonTea @oppasaranghaeyotysm *hugs tight

  3. I wanted you to make that only if you feel like! thank you, I should post up Sasha from AoT there
  4. ohhhhh AAAAA morningggg AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAH so good. Tbh he is having strong boyish aura bcs he looks so tiny miny but I'm not complaining for this style of Tom Cruise, it suits him much and give different air to the similar genre. We have the Korean one now!!
  5. Play that piece of memory,

    the time when a boy was crying out his mother gone and so he promises to guard his little stepsister,

    the time when a boy was in learning to be a responsible man by sat silently in the middle of the night tried to think what the next step of his family lived in the hit of crisis,

    the time when that man with a tired face rushing towards me then calmly took the knife out of my hand and said sorry that he made me feel lonely,

    the time that I blame my father when I'm spoiled because it felt unfair that he trained him much as my jealousy of him become an overachiever at age within the surrounding environment,

    the time when that man finally relaxed a bit and smile more as he was bringing a group of close friends to home that dumb said (I knew he just made an excuse to know more about her),

    the time when I found out his alter attitude in the forum and mock his shameless side,

    the time later when he introduced me to his very sick best friend made him shattered into pieces in a short time after confession,

    the time when I grieved my mother why she put those burdens on a man so he didn't have a chance to feel hurt bit by bit and it finally triggered to explode asking for recovery time,

    the time when I finally grow up and understand the face behind all the efforts including forced smiles to make sure my teenage life was still good,

    the time when I eventually admire his fight in life,

    by rewinds, there were enough storms to make a man panic and it should be tiring for him, isn't it? I was so clumsy before... Believe it such a pain to safeguard me and so on to keep promise.

    Recently it was his turns to make me, as they took him there to the safest place. I'm still made of greed, in the question of why it was so fast.


    Absurd, and unimaginable. It was like yesterday I thought I will be the next one, but turns that time was the last I can see him within the breath : seven hours from the last smile he made on Friday 5th February.  

    And I'm wishing hard to be able to make him rest in peace someday. He is my best brother. He still is.

    He will laugh at me by how melancholic and TMI I am, but doesn't he realize he was just the same in this place? I miss you, brother. And will always, just like mother, and father. But you are kind of a bit more painful at least for now, the longest two weeks I ever had @abnoch

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    2. ktcjdrama


      I am so sorry @bairama I really don’t know what to say because it’s all so sudden. Please take care and stay strong. Sending you hugs and love :duckhearts:

    3. abs-oluteM


      @abs-oluteMplease forgive him if there were words hurting or made a fuss to you.. He glad to become friends to you I'm sure.

      @SilverMoonTeaactually I forgot to write there : the time when I realized you may are CatchMine_ID's real life Coffee Prince when I watched her favorite drama. I used to tease him about that, plus Goblin that related to Gong Yoo cc: triplem for The Lonely and Shining Geology Engineer (do you remember? Lol). Then he would laugh in bitter and proud to yell "I'm her rl favorite!"


      There's nothing that your bro said that has ever offended me. I am very glad for his friendship and so appreciative of his support for us. And in those days when we talked about you, he was always so proud of you. I remember teasing him with having to compete with Gong Yoo and Yoo Ah In for Catch's  attention. He is indeed Catch's RL fave. He's now joined her and know that he and Catch will always be watching over you. Hugs. 

    4. Jane


      Bai, I am so so so sad to hear this. I only knew @abnoch for a short while here on JH but I always thought there would be a chance where we would have coffee together one day either in Indo or in Sg. I will always treasure those little moments we had together here. Stay strong and know that we are always here for you. 

  6. I'm doomed how KIM SOO HYUN HUHU is still perfect fit for high school uniform role hshshshhshshshshshshsh in Its Okay to Not Be Okay heartwrenching 'dream' aaaaaa And ofc hail to mr hi high hyy be it in 18 Again or True Beauty, HWANG IN YEOP IN UNIFORM makes me dizzy
  7. Omg hi @mirmz!! Miss youu, the one who always greet.. and talk about animes! but seems this place cant really accompany u by far (pls feel free to make thread or invite others here as another place for).. Im really grateful you are here @Chocolatethanks and biggg aamiin. Omg I just want to say when I see you these days: BINJINNNNNN AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  8. @JaneIkr luls. I'm afraid it can be disturbing to read on this hippihappy NYE atmosphere, so thanks spoiler
  9. Ooo thanksss, arriving late huhu but I got: Breakthrough, family, health, and power. How I wish desperately this tiny bitty game of luck is tru! Simsalabim Happy new year everyone
  10. Fave counter is mama healer. How can she is so fully packed action in that age? Just please don't do d word to her And Emma Stone vibe, Sejong as eonnie Ha-na, I just– girl crush. Girl crush ftw!
  11. Minari. Convicing trailer, Steven Yeun, the FL from Unfamiliar Family right?!! And the grandma + the way "I'm not pretty, I'm good looking"!!! Add this to watchlist abruptly. Thanks moi! @mademoiselle
  12. @mademoiselle spoiled myself over the twitter tho, feel I have to prepare some extra tissues, some scene will a tearjerker?? ❌⭕
  13. @mademoisellemoiiiii!!! OF COURSEEE. Planning to watch this with bro this weekend!!!☺🤩
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