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  1. already short hahaha you like to change your phone case?
  2. I hate that hair back IKR tsk why he is back to that variety hairstyle hmh.. But also have some harvest. In selective angle it looks good still handsome (to me lol):
  3. Park Eunbin I like her in the radio show uweeee. Will wait this week 2 pilot eps on NF and binge watch at night X)
  4. btw still my concern ngl, we just have 2 weeks left! this is very on point for voicing out my nervous: "some part are rather poetic than realistic, which is also a bit problematic, it could be better balanced". Especially how BJ marriage is handled here, or is it realistic to you? Give me enlightenment pls? Like how the husband is so slow & passive.. But to think about, the latest episode give us just around 24 hours time zone of them tho 😂 it really the approach here that makes me nervous. Still I feel this drama is kind of a rare blessing. Like it so much but you know, after all the excitement comes this cold sweat hahaha I really want to add Lost to my all time fave list along & it is all depends on the ending now to me. I'm praying for this too:
  5. no, I'm currently in love with Lost (Kdrama) 😊 it is heavy drama but also comforting. Beautiful piece, still have 2 weeks left. I'm kinda sad it will be over soon you don't like to eat cereal for breakfast, like, it is something that you avoid and just for the very last choice?
  6. done watching ep 14.. I appreciate this drama tried to inject social issues within the 'side' characters story in the magnet of dimple couple. Those bits that keep me continuing Homcha. Eventho there are some offs, but also on like the pregnant mom's story: how woman x woman respect each other, how we often find man like her husband in society especially from older generation from me which is suffocating and the drama tries to fix that, also the latest pick up is Chohui backstory reveals for liking Hwajeong, something like that. I still remember why I like this breeze of seaside drama. Moments like the tweet above. The glasses couple tho, manifest this one cause I also like how the drama manages to not over-glorified first love thing. Lol 2nd lead could be not that depressing & still can shine. They learned something from the previous 2nd lead boom drama. Hahaha. Pyo Miseon creeps up to my fave character in this drama, she looks so relaxed and Idk every time I see her, she is so comfortable? She is oozing comfort aura of relatable human. Not beautiful in that kind of way beautiful but she knows what look best on her. Reminds me of Gong Hyojin yes, my profile picture right now. I like her attitude from the start she was just starting live in Gongjin X) the actress also nailed her quirks. After pff on ep 11-13 (some cringe moments for example, he even lied about how her cooking taste?? Lol, it is not good for your health, white lie that really not necessary), I quite like it the development of Sikhye. I kind of understand now why Hyejin demanded that from him at first because silently, she is observing him, kind of curious (especially after all the Gongjins know there is something wrong with him) but keep it bottled up until that slice of moment made her unsure if she is that significant for Dusik thinks about the future of them. At first she might be not that wise, but I'm glad in ep 14 she concluded something & it is a good way to push the story for Dusik's 'dark confession' actually. It will be really weird and uncomfortable if it is forced by the PD's dad reveals only. It is a way to trigger him. I'm in love-hate relationship how Gongjins will know all the surface of private matters between their people tho. Hahaha, but this one, I think our Sikhye gained much help of wise points from the Gongjins. About Dusik might be not in best shape to start relationship, yeah I found it off at first, because the Dusik we know from viewers lenses he even didn't have courage to keep the life of hedgehog because of his trauma suddenly let's go for the moment with Hyejin. But to think of it, again, Gongjins raised him. He took much advices from them so he learned little by little and I can sympathize why he wanted to try the relationship even he couldn't open all of his deepest talk yet: he is on the way to the courage for finding his happiness that stolen big by what happened between 5 years.
  7. bairama

    Art Gallery

    I've been looking for Ryu Junyeol's photo collection from his first exhibition as photographer but still not find it, guess I have to screenshot or something (later if Lost drama finished maybe to wash up my withdrawal 😋) I LIKEEE the photos he def has that artistic sense to me, talk about the composition, I like it so I post up his behind story about the exhibition & talk here is it ok?? cc: @SilverMoonTea if you didn't watch this yet 😊 actually I kind of have feeling that Lost director Hur Jinho saw his Kangjae here(??) as he said his mind went directly to RJY 😂 and this one vlog a visitor to the exhibit: https://youtu.be/Bd5lNp8vb7k
  8. subtle brainwashing aw dear hope you are ok with life problems caution this drama how can I explainnnn(??) this tweet is 100 tho: yeay for more people watch this
  9. Little Forest is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ per soft story wise, about slow living in da big picture but not really much of Junyeol there(??) But you can see him gardening so meow meow did you watch Money already? Starring with Yoo Jitae ahjusshi too, kind of fun to watch and YES to the amount of him hahaha I recommend you to watch his filmography after Lost Believer is top 3 mentioned in Eontalk for best Korean action movies per 2020 I'm kinda thankful he brought me to K-movie land bcs before I have no idea!
  10. but doesnt't after one kiss, it will be more addicting? 😅 Kangjae manifests so much feeling on her 💔 the super dimmed coloring.. Lol it is sometimes 😂 These beautiful shots of moments that we got this week.. 😍
  11. I can't swoon on that too. The LV ruffled skirt + it looks like saroong. Hufff let just people talk I don't understand high fashion whatever it just doesn't work on me. Lost is like a harvest time for this quality presented.. There are so many scenes (yup maybe thank you drama it has really slow pace so this can be delivered in a very subtle changes) of his micro acting that lingers on my mind.
  12. yes it keeps being highlighted, the way it screams: "forbidden, forbidden!" Hahaha 😢 I like how her grasp actually her restrain in the scene. Plus the talk about how Kangjae feels every time he did his job, it is like the pumpkin carriage. Uh slicing.. And in the preview he seems will change his job to one that can described simply? nah for this I think they also highlighted the marks left by that hand grasp from BJ. The shirt wrinkled, twisted there and he acknowledged that But heck the morning after sunrise, shirt is not wrinkled anymore. Tell me how, Kangjae? Did you splash water on it and straighten it or? Lololol. Nevermind. What a moment I also like Just x MJ developments during Ep 11-12. At least in ep 12 MJ said her feels & didn't beat around the bush that she also feels conflicted
  13. what I know by far in Korean food bloggers what they called mi goreng is Indomie classic fry noodle, because the cover they often found is that "Mi Goreng" titled ahahahaha yes LJH so cute mentioned it in the interview :)) and the interviewer isssss Donghwi Ryongryonggg hahahahaha AHHHHHHHHH tea ryusdb looks so gewwwwwdddddddd in ep 11 wosssssshhhhh I'm kinda having moment of silent when ep 10 cuts his hair but nah surprise I'm not missing it that much after seeing ep 11 #amazed the quiz of Jung Haein, I got Han Wootak from While You Were Sleeping, haven't watched the drama yet but kind of approve this hahahahaha the description seems good: Han Woo Tak, the friendly neighborhood police officer who supports all the local businesses and has physical attributes much like the boy next door. You’ll be so lucky to date Han Woo Tak because he has a baby face but can be very protective and reliable. You’ve got the best of both worlds, time to cheer!
  14. I guess how good the beef stock will be the IT whether that dish will be super delicious or just delicious hahaha looks good! I used to still get wine/mirin/angciu for cooking but now I'm kind of repent myself a bit 😂😂 don't eat pork so it will be full beef & I need to substitute that huge amount of wine with.. That IT stock + vinegar + sugar + lemon/tamarind juice (like syrup?) or using Verjuice but sometimes I didn't like the aftertaste of Verjuice, I tend to prefer vinegar + syrup and see if it becomes chaotic or not 😂
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