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  1. Ya can't munch this long hair @Tofu @Alice Wonderlandwhat do u think ?
  2. Then with that size of sugar, Tae Sul will die cos of diabetes first I think 🤣 No need to shot him, save energy...
  3. Zero Native Title: 제로 Also Known As: 0 , jelo Screenwriter: Lee Soo Yeon Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi EPlatform : OTT
  4. @abs-oluteMno idea what OTT platform is... but soundss amazzzing
  5. @KaizenWarm welcome here. Not sure if you have watched this short Taiwan drama? Its a bit of quiet drama type, but I love the simple storyline & Aaron Yan's acting on it. Here is the review drama section. If you have old/finish aired "Other Drama" (non Korean) that you love, you can share your opinion here. Please continue hang around here haha... Im so glad you came, this section is quiet & not so popular like K-drama. But we did open some thread, if you notice I've also been talking to myself in Kono Koi thread for sometimes too 🤣
  6. @mademoiselleI collect western oppas too last time ( just realized its already habit from early age ). So my fav last time was from series : Remington Steels (Pierce Brosnan), Twin Peaks (Kyle Mc Lachlan), X Files (David Duchovny). Time Trax (yeah no idea the actor name but that Capt is hot), I dont want hijack Sisyphus thread so post it here Nah this western oppas got more common thing. All have dark hair. All special agents/detectives. Any of them also your fav?
  7. Ahaha yeah at the beginning I was a bit surprised. It have kind of coupley feelings... Like just asking how're you but the tone so sweet... So he always call her noona noona haha... and she call him JHaaa... So SHS want to surprise him, but in the end she also seems shy already and want to quick end it and run away Oh and she want to shave his beard I think
  8. Drama might be ending. But not with the ship. Its just started ! Join us :
  9. @OsmanthusTeahilarious! More receipts of his nervous wreck! I need to study this couple more. Seems offline is cuter than the drama
  10. I have to say Master Devil still his best performance. Love better than Immortality not too bad. But towards ep 30s its getting zzz and repeated. @abs-oluteM common points for all these oppas? No, diversity is the best! Thats why all on different ages, nationality, shapes. If any perhaps its dimples, heart hairline? 🤣
  11. Actually I like seeing them in modern clothes more @OsmanthusTea. Haha I thought he bring her in to join live ? She seems dazed as well and want to runaway quickly 😆 I have to say JH indeed looked shy around her. I'm not sure is he always like this? And do they have promise to watch show together? But she backoff? Haha I'm a bit confused, in the end it seems they laugh together and in their own world. Seems have some of their inside joke? Btw just realized we're 2 talking Teas 🤣
  12. Some glimpse from the guests : Guys : Ladies : Cr. Naver blog @JeannieBeanYSY hair a bit long here...
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