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Trophies and Medals

  1. Live Chat Launch Party!

    A memento of the glorious Launch Party hosted by Soju and Abs! Chatting, singing, maybe even some dancing!

  2. Staff Knowledge

    You think you know, but do you really know?

  3. Aegyo

    Token of appreciation for the awesome forum staff of 2020

  4. Do You Like Brahms?

    Brahms and ice cream

    Make for the sweetest, most romantic treat

    A feast for the eyes and the heart

    A gorgeous work of art

    When true love and classical music should meet

  5. MiMi Yellow

    Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

    Time to be adored!

  6. LaLa and Jun

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…
    La La is the earth, and Jun is her moon.
    So, who needs a star when they have each other.


  7. Halloween Event 2020

    Awarded for participating into the limited event

  8. Knowing Each Other

    Thank you for taking part in our Guess the Member game!

    You make being here together so much fun.

  9. Hari-nezumi

    Sometimes the best way to warm up is to cuddle a hedgehog!

  10. Wintergarden Forever

    It finally started with the snowfall on Christmas.

    One held fast to her love.

    One changed his future for love.


  11. The Corgi Phat Butt

    Token of appreciation for the awesome forum staff of 2021

  12. Lunar New Year Panda

    This panda is to bring you joy and luck!

  13. Little Forest Couple

  14. Jasper

  15. Just Eating Popcorn

  16. Panda Noodles

  17. Panda Boba

  18. Wallace is the Sword

  19. The Sword and the Brocade Gif

    Wallace Chung and Seven Tan as Xu Ling Yi and Luo Shi Yi Niang in an epic romance.

  20. Cherry Blossoms Blessings

    A confetti of cherry blossoms to brighten up your day!

  21. Ren Jialun as Mr. Lizard

  22. Mr. Lizard and Miss Crow

  23. Bossam Couple

    Jung Il Woo as Ba Woo and Kwon Yuri as Soo Kyung

  24. Kitty Kisses

    Kitty tossing you hearts!

  25. Shiba with Flower

    A bit of cuteness and happiness

  26. Panda working a mouse

    They only think I'm working...

  27. Fanning in the Heat

    Kitty fanning to stay cool

  28. Voice 4

    Song Seung Heon as Derek

  29. Voice 4 (SMT special)

    Song Seung Heon as Derek Jo

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