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  1. Ice Cream deserved more post about him (yes he's a boy 😅😆) : Cr. Shira.
  2. Use for My Talent Post : Cutie : https://www.instagram.com/p/COmgwjQHB2L/?igshid=1t0wclo3cn0xx
  3. Actually I become quite excited too with this drama @Tofu. Cr. renjialun_03.
  4. They're looking so good at the press con. Still unsure if I'm going to watch this, maybe you guys can convince me haha... And I think I'll wait for more episodes to be up, then decide later.
  5. Yeah he's a merman. Lols. Im not fans of long hair. But at this rate, I will watch him in anything, I don't mind 😅😆
  6. Ep 8 This episode really cute. SG just so bubbly and talk a lot, while SM continue laughing non stop because of him. During the sujebi making I think everyone agree, they sit so close together and looks so happy. See almost no distance between them. What is personal space? No, not in their dictionary 😆 And on the end of the day, they still look bright despite I think its very tiring also. SG sweat a lot. SG x SM also continue on their bubble about missing their parents and how SG hardwork not being noticed by the kids haha. And
  7. Stills from Suzhou International Academi.bfsu where this was filmed. Cr. Bailudaily
  8. His voice just so nice to hear at. I even watching juice advertisement now lols
  9. Starting around ep 20 onwards, Chi Cheng & Ye Chong often being suspected and always in trouble with Miyamoto. I always so worried they will get caught & tortured by Japan 🥲 There is also new lady, Junko who is sister (not by blood) to Ye Chong. Her father adopted Ye Chong and held high position in Cabinet. She's so in love with Ye Chong, and I can sense a tragedy coming from this. She helped Ye Chong deal with Miyamoto but expecting love from him in return. Actually the actress of Junko doing pretty good job. She's passionate for her work in Telecom department, eventhough
  10. Its 24 eps. Each ep 45 mins. In Mango Tv 2 eps / week, unless you're Member can get 6. Airing Schedule : The shooting location done in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province from May 20, 2020 , the opening press conference held on May 30, 2020 and shooting finished on August 5, 2020. Characters Info : More about the storyline : One day it was Shuangjiao who learned that her mother's death was not an accident, and that the culprit might have been Gu Renqi's grandfather. Gu Renqi fell into guilt, and the two broke up. After Gu Renqi
  11. You can download the gif that you like, and resize the gif to fit 490 mb in : https://ezgif.com/ . Also need to make it square so will fit better. Let me know if it work for you. If not you can share the gjf here and let us try to adjust for you.
  12. Looks good. Idk whos the ML is, but he's handsome. But I really don't have time for this now.
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