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  1. When i said i wanted to see this on the drama. They did not disappoint hahaha. On episode 2, one thing i can comment about is, i wish wetv would timely translate their user ID. Coz if i did not read the novel i would not have an idea what their username is. But so far so good! Dilireba and Yang Yang's visual complimenting each other. YYDS GLORY COUPLE!
  2. I re-read the novel last night for a refresher and i have lots of scene i want to see in the drama that includes "you can see her everywhere" and that when QJJ was playing with Yu Tu and his friends she gave everyone a skin but Yu Tu that's why Yu Tu left dumbfounded hahaha. So excited to finally see this. Hoping for good results!! <3
  3. Indeed VISUAL cp... Coz personally i think both of them really have the best visual.. GOD TIER.
  4. New stills! Finally our YeonJia CP is back! I miss them so much huhu.
  5. Thank you for having me here. It's always a pleasure interacting with people who share the same interests as you. Here's to more months and years with y'all
  6. The Imugi actor (Taeri) creep me out not because he is terrifying but more of like a pervert. I was actually torn between the Shin Ju and Lee Rang for Yuri! But I think for the greater good of the story. I'd rather have Lee Rang and Yuri stay platonic! And Shin Ju as her lover. He respects & adore Yuri and I love that for her. She can have 2 Foxes protect her!
  7. Thinking if i should catch up too or just wait for more week. But ive seen clips. I was loling with Ji Ah's team bringing mealworm for Lee Yeon.
  8. No episodes next week https://www.soompi.com/article/1437606wpp/tale-of-the-nine-tailed-will-not-air-next-week-to-ensure-better-production I don't know what's the meaning of better production. Editing????
  9. Pre-release clips. This scene between Lee Yeon and Shin Ju is really heartwarming.
  10. Waiting for Bo Ah and Dong Wook's self made production notice of #TaileOfTheNineTailed 😅 and any preview updates....
  11. I've caught up and I have to say this scene was scary AF I had to mute!
  12. hahaha. Lee Yeon should watch TONT diligently then Thank you BTW :)
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