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  1. 100% agree with you on this. Although no Olympics medal ever for Babah T_T Hopefully they can somehow still win other super series and big event. Now that MD is out of the way..I feel like my life can 'return' to normal. Been spending the past days being excited...anxious...watching MD matches (LOL and I m not even the one who played ). @LaLa let's hope Greyap and Ginting bring a medal home @stroppyse Daddies is Indonesian MD players. They're the oldest MD pair at the moment...and yet despite their age... They still managed to be world no 2. For sure they're not as strong and fast as the other players (again due to their age) but wowww...as watchers we re very often surprised by their tenacity (they could often make a come back because their mentality is very strong)..and they play smart and tactical to cover for their dimished stamina when playing the younger opponents. They hardly make any screaming or celebratory sounds (very often we only hear the voices of their opponents and none of them haahhahaha) And what a humble attitude they both possess... They're such a delight to watch for me. OK..i better stop bragging about them After all...I think their hey day has almost come to an end .. T_T
  2. @LaLa Daddies' final Olympics and no medal for these legends. There'll be no pair like them ever in a very longggg time. I'll miss them when one day they retire.. TT_TT. To have most of the MD medalists say that they're their idols said something. @abs-oluteM gahahahhaha.... Congrats to M'sia.
  3. Hmmm...of course the scene in Sokcho...the scene where IJ joined the neurosurgery dept gathering (when he was 'dared' by ACH)... The scene in IJ house (where he saw SHwa slept next to Uju and then when they had breakfast) I also like scenes like the awkwardness between them in the car early this season...and although hurt so much I also like the scene where Shwa gave her answer to IJ also early in this season...and also the karaoke scene last season after the NS gathering. I like those scenes because they pulled on my heartstring on the 'right' note hahahahahaha.... I do understand the need for them to have 'normal' scenes.. But they just dont make me 'feel strongly' about them..that's all.
  4. My fav of course badminton (but I really do wanna watch some men volleyball too - hopefully one day before Olympics ends). Just finished watching my fav badminton players won against their nemesis... the Daddies vs the Korean pair. The Daddies won after playing 3 sets and so they secured their place in the quarter final These are my fav players: The Daddies - MD no 2 Minions - MD no 1 Lee Yang/Wang Chi Lin - MD no 3 Hiroyuki Endo/Yuta Watanabe - MD no 4 (ok wow..I got all the top 4 as my fav). As per current standing, still unsure whether the world no 3 is going to make it to the quarter final. I hope they will... but if they don't..then it's a good thing for the Indonesians : D Edit: world no 3 is making it to the quarter final.. Congrats! I also like Greysia Poli/Rahayu - WD no 7 Momota Kento - MS no 1 Although I'm not their fan, but I root for them to win gold media in XD - Praveen Jordan/Melati XD no 4. TBH...they're not playing that well~~ That's all folk. GAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAH
  5. Awwww thanks @LaLa as always for the report I managed to watch the latest ep with fastforward button pressed a few times (but as always..I dont think I missed any. IkSong scenes). They're really indeed just like a married couple. I wonder if none of the other fab 5 ever suspect that they like each other Rosa is just like Shwa...who often 'forgets' things and Jong Su is like IJ..the 'funny' one in the relationship. As IkSong...I think Jung So and Rosa relationship is just like a married couple too! I hope the Duo isnt trolling us with the preview of the camping trip. That better be THE camping trip SHwa is having with the Lee family. I wonder if we will be getting any butterfly-in-the-stomach moments during the trip
  6. Nicely put! I can't help but notice one similarity between our IkSong and JungSo-Rosa. When Jung So and Rosa were eating together, 'IkSong's' conversation came up - what is it that you're looking forward to doing nowadays? And guess what Jung So's answer was - eating together with you like this! The difference was .. last time when IkSong had this conversation, we could feel the 'tense' between them. With JungSo-Rosa, they both took it easily, with no awkwardness since there was no 'romantic' context behind the convo. I also can't help but to feel that our IkSong relationship has stayed platonic since the 'rejection'. Rosa referred her relationship with Jung So as 'old friends'. It's also the same when IkJun referred to SHwa at the end of the episode - he told Uju that his ''old friend" is coming back. I feel that their relationship is in the friend-zone at this point of time. So, I'm really interested in seeing how our Duo is going to change their relationship dynamic - from friend to romantic partner. I don't know what, but I'm expecting something 'big'. And I'm hoping that it will happen really soon. We're almost half way through the season, and I don't want to end up only having IkSong as a couple on the very last episode (like WG :P ). I want to see their lives as a couple in many many episodes! As always, thanks @LaLa for summarising some IkSong moments in ep 5 xx
  7. @JenL @mademoiselle i'm kinda used to being in and out (or on and off??) lockdown now Hoping that our lockdown wont be as long as NSW (nor the number gets as high as them ) LOL to the Disney Rona ahahahahahha so creative Good morning everyone
  8. I also got Chae Song Hwa as my bff. Def not a camping person...and I dont think I can sit sipping tea or coffee for hours....
  9. It was a very touching moment for me too I couldnt imagine if Eun Ji ended up not getting any transplant. It would just be too heartbroken (although it probably would be how it could turn out irl)
  10. I like how finally JunWan got the spotlight this episode :) It reiterated once again how JunWan,although cold on the outside, is such a caring person and soft on the inside. We also got to know about his fear of being alone and that's why JWon is still living with him up until today (awwww ). I really like the 'twist' where we later found out why JunWan wanted to learn more about social media use. At first, I thought that he was gonna post more of his stuff for public to see...if it were truly so, i honestly would be uncomfortable on that decision. So when I found out that he did this for the sake of the patient who had no visitor, I was so very happy with that. I hope next eps will clarify on when IJ found out about Bidulgi. At this stage, I cant be sure. His advice to IkSun about JunWan's gf being selfish also didnt seem right to me? I mean.. IJ was saying that the gf only cared and talked about herself but from what I remember IkSun did ask about how JunWan was going etc during their phone calls. So I'm super glad that Eun Ji finally got her turn for the heart transplant. It's a happy ending for both mothers.
  11. @Tofui also like the US version (i'm pretty sure I watched all Mentalist's seasons...). Hopefully the Korean version will be as good
  12. @SilverMoonTea this is on my watchlist but not watching it anytime soon ....
  13. @mademoiselle hahahahahhaha... Sorry... I've been reading comments these days with brain half working I remember you said sth about coming soon... But just didnt register that u're talking about the beginning coming soon to Netflix (thought it was the Beginning coming soon to the ehem site...). Anyway hence i havent been very active anywhere..just too tired nowadays. I also dont like Kaoru being a 'weak' heroine..and yes I do like Megumi for her strong character. I wish she ended up with Sano (but of coz not). Actually I found Sato Takeru to be less handsome in this movie compared to the ones before . Ok i better stop talking now
  14. @mademoiselle hahahahahhahahaha Well.... Sanosuke and Kaoru... So far I remember they're never really 'useful' because they're not very good compared to Kenshin's enemies I think in the comic book.. The brother of Tomoe was also as depicted in the movie (i mean he's a good fighter). I supposed his deep hatred towards Kenshin made him a skilled fighter?? Now...I'm under the impression that Aoshi wasnt dead..just badly injured??? And I'm for one glad that Fujita Goro is never dead I like him! Now have you see the Beginning yet? Is it any good? I dont know whether i want to watch Kenshin in his past...
  15. @mademoiselle i watched the Final yesterday night Now you can rant and I'll know what you're talking about
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