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  1. @mademoiselle thank you for pointing that one out i truly missed her (it wasn't intentional ). And yes...you would have been so upset if you changed your answer
  2. Who is the luckiest of them all? SHIN SUNG ROK @katakwasabi Congratulations on your villain winning this battle event! Awards: 75 points: @katakwasabi 50 points: @oppasaranghaeyo 30 points: @mademoiselle @Chocolate @ktcjdrama 10 points will be awarded to all other participants who at least posted on one round: @SilverMoonTea @Darkarcana @LaLa @NiteWalker @Tofu @Alice Wonderland @Dhakra @abs-oluteM Thank you so much for participating in the event. Hope you all have fun. Note: Points will be awarded a littl
  3. Round 10 answer 3 points WOWWW>...most of you defeated the Avengers!!!!! except @SilverMoonTea awwwwwww
  4. @mademoiselle indeed!! Are you sure you're not gonna use the same crying and fainting strategy this time???? Wow.. so far you're the only contender (I'm guessing everyone else is still sleeping and getting ready to work) Good morning~~
  5. Round 10 ~ Last Round The hero that you're facing this time is... So, get ready, get set, GO!
  6. Round 9 answer 2 points Surprise surprise..there are so many of you who could beat this Stranger duo I guess they're not as smart as we think?!?!?!
  7. @mademoiselle aiyo... never a fan of all things insects... I don't even dare touching snails and worms in my garden Luckily one of my friends like you grow their own chives and sometimes they share with me :P Why your villain fainting!!! @ktcjdrama LOL..smarttt...how did you even find that kind of pic NGM and his reflection? I think I'm gonna have an early night tonight~ We only have one more round to go after this. This event will end tomorrow at 12pm KST.
  8. @mademoiselle yikesss...that's a lot!!!!! Gehehehehhehe.... unfortunately unless I have the physical goodies in my hand...you can't bribe me But I'm even more surprised that you plant the chives yourselves~ Sigh..I haven't eaten dumplings in a while.... Your luck may be low.. but may dumplings satisfy you instead
  9. @mademoiselle mama miaaa... those are beautifully folded! My dumplings look like.... well..let's say nothing like that. I can never fold them neat enough they would end up just like a blob of something Thanks for the YouTube link (by any chance is that you???) .. Next time I make dumplings I better watch the video so I can fold them like yours!
  10. Round 9 The hero that you're facing this time is... So, get ready, get set, GO!
  11. Round 8 answers 2 points And @ktcjdrama is the only one who beat female warrior Mulan
  12. @mademoiselle I'm drooling at the thought of Pork and Chives dumpling. BUT...how many dumplings are you making exactly??? That looks like a lottttttt of chives Oh wowwww... so far only @ktcjdrama dared to be different looking to the left... @Dhakra is that picture turning to the right? The head is turning to the right but the eyes are looking to the left I'll count that as 'right' If you're up now..you shouldn't be missing next round!
  13. Wow ok... 5 turning to the right @mademoiselle @Chocolate @Alice Wonderland @katakwasabi @LaLa and ONLY 1 dares to turn to the left @ktcjdrama!! @Alice Wonderland so to make it easier for me..I'll just count your villain as JDH still :p @LaLaI don't mind Yui at all... but honestly I'm not much of a fan of the female characters in Conan. I like them alright, but not love them? Did you say which ones are your fav?? I ship Kazuha and Heiji so much though @katakwasabi HAHAHAHAHAHA... I think Kim Do Chi would be smitten with Mulan..he might surrender even before he starts th
  14. Round 8 The hero that you're facing this time is... So, get ready, get set, GO!
  15. @mademoiselle true..but for some reasons I still always think Kong and Godzilla are the good guys Some ppl are guessing that the Godzilla in Kong vs Godzilla will be the bad gorilla (not sure what is...coz I don't follow the comics..shrugs). @LaLa actually.. I'm not a big fan of any of the police officers stationed in Tokyo. The 3 detectives I like are the ones that station outside Tokyo...let me check google for the name. Ahh..Kansuke and Morofushi! They're from Nagano. Come here during winter time... I'll show a you a little bit of snow @oppasaranghaeyo hahahahahahah you're so fu
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