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  1. @Tofu i'm so behind i think my last ep was ep 4 i think i ll decide whether or not to continue after the drama finishes and whether it has good reviews then
  2. @mademoiselle Yes .. we talked about it already in the comments before you? That's what I thought too and I hope this show better has a good explanation on how it is hat Hong Ju doesn't come forward unless don't tell me she doesn't remember who her parents are. ..... but she obviously remembered her brother and ...
  3. @LaLa Woahh.. I already rewatched once (while you didn't continue last time I continued on and I finished the whole 12 eps). So no for me because although I like HP.. I don' think I like it enough that I want to rewatch that twice In the early eps of 365 ... but wowww... that drama so far is soo good~~
  4. @Chocolate i'm not sure yet because from the comments it sounds makjang and I dont know whether i'm in the mood for makjang drama at the moment Let's see.. I might try the first 2 eps ;)
  5. I must say I found the revelations of some stuff interesting but most of the time I could no longer connect anything to anything because I just can't remember who, what and when anymore (this show indeed is very complex!). Also glad that few things were explained and not just left forgotten (although I myself had already forgotten about them!) eg: the kid who was nice to Jae Hoon when he was little. So what is OZ? It seems there's this organisation who keeps surveillance on people who has the 'special' genes? I wonder what Yo Han meant when he said that they're lab mice...
  6. Maybe the writer still wants us to consider the possibility of BR as HH's son because they have the same thought about procreating Not sure whether that's the intention or not. I don't know whether they're trying to tell us that psychopathic traits are hereditary because interestingly .. the scientist and his wife who do not have such genes ended up with a child with one. On the other hand, HH the psychopath and his wife ended up with one with the genius trait. So if that's truly the case (again unless the writer reveals differently), it means that it's not hereditary. I have not
  7. Hmmm... @Chocolate (read spoiler if you already watch ep 16 Chi Kook's fate is pretty tragic too. He was in a coma for so long yet he didnt die. He had to die when he only woke up for days ... So BR had similar thought to HH.. That they got into relationship with women just so they could procreate Now it feels like a long time ago, i dont even know who song soo ho is. Is he the boxer? Gotta check asianwiki. So that guy killed BR's mum (this must happen after BR killed the dad and his siblings right?) Ehh.. I also forget... But isnt Choi Young Ju...that
  8. That's what I think at this stage... just because it was JH who was assigned to catch Tae Yool. Maybe he didn't cause his death directly ... but could still play a part in it Let's see how it unfolds~ Ohhh... I also have a gut feeling that Tae Yool might not be the 'good' guy Yeon Soo thought him to be. LOL! I wonder whether JJH started gym-ing for his role in Undercover? I gotta spy on his instagram post and see whether he posted gym shots prior to last year or something. I agree @abs-oluteM, so far I'm liking the fight scenes ... they're better than
  9. Isn't it because he might have something to do with Kim Tae Yool's death? I'm just guessing though ... Glad that the issue with their son was resolved by the end of ep 4. I would have disliked it if the drama continued to drag it further. I really can't wait for YS to be appointed as CIO and to team up with the upright cop + Chu Dong Woo. They'll make a great team Too bad that JH's identity is still hidden, otherwise, he'll make a good investigator or something in that team (and plus he could beat up the bad guys easily ). So the ex-NIS lady, Go Yoon Joo
  10. Ok.. finished ep 3 but haven't gotten around to watch ep 4 yet. I'm so glad that this show decided to (at least for now) go against what other dramas would normally do. I was already so scared that JH would choose to stop YS from becoming CIO's director (and if this were the case, I could already picture the 'drama' that would come from that decision). So happy that JH decided to support her and in his own way he is trying to protect his family regardless. Hopefully he won't change his mind further down the track unless YS is the one who decides to back down. I'm
  11. I did wonder myself why I felt a bit bothered by how they dealt with the CEO this episode and I think @Dhakra pointed out something that might be the reason .. A thought just popped .. Maybe they didn't do this because killing someone directly was never their mode of action. The other perpetrators either got 'jailed' or threatened (like the case of the bullies)... right? So maybe they tied the CEO loose so if one day they got caught, they could actually say they didn't kill him. They tied him only BUT the CEO loosened himself and he himself chose to walk into the stora
  12. Hello again no-shame SnowBlob! Ep 72 LOLOL .. I'm so glad when DinDin and Jong Min won the last game and they were able to use the cable car instead of the flying fox or walking. Poor Jung Hoon because he truly wanted to ride the flying fox but he lost I reckon we should have that guy doing a bungee jumping .. he would be thrilled instead of being scared! The episode ended the Ginseng trip and started the 'This is the moment' trip. I enjoyed the Splish Splash game and the Hamburger game. (I should have noted down each episode's games so one day if I ever ne
  13. Finally I managed to finish the remaining 3 episodes I hadn't watched (ep 7,8 and 10). It's a good season but I feel like I never end up feeling light/happy after watching any of the ep. It's indeed a serious drama and although the criminals would mostly end up being caught (and some it did make me feel better and some it didn't because the criminals were the 'good' guys to certain extent) but in general the cruelty of the crimes/situations just felt heavy even when the perps were caught. Couldn't remember how I felt when watching season 1 and 2 .. I'm guessing I was feeling the same throughou
  14. I was doing something else while watching ep 7 and 8 .. so while some of you got really tired with the CEO's face ... I actually got super annoyed with his voice especially towards the last bit of ep 8. What I was constantly hearing was his shriek + his loud scream + his swearing I really wish DK 'silenced' him sooner (note that silence doesn't equal death because I agree he needed to suffer a little bit more ). Glad they're able to close the case and even took down all the evil videos. Agree with @Dhakra that I don't think it was a good idea to blow the storage with a timer. Of course
  15. Ohh!! It's that guy from Familiar Wife I'd like to see him playing a different character (he was playing sort of a moody-innocence type of guy in FW). That pic above..he's looking like a cold guy.
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