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  1. Please do , I love this drama @Merry_Shai
  2. Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Andrea Mikaelson The Gemini Twins Lizzie Saltzman Josie Saltzman
  3. Cast Danielle Rose Russell Aria Shahghasemi Kaylee Bryant Jenny Boyd Quincy Fouse Peyton Alex Smith Matt Davis Chris Lee Ben Levin Leo Howard Trailers Trailor Season 2 Trailor Season 3 @Darkarcana
  4. Hi @Merry_Shai Sorry for the late reply It has been renewed for Season 4 . Season 3 is airing now. https://www.looper.com/343698/legacies-season-4-release-date-cast-and-plot-what-we-know-so-far/
  5. Legacies Details Network The CW streaming site. The CW, NetFlix Related shows: The Vampire Diaries; The Originals Program creator: Julie Plec Origin Country: United States Production Locations : Atlanta Georgia, USA Production Companies : CBS Television Distribution ect... Genre : Drama , Fantansy and Supernatural Fiction Original Network : The CW Original Release : Oct 25, 2018- Present Seasons : 3 Renewed for Season 4 Fall 2021
  6. Omo Last week of Miss Monte Cristo was good not awesome. FL is still madly in love with her ex but he chooses to not be with her because he wants her to be happy. He doesn’t believe he can make her happy. I don’t know what the writer wants. I am not swooning over any of the ML but none of them are Evil. Both are still naive . Oh Hara’s father proved he can be vicious. The Chairman told the wife that Ha Jun is still his son. Does that mean he loves his son or he is being filial. Chairman also respects his SIL and really is glad that he is helping his son. Ha Jun and his BIL are
  7. The mother knows in the recent episode but at that particular time the father and brother was the first to find out about the pregnancy. I also think the grandmother will help because she is a real cool person. Awwww
  8. Choi Sook-Jun is really evil. She doesn’t love anyone other than herself. Watching her planning to ruin Jyung Soo if she gets divorced. I was truly disgusted by her. Jong-Kwon realized that YS is in love with KS but she still hasn’t realized it. He also is against them ever being together. He stated he is open minded . The writer has left this choice out there to let them make the choice. KS is going start dating so that YS can move on and be more independent. KS’s life is about to be shattered soon. I still can’t believe that CSJ is his mom. To have such a terrible mom ca
  9. Hello Everyone 

  10. Happy Monday 


  11. I can’t wait for this movie. Everyone join me and watch this movie Black Widow
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