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  1. ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ ᴄʜᴏɪᴄᴇ ᴏғ sᴏɴɢ @stroppyseɴᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴇ sᴏɴɢ ɪs sᴛᴜᴄᴋ ɪɴ sᴏ ʜᴇᴀᴅ . ʟᴏʟ
  2. I felt the same way, I think each episode will end on a cliffhanger just keep us viewers wanting more. Welcome @Warm Paws Episode 6 was so moving. I was touched and I admit I was a tad bit conflicted in watching since seeing the preview. We are left again with another cliffhanger the cinematography is beautiful and the way the director is filming each scenes , I suspect it is from Ha Ram and Cheon Gi’s perspective that is why it looks to breathtaking. I too have to rewatch the drowning scene again because that is a good question @Chocolate Don’t forget Ha Ram and Cheon Gi both drowned that day. Hmmm it is now coming back to me [ IN ORDER FOR IT TO RAIN, THERE MUST A SACRIFICE. THEY CHOSE HA RAM BECAUSE OF HIS SPIRITUAL POWER ( water) ] it was stated he had to die so when he died it started to rain again. I can’t help but think since this is a drama, the demon brought him back or he was unconscious, since no one really checked his pulse to see if he was truly dead. Ha Ram was possessed, then fell in the water than God Samshin came , took away a Mo wan eyes and then he rose from the water and landed on the alter. < - - I hope this is helpful below GIF A question has been answered or corrected this guard below has always worked for the Now Emperor. I am going to assume that the Now Emperor is the one who ordered the death of Ha Ram’s dad the first time and the second time.
  3. I just don’t get why , she still doesn’t realize what her friend say is true. She is so stubborn. My heart goes out to her because in the next episode she gets put down again. @abs-oluteM @Chocolate @NiteWalker Why is the Prince so determined to break her spirit?? Is it because she isn’t good or because he has a crush on her and he called help bullying her ?? Can you guys give me an answer. To be honest I do prefer her painting over the others. They were good but hers were much better???? Since I am not an expert, maybe I am biased at who is the best painter. Lol lol Scenes I love Wow the ending moved me so much
  4. I really hate how a drama can start off really good and change direction that you as a viewer can’t tolerate. ML was truly a coward and always looking for justice when he himself was very clueless to what is going on in his own life. I kinda lost interest after episode 4 because it was all over the place . I just couldn’t connect with any of the characters in the drama. ML was an awful father to both of his kids, terrible friend , terrible SIL and husband.
  5. @IpohBanana I will wait for those moments since you might be right . I really can’t stand Mr Ning’s family. The mom ans sister are so arrogant. First they refused to believe the marriage contract, they upset the Fl’s grandmother, so when FL agreed to breaking the contract they were angry she agreed to it when she asked for compensation. Smh smh smh Hmm Second tip to her identity and Ml is still not sure who she is.
  6. Me neither, willl try to watch it on my break. @Chocolate You have good memory to remember all the gods in play for this drama. I will refer to your post when I write a post about drama.
  7. I am not getting mushy when the leads are together. I think the director have made some mistakes. Like in episode 1 , when ML was trying to rescue her, why did they make his jumping down slowly , it looked annoying, so I fast forwarded it. Lol I do enjoy FL with her new family.
  8. I don’t care for the ML either @NiteWalker. I loved the first episode. It was well written and the acting is just awesome. @Tofu You are here too.
  9. i was Mariah Carey big fan Whitney Houston movie The Bodyguard
  10. Thanks for the recommendation @SilverMoonTea I finally found a site to watch . Going to bed now will watch tomorrow
  11. Lol I thought so too .. lol Episode 3 was awesome We find out that Mo Wang ( demon ) is still trapped in Ha Ram's body. We can still see the butterfly tattoo. Have you guys noticed the Previews are are misguided. Last preview showed Cheon Ki being captured when it was only to lock her up for not coming home. lol lol
  12. I believe they both can coexist @Chocolate . CK is the one who broke the seal. Once she touched HR, the demon was no longer stuck in HR’s body and finally found his eyes. He was always aware. The demon spoke to HR once he took control. I need to go back and re watch and to tell you what he says as proof as to why I believe he was always aware but couldn’t do anything. Another thing , every time HR was angry his eyes would clearly go red, the art dealer who betrayed CL called HR red eyes. Do you remember this. P.S this is just from my perspective.
  13. Welcome @Mizv The demon was sealed in a painting that CK’s father painted. Then second prince released it so he can be possessed so he can become King and not his brother. Because second Prince had a talisman protecting him, he couldn’t be possessed. So demon went into Ha Ram’s body where the witch sealed him in and took away his eyes. Because HR met and crushed on CK he learned on how to be blind which made his life so much easier. i maybe embellishing about his blindness but can’t help think so when he remembered the thousand flowers and the illusion of them sitting together.
  14. @mademoiselle Yes it will increase. Did you see Full demon HaRam once he encountered CK. It is so sad that the demon finally took control. But look at how he took control references check @Chocolate screen shot picture of HR. Can’t wait to see his acting in Full demon mode. He has been sealed in HR’d body for 19 years. That is a long time. Much longer than the king was possessed. Do you guys agree with me??
  15. I think both ( abs and eyes ) enchanted @abs-oluteM because he did such an amazing job. Even KYJ’s facial expression in her acting is good.
  16. Due to being obsessed with Sci movies , I tend to rate them a bit high. @stroppyse Great review and explained it better than I can. lol After watching it , I was on a high and I actually finished it by watching the whold movie. I tend to fast foward a lot of movies once I lose interest.
  17. These woman are so vicious int this drama, Sera is so young, manipulative and just evil in my eyes. The wife of Seo Ki Tae, Mrs Hwang, Seo Young and Sera calling each other to check their stories out and Kwon knowing that it may not be a verified news will put it out there anyway? They are all going to blame Hwang's 'aide/driver to save their butts. Seo Young isthe worse because she doesn't want to find the reall killer. ALl she cares about is her ambitions. I was hoping for her to show some kind of maternal love for her loss child. I was so wrong. Sera was with Jung Wook when they had the accident and it was not Dong Pil they had a collision with. In the first episode, at the event, Moon Do and his thugs found Dong Pil at the event and beat him up. Dong Pil was able to get free and tried to run away and fell into a ditch and was limping away. His last conversation with Seo Hyun who was trying to look for him was the phone call where he accused Seo Hyun of sending him to prison when he was innocent and now Seo Hyun is trying to kill him. Then there was a blackout and SH could not reach him by phone. ES called him saying their son was kidnapped and when Seo Hyun talked to the kidnapper, he knew he was not talking to DP. DP had no time or energy to do the kidnapping of Joon Yeong as he was already spotted by Moon Do and beaten. In one episode Hwang was shown with a bloodied Jeon Yeong sitting front seat of a car driven by Hwang. Mrs Hwang accused the aide/driver of blackmailing her. And the wife of Seo Ki Tae, said that she run over Dong Pil and Hwang and another man, the aide, picked Dong Pil's body and put into Hwang's car. I hope we get the DNA of the blood in the car and that Jung Wook will do the right thing and tell them what he saw. Choi used SKT's money to cover the losses of his investment company and never told SKT. What does that have to do with the death of JY? I hope detective Sim will be smart detective and find the killer of JY. This drama is way to cruel. I am already losing interest.
  18. My scenes from ep 1 & 2 children scenes with great graphics Blind man Fighting
  19. My theory This demon in Ha Ran was only able to see not do anything because of the butterfly seal. The female witch took away his eyes until it was time for CK fateful meeting. At that time he will will be able to retrieve his eyes from CK but the demon has no idea that HR has a crush CK and he will end falling in love with her. This story has happened before and the demon won't remian in this realm once CK & HR fall madly in love. HR's anger and hate fuels the demon in side and makes the demon stronger and his love for HR will weaken the demon. HR and Demon is one, that is why I believe the demon had control of the body. Of course the human shell soul is conscious but had no control. Remeber the exorcism he was tied down with all kinds of talisman around
  20. No My Theory I believe she will try to contact the demon to help the Second Prince. The second Prince is really a spoiled rotten child. Why the he’ll wasn’t he reprimanded for real song the demon to the world. His greed will not give him what he desires. He will commit a lot of crimes and than be banished for his crimes. She was jealous of Ha Ram’s father power because he needed little help to banish the demon unlike she needed more help. She worked for the Old King and is willing to do anything to complete her task given. So Selfish Welcome @Vil_Lyn to JangHaven O do love your insight.
  21. both kings ( old and New) wanted HR's dad to die because it reminded them of being weak and of the terrible things had happened with the demon. I think the old king new exactly what he was doing witht he demon. Once he achieved what he wanted, he needed to get rid of it. He was only planning to use this power for his reign can be at peace. But the demon relaized he was used , so he decided to Curse them for their betrayal. 19 years the shaman was under the old king and I beleve HR's father was under the new kings employ. Ha Ram lost/forgotten memories from the time he met Cheon Ki. Yes the Demon is awakebut for some reason he doesn't have complete controll over Ha Ram.
  22. I agree we have been spoiled terribly. Lol I will come back later to comment on the other post on my opinion of the first two episodes. I have so much to say. Going to collect my thoughts and write it out
  23. I am still on episode 2, didn’t finish it because I need to get to work. These episodes are so long. Smh smh I want to make gifs but I have to wait until I get home to do it.
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