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Status Updates posted by UnniSara

  1. I have not had the mental power to comment in the thread . I promise to do so this week. 
    New drama starting this week. Miss Monte Cristo 

    join me @NiteWalker @ktcjdrama @abs-oluteM @stroppyse

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NiteWalker


      Take care of urself n don't worry too much

    3. ktcjdrama


      We’ll miss you. But take your time to post. Never too late 😉

    4. Nohamahmoud2002


      Check on Be a Meal / A good Supper. It is milder 



  2. Everyone be safe , dress accordingly because you may just catch a cold like me. I was out of it yesterday. But now I fell okay hopefully I will bee more energized by tomorow

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    2. Tofu


      I hope you feel better soon!! :hearties:

    3. oppasaranghaeyo


      Have a speedy recovery! :love:

    4. NiteWalker


      get well soon my dear

  3. Hello Everyone 

  4. Hello  everyone 


    Have a Nice Day everyone 

    1. abs-oluteM


      Indeed....have a great one too. 

    2. bairama



  5. Thanks for following me 

    1. SilverMoonTea


      Thanks for following back 🥰 

      Happy to watched Sword & Brocade with you! 

    2. UnniSara


      Same here, it is addictive. I decided to wait to watch episode 17-18. I am going to watch it later.

  6. Congratulations chingu

    1. SilverMoonTea


      Thank you so much darling @UnniSara

  7. Congratulations chingu 

    1. Darkarcana


      Thank you!

  8. Happy New Year  2021


    Wishing for the best and a wonderful Year 

    1. stroppyse


      Go 2021!

  9. Watching Word oh Honor with Subs 

    1. Tofu


      It's still on episode 18 with subs for me. Is that the same for you too?

  10. Happy Monday 


  11. Happy Friday 

  12. Happy Friday  everyone 

    I will be binge watching this weekend make beautiful comments 


  13. in one week , I will finally start my vacation.  So very happy. Really need some time off and  relax before the new year. It has been a tiring year. :pandaxmas::pandalove:

  14. It is finally Thursday but all I want to do is go to sleep and then call in sick , so I can sleep all day. :cry: 

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