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  1. don’t worry..you’re not alone 😄 this gif is giving me a hard time. @Myshipperheart_SGSM mentioned who helped her..it’s @ishipSGxSM right? hahaha I won’t be shy anymore. Hope you can also teach me how, jebal 🙏🏻. I want to learn before March 6 so that I can also point out scenes clearly. Just in case you have time to teach us how ☺️ No pressure.
  2. Our love birds in their own world 😍 I’m trying to insert my first gif here and I’m not sure if it works haha https://giphy.com/gifs/zY5Uv9ZTGDHtHPKtfU SM was definitely talking to SG here because SG is probably whining that kids didn’t go to his Tree house because they were busy playing with So Min at the tent. Being a supportive girlfriend that she is..haha She might have tried to convince the kids but did not succeed 😄. Finally, they were able to play inside the Tree house with SG playing monster and chasing the kids https://giphy.c
  3. While we are wearing our detective hats and connecting all the dots possible 😁, why not listen and sing along with our co-shipper @Poisonous Ivy latest fmv ☺️ The song is entitled “At my worst.” https://youtu.be/yvlK8CHLlkM I sang along and can’t also help but feel giddy while playing in repeat mode, this Seungmin photo compilations using the song “I like you so much, You’ll know it.” https://youtu.be/Vlwna-Wit2E Hope we will all have an inspired and happy day today! Keep the SeungMin ‘probe’ going 😘
  4. lol..don’t worry, we will visit you in the mental institution and who knows? we will be in the same room and we will talk about SeungMin all day until our families will pull every string to make SG & SM visit us together! and we will be back to normal 😂
  5. Exactly my thoughts 😍. I’m thinking MITH will choose a Master that runs a foundation for children and all of the butlers will be taking care of children as a challenge and they will invite So Min as guest. This might happen if SM has sbs show to promote or maybe SM can be a hint giver because she’s friend with the Master because she’s been doing charity work for children. I’ll prefer her as a guest and Se-hyung will tease SG and will try to flirt and sell himself to SM just like the Strong heart episode and we will witness SG’s red ears 🤣 jeeezz..this my version of a Dreamer’s dream. I am abso
  6. Because I’m feeling crazy @ishipSGxSM @Myshipperheart_SGSM, I actually tried zooming SG’s phone in both MITH and LMH but to no avail,.even if i’ll use micro lense, no way to determine because pearl mint and white perfectly blends just like our couple 🤪 hahaha
  7. Who’s repeating MITH and SG x LMH collab here to zoom out SG’s phone and to see if it has different card tray? 😂
  8. and what if, Yoona’s mom is actually a fan of SG’s ex? 😅 Just wild guessing because I think koreans name their children according to shared character or generation character. It might just be a coincidence but if Yoona’s mom is indeed a fan, then it must be A-W-K-W-A-R-D hahaha Hey mommy, what can you say about another “Yoo?” Yoo as in Yoo-jin 😅 She’s very pretty beyond compare right? 😂 SM looking at SG after repeating Yoona’s name is priceless. It’s like: Seung-gi oppa, did I hear it right?
  9. I’d like to share this scene where SG kept calling NR “Bro” 😂 Mr. Lee, why are you so distracted that you always call Na Rae, bro? its not easy to be around pretty So Min right? Hard to keep focus and you kept calling Na Rae bro 🙊
  10. Yes, I also read it from a fan-made blog @WaterCat but the info came from comments. Not from SM herself and I cannot find any info available in the internet that mention the name of her parents. @LsgJsm, I think you are referring to SM’s Strong Heart guesting wayback 2012 and there she was asked if her father is a CEO and she answered, only for a small company. True, what makes SM truly admirable is that she is a self-made person. It was her talent, skills, intelligence, attitude and perseverance in life that brought her where she is now. Yey! Welcome to our SeungMin ship fam@Wo
  11. If they have kids of their own, SG will always ask their children who they love most, and he will have his heart broken everytime 🙊☺️ but SM will be quick to tell him she appreciates him most and love him of course 😉
  12. I think @Warm Paws @ishipSGxSM @pokepo observations were right @LuckyGirl..I reviewed it many times now and the ladle has no soup in it. It’s just how SG held the handle and gave it to Somin..it looked like he’s feeding her 😅 But anyway, I also reviewed the part where @Myshipperheart_SGSM caught SG’s eagle-eye and indeed, it’s true though he quickly diverted his eyes. Somin was actually fixing her shorts so that it won’t reveal too much skin but she decided to change position and it just so happen that SG was bending down to put the cups..and I wonder why he decided not to put the cups anymore
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