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  1. Me too.. have been hard selling the drama to my friends and families.. only one buy so far.. 😂😂 They are missing the gem.. but it’s really tough, so many dramas.
  2. I hope NYW will have her own home at the end. I laughed at this scene, so hopefully we will see her owning a home come true.
  3. Is this scene referring to KJS’ previous varshow? 😂😂
  4. @Diva, @Sominah Found this on twitter.. Seems that Somin have started shootings for The Wolf Hunting.. Maybe it’s confirmed?
  5. @SominahThe drama is slowly getting more acknowledgment.. Thanks to you and some of us, like @Warm PawsI saw lots of your nice postings… Hopefully more people will watch the drama, it’s really good..
  6. Another bts… they are so cute.. KJS is so funny.. 😂😂 Someone translated KJS’ dialogues.. 😂😂
  7. 😂😂 @Warm Pawsme too.. we were too invested and creative before, so we can still link unrelated things.. @Lin M how is your Monstera plant? Hope it grows fine… 😄
  8. What caused the parents died? Was it a car accident? I didn’t get the clear reason, since both parents died, but Ja-sung survived though he was in the same car. Yeah.. who’s this guy? Really curious, since the bag end up for Young-won… another secret admirer that will bug Ja-sung… 😂😂
  9. @abs-oluteMI love this scene and the song in this scene.. Is it another ost? Do you know?
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