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  1. @Tofu I also love Mu Hak. I can’t say enough good things about him and I love that he is someone who Da-li can lean on despite everything. How reassuring and warm it must feel for her to have someone like him who provides her a safe place in all the chaos going around her.
  2. I really hope Mu Hak doesn’t decide to drop Da-Li because of this incident. I would much prefer to see them weather the storm together. Tae Jin sickens me and I can’t wait for Da-li to realize it’s him behind all of this. I skimmed through ep 11 but without the subs, I can’t understand any of it.
  3. Hopefully the amnesia will be short because I cannot stand Jo Sara. I’m hoping that even with Sara lying to him that he doesn’t become affectionate with her. I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach it. Lol Based on the descriptions though, despite Sara lying to him, he seems to still notice and fall for DD.
  4. As most of you have already said, both Xi Wei and MZ are DELUSIONAL!! Especially since SC has made it ABUNDANTLY clear to Xi Wei that he has ZERO feelings for her and that no matter what she does, he only has eyes for XX. I don’t even know how much more clearer SC has to make it for her to understand. Girl, have some self respect! As for MZ, I don’t understand why he is still so insistent on pursuing XX when she already told him she liked SC when she was drunk. That’s about as honest as one can get. I get that she means a lot to him and that they have a history together but c’mon.. he’s literally just a nuisance at this point. I don’t blame SC for protecting his territory. I have to say that I am so glad that SC can see past Xi Wei’s antics which is why Xi Wei can never win. And I am glad that he is loyal to XX. The fact that he waited for her during her birthday was so sweet. I was so happy when he called out Xi Wei to her face and said, “you’re just here hoping to make XX misunderstand. You should go”. I was literally yelling “yeah! You tell her!” l am glad that both leads have confessed their feelings and are together now. The scene when XX gets sick and she’s lying down on the couch and SC was kneeling beside her and cradling and caressing her was just soooo sweet. The two of them are so natural together. So much so that I find it hard to believe he is just acting with the way he looks at her.
  5. Is there supposed to be an amnesia arc in this one?
  6. Gosh ep 3! Seeing the history between Orad and Tien Ti was so sweet. As it turns out, Tien Ti's memories of Orad were erased. Who erased them is yet to be revealed along with what mistake Orad made 5 years ago. Was the mistake the kiss? I am curious as to why Fali and Kariah have to do with it. I am curious too as to why Orad was sent as Tian Ti's guardian angel. Considering his seemingly high position being the only messenger, I wonder why he was the one sent to be her guardian angel of all the Kawas. The preview for ep 4 looks like Orad loses his powers. I wonder if it's because he ends up saving her?
  7. Just started this and have to say I’m really enjoying it so far. I have just finished parts 1 and 2 of episode 1 and I already liked Orad. There seems to be more to him that meets the eye and I can’t wait to see more. really surprised to see Joe Chen in this one!
  8. Honestly though, how does one get so lucky being cast in a role surrounded by gorgeous men?! I wouldn’t be surprised if Ga-on is related to the former tutor who was killed. I’m not sure whether Ga-on is good or bad at this point..
  9. Yes! I also feel bad for Se Jong because he is caught in the middle of all this. I do hope that when it comes to, she'll be willing to make sacrifices for Se Jong's benefit. I am curious about this as well. Present CEO Anna does not seem like the type that would just abandon her child. But then again, maybe she's grown since and maybe in her younger years, she wasn't prepared for the sacrifices of motherhood. Perhaps she wanted to pursue her dreams in order to provide her daughter a better life but couldn't find a way to do that and be a mother too? I guess we'll have to wait and see how the rest of it pans out.
  10. So just as we suspected, Hyun is aware that Hwi is a woman!!!! Woot Woot!!! I can't tell you how happy this makes me because it explains the major heart eyes he gives her and how protective he is of her. It also explains why he bought her the ring! Now this is giving me major SLS. Although of course I am still rooting for Ji-un with Dam-i, I wouldn't be sad if Dam-i ended up with Hyun. I love that he is always protecting her. As for Ji-un, I like his "lessons" and clearly, Dam-i is so jaded and wary of people so she needs Ji-un to teach her how to be warm again. And I find it cute that Ji-un can't stop looking at her! LOL the way he slaps himself when he realizes he's been staring is so funny. @mademoiselle thank you for posting the character map. I was the one looking for it. It looks like we have yet to see one more lady appear who will eventually fall for Hwi. I am unclear as to who the bodyguard really is... so far it's implying that he is the assassin but is he really out to kill Hwi? And if yes, for what reason? Could he be related to Hwi's former teacher who was killed? By the way, I'm also crushing on royal guard ahjussi just because he is so good at his job of protecting Hwi! He's quiet but quick to spot assassins and run after them. I wonder if there's more to his backstory than what we have seen so far.
  11. I want DB's food truck to become a success only because he really seems to want to work hard. I have to admit that in the first few episodes, I was not a fan of him because he seemed like a lazy bum but now I actually quite like him. I like that he genuinely cares for DD and even left home when she left home because he felt bad about what he had done. I also like the fact that he wanted to break up with Se Ryun because he wanted to earn money first to help the family and be worthy of her. I have to say it took a lot of effort on his part to keep on rejecting Se Ryun out of principle and I quite admire that. As for Se Ryun, I appreciate the fact that she was able to realize that DB was sincere toward her despite initially believing that he intentionally approached her to take advantage of her. I do think though that just like DB is working hard to improve himself, Se Ryun, too, should grow up and learn to be a responsible adult. I think she needs to do that in order to gain the approval of both her mom and YG. The one positive thing that came out of Se Ryun's impromptu visit to DB's home is that it actually helped to clear up the misunderstanding between the 2 families. Now it's clear to everyone that it's Se Ryun chasing DB and not the other way around. I like, too, that YG made it a point to apologize to DD's father once the misunderstandings have been cleared up. This is the first K weekend drama I've watched and I feel like it's moving pretty quickly for only having 10 episodes. The misunderstandings have been cleared (thankfully!) and it looks like YG and DD are starting to get closer and closer. It might not be romantic yet but they are beginning to appreciate each other. I find Sarah annoying and honestly don't understand how she thinks she can win YG's heart now when he hasn't seen her beyond anything besides an employee all these years. I can understand that she wants to be close to Se Jong as he is her child but she only wants to be with YG for selfish reasons. Besides Se Jong, I don't think she truly cares for the other two children. I am curious who the missing brother is... could it be DD's father? I don't think it's been revealed where he comes from. Although I really hated DD's mom for abandoning them in the first episode, I can't help but be glad she's here now and is able to help DD.
  12. Gosh... episode 4! This show just keeps getting better. I really liked the lesson from the Lotus flower that Ji-Un gave. It's exactly what Lee-Hwi (Dam-i) needed to hear from him. Hopefully she'll realize that he is nothing like his father. The grandmother seems to like Hwi and I really appreciated the words she said to the Hwi's father, reminding him that Hwi is the crown prince and should not be ignored in favour of his other son. I do wonder though what her true motives are. I really like both Ji-Un and Hyun! I can't wait to see how the rest of it unfolds especially when they realize she's a woman. Another thing that has been crossing my mind is what happens when it's time for Hwi's marriage. What was the plan then? She won't be able to escape marriage as it's an important part of royal life.
  13. That's why I am hoping for an episode dump so we can binge watch the rest of them! And yes, the scene where they feed each other in front of his staff was so funny and also uncomfortable. They weren't even slicing the pieces into bite-sizes and were literally just shoving the food in each others' mouth. I still cringe thinking of them eating the shrimp with head, tail and shell still on.
  14. okay, why are there so many good-looking men surrounding Dam-I??!! Makes me want to have to pretend to be Lee-Hwi too! Must be hard to have to pretend to be a guy when all you want to do is be wooed by these men. Crushing hard on Rowoon, Nam Yoon Su and Choi Byung Chan. Ladies, it looks we'll have to be constantly wiping the drool off our screens! by the way, what is a "samgaebang"? Why is it so bad?
  15. I don't know when XX started developing for SC but I'm guessing she started seeing a different side of him when he helped her mother? Or is it when he covered for her at the party with the bag incident? I think it's these little things that SC does for her that make her fall for him. @Tofu gosh, that video you shared of them... they're so believable as a couple that I can't imagine them not being one in RL! They paired these two so well and they're so natural together. Why do they only give us 4 eps a week? I wish they'd do a dump so we can just binge watch!
  16. I'm glad you mentioned this because I was also wondering if he liked Dam-i as a man or if he knows she's a woman. Definitely heart eyes! Just the way he was smiling as he was standing on the boat, looking at the brush. And also, the way he saved her when she was about to get hit by an arrow. Did you notice how he cradled her head protectively? I know he's the crown prince and all but that's not typically how a man saves another man right? I do love Hyun though and I think he's sweet. At least he's another person who genuinely cares for Dam-I in that palace. @mademoiselle that edited clip from Mr. Queen with the looking glass and Rowoon inside made me so hard!
  17. I love the scene where she brings him lunch everyday… lol you’d think it was bec she wanted to be sweet but it’s actually just a form of torture for him The scene where they sit and feed each other in the cafeteria in front of his employees was good in that you can see how despite SC’s somewhat domineering personality, XX is not one to back off and take it lightly. When they fed each other shrimp with head, tail and shell still on
  18. @mademoiselle ooohhh!!! Those smiling gifs are to die for!! I might use one of them for my DP!!
  19. @mademoiselle yes! I am going to be adopting him also watching She Would Never Know per @abs-oluteM’s recommendation.
  20. As most of you have already said, this drama is definitely tropey but bec the leads have amazing chemistry and the acting is pretty good, one can't help but keep watching! Of course, it helps that there's a lot accidental/intentional kissing! Like you said @SnT, I also appreciate that whatever issues arise, it is quickly resolved. It goes to show that despite the bickering between SC and XX, they still give each other the benefit of the doubt and they always have each other's backs. This is made evident in how they put the other first when it came to Alex's proposal. SC was willing to let the collaboration go because he wanted to support XX's dreams and XX was willing to put her interests aside for SC because she knew how much it meant to him. At this point, SC is already very aware of how he feels toward XX and I'm eager to see XX realize her own feelings for him. I think we'll get it in the next few episodes as the previews that @Tofu shared look like they'll be consummating their "contract" marriage. It also looks like they'll be spending some time at XX's home and I wonder what leads up to it. @Tofu I don't know if you have had the chance to watch all episodes but you're right in that Xi Wei gets stuck in the elevator (and thank goodness for that!) I feel bad that because of the clothing swap, there was a misunderstanding between SC and XX. He thought it was Xi Wei in the white dress so he rejected her but it turned out to be XX and it breaks her heart. Thankfully SC's friend tells him of the clothing kerfuffle and SC is aware of his mistake so he can repair it. I find Mo Xin quite annoying and quite honestly, despite all the help he provides XX, I just can't see XX ever ending up with him.
  21. Ep 3.. wow. I'm still really enjoying this drama. Compared to Dam-i's younger self, she seems to have grown up to be tougher and colder. I suspect that she's had to learn to be cold to protect herself and also to help conceal her real identity. The part of her that hesitates to kill/hurt someone is still there though and I'm glad to see that underneath it all, she is still kind. I am glad that despite losing her brother and mother, she still has her maid and eunuch to keep her company. I'm sure she's had to live a really lonely life. In ep 3, the one who gifts her the brush.. is that the boy who corrected her posture when she was shooting arrows in ep 2? I like him.. he's quite sweet and charming. With Jung Ji-un becoming her tutor, things are about to get interesting. I seem to recall someone posting the cast diagram here somewhere (or am I confusing it for another drama?). I can't seem to find it. @mademoiselle I am starting to crush on Rowoon. Care to share your oppa?
  22. Just finished ep 11-12 and I’m glad Yin Si Chen is finally admitting to himself that he likes Xi Xi. The scene where Xi Xi falls asleep and he tells her he likes her while he softly gazed at her was so sweet. I really appreciated it when he told his secretary Fei Ying (?) that he now has something else he wants more in his heart than the collaboration with Alex. This is the first time Yin Si Chen is putting Xi Xi’s interests ahead of his own. Even though the collaboration would be great for him and her, he’s still concerned about her having to give up her dream of owning her own brand. I am a little unclear though as to why Xi Xi got upset when she found out about Yin Si Chen kept it from her that Alex wanted her to manage the brand. Is it bec she thinks that Yin Si Chen is just hindering her from launching her own brand? I’m super annoyed with Xi Wei! I don’t even know why she keeps scheming when It’s clear than Yin Si Chen isn’t even remotely interested in her!!
  23. @Tofu that was such an awkward slide/fall too! The way his right leg folded under him and his body just sorta flopped down
  24. Thanks for the clarification @mademoiselle! I’m sorry but both men - the inspector and the king’s guard look the same!! I will judge by the color of their clothing from now on. glad to know I’m not the only one confused. and yes! They should’ve clarified that there was a time jump between crown princess and Dam-I hugging on the bridge to the time she was on death bed. I was like “did she die of stress?”
  25. Thank you for the clarification! I have to say that I find the child actors in this one very adorable - the one who plays the prince, his eunuch, young Jang Ji-un and Hyun. They all have that childhood innocence. The moral of the story is - don't switch places with someone even if you look like them.. you never know if you're going to get stuck impersonating them for life!
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