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  1. They have a grand grand grand marriage sequence in the book. I cannot wait to see it... @bairama @Tofu @Alice Wonderland
  2. wow....what a shrine ..... Hats off to @bairama
  3. i am really liking this drama.... though very predictable storyline yet its kinda keeping me hooked because of the acting maybe...?? i don't know but for me as well one hour feels too short.
  4. now this has again postponed... Sigh !!!! Like seriously??????
  5. @abs-oluteM did you know that SJK too has or probably had a crush on Shin Min Ah??? Park Bo Young spilled it during promotional event of A Werewolf Boy. Now coming to the episode , Our Du-Sik got it bad... I am liking how they are growing gradually....just wondering why is he in front of Urology Clinic??? What's his connection.... Maybe a teensy bit I am expecting him to turn out a chaebol who left everything behind for quite life in Countryside ???
  6. Day 2 - First Impression of SJK.... well its hard to tell....maybe because I was watching it in hindi dubbed version.... When I went to dark side and started watching it in normal version... I initially had a bit of struggle to accept his accent... both his and SHK's and then gradually I wamred up.... Then I watched The Innocent Man./....... Rest is History... Day 3 - Favourite photo of SJK has to be this... @abs-oluteM i can relate to your sister's obsession with both SJK and LMH...myself being one.... But SJK is someone whom I respect more and probably love more than LMH because he is an actor ... thorough and thorough... LMH is more of a star.... at lease he projects himself to be the one.... I think more than the role , he is scared of how he will project himself onscreen....one of the highlighting reason why he does not choose diverse role and SJK is someone who makes the character shine.... LMH is someone who shines through character... I don't see LMH performing any such role like chul soo of A werewolf boy but he surely has more star power.... But SJK is someone whose work is diversifying and that itself speaks for it...
  7. @abs-oluteM we are late starters... :D :D :D
  8. Day 1 - DOTS was telecasted in a channel called Zindagi in India and I became SJK fan...
  9. @Tofu I know... He was asked once what special he is planning...he said very special basically to do nothing :D Then before the release of peach blossom movie, Li Yifeng came to wish .... Tang Yan , Jing boran all wished during live fan service...
  10. @mademoiselle a lot of things are unreachable in my country by internet.... :D I have been hearing about this drama for like last 2 or 2.5 years probably.... now I have even lost hope...lol... Kinda oath of love scenario with me YY cut his hair for this one and vanguard , then grew his hair... shot for YAMG and shot for Who rules the world... Still this drama has not seen the light... : (
  11. @Alice Wonderland a story where ML and FL bickers like frenemies so far have met my expectations and when its with YY , it does even more..
  12. @Alice Wonderland pretty much sums up my situation .... This will be good ... Real Good../ One small correction in my write up..... BFX and HFX are Princess and Prince in real. This is known to them. But they never discussed about their own background with each other. Though HFX guessed it.
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