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  1. don't believe the trailer as far as i know, c-drama trailer always look so dramatic, but just hope the ending is happy ending
  2. zzzz ms gao, she did everything to be li qian wife and it looks like he will have 2 concubine better they give us a happy ending
  3. finish with 6 ep, can't wait to see ep 7, this is why i hate watch ongoing kdrama, because 1 ep each week
  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH 🥰btw what is your twitter? I have twitter acc for havefun🤪 already check my iqiyi and already unlock all ep🤗
  5. Hello, sorry to bother you again, if you guys don't mind please click the link again to unlock new episodes. Thank you https://www.iq.com/intl-common/collectionUnlock.html?utm_source=FreeMedia_membership_sns_share&utm_medium=Advance_Unlock&utm_campaign=ForeverandEver&fv=8148ef42066eb475&taskId=9fb58c609932e8211b0c97bbfd7087e3&aid=7442193922879401&mod=id&lang=en_us&sh_pltf=4
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