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  1. Thank you @abs-oluteM! I just think that Lee Je-hoon deserves a separate thread here so we can discuss and share his many projects and news;) Thank you for reserving a spot for me;) Here is a link to one of his interviews about Move to Heaven. https://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/2021/05/26/entertainment/movies/Netflix-Move-to-Heaven-Lee-Jehoon/20210526154900594.html
  2. Welcome Friends to the thread dedicated for Lee Je-hoon! I think he is a good actor and a fun person. I hope we'll be able to talk and share many things about Lee Je-hoon here;) To start off, here is a Swoon video of LJH and the cast of Move to Heaven;) enjoy!
  3. Profile Name: Lee Je-Hoon Hangul: 이제훈 Born: July 4, 1984 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 176cm. Blood Type: Facebook: saram.leejehoon Instagram: leejehoon_official Movies Collectors | Dogool (2020) - Kang Dong-Goo Time to Hunt | Sanyangui Shigan (2020) - Joon-Seok I Can Speak (2017) - Park Min-Jae Anarchist from Colony | Parkyeol (2017) - Park Yeol Phantom Detective | Tamjung Honggildong: Sarajin Maeul (2016) - Hong Gil-Dong My Paparotti | Paparoti (2013) - Jang-Ho (high school student with singing talent) An Ethics Lesson | Boonnoui Yoonrihak (2013) - Policeman Jung -Hoon Ghost Sweepers | Jeomjaengyideul (2012) - Shaman Suk-Hyun Architecture 101 | Geonchukhakgaeron (2012) - Seung-Min (past) The Front Line | Gojijeon (2011) - Shin Il-Young Bleak Night | Pasuggun (2011) - Gi-Tae Finding Mr. Destiny | Kim Jong-Ok Chatgi (2010) - Woo-Hyung Be With Me | Gwi (2010) - Kim Se-Young (segment "Tarot 3. The Unseen") The Influence | Inpulrueonseu (2010) - King Soonjong Just Friends? | Chingu sai? (2009) - Seok-Yi The Pit and the Pendulum | Yaktal jadeul (2009) - Sang-Tae (young) Drama Series Move To Heaven | Move To Heaven: Naneun Yoopoomjungrisaibmida (Netflix / 2021) - Cho Sang-Gu Taxi Driver | Mobeomtaxi (SBS / 2021) - Kim Do-Ki Hot Stove League (SBS / 2019-2020) - CEO of PF Company (ep.16) Where Stars Land | Yeowoogakshibyeol (SBS / 2018) - Lee Soo-Yeon Tomorrow With You | Naeil Geudaewa (tvN / 2017) - Yoo So-Joon Signal (tvN / 2016) - Park Hae-Young Secret Door | Bimilui Moon (SBS / 2014) - Lee Sun (Crown Prince Sado) Fashion King | Fashion Wang (SBS / 2012) - Jung Jae-Hyuk Three Sisters | Sejamae (SBS / 2010) - Kim Eun-Kuk Awards 2018 SBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2018 Best Actor (Monday-Tuesday drama) ("Where Stars Land”) tvN10 Awards - October 9, 2016 PD's Choice Award ("Signal") 2014 SBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2014 Best Actor (long-length drama) ("Secret Door") Ten Star Award ("Secret Door") 2011 (3rd) KOFRA Film Awards Ceremony - January 31, 2012 Best New Actor (Bleak Night) 2011 (32nd) Blue Dragon Film Awards - November 25, 2011 Best New Actor (Bleak Night) 2011 (31th) Critics Choice Awards - October 30, 2011 Best New Actor ("The Front Line") 2011 (48th) Daejong Film Awards - October 17, 2011 Best New Actor (Bleak Night) Credits: https://asianwiki.com/Lee_Je-Hoon
  4. Just want to give my piece on this drama. I started it out of curiosity because I always see it on Korean News portals. Revenge dramas is not my cup of tea but Lee Je-hoon is one of my favorites and since I was moved once again by his portrayal in Move to Heaven, I decided to watch it. It was such a ride! It was like watching a superhero movie! All the actors did very well in this series but kudos to LJH and his Rainbow Crew. I laughed, cried, was terrified, got angry and rooted for all for the victims and our great crew. However as many of you said, the change in writer was indeed noticeable, the second half conflict and even the finale were a bit lackluster. However, I am very happy that they set the ending with a possibility of a second season. LJH's Kim Do Ki was heart wrenching, entertaining, palpable and incredible. I would like to see him do his job for the Rainbow Crew without the trauma of his mother's murder. I think he found his peace in a way when OYC got his ultimate punishment. A second season would be perfect to tackle many other cold cases and issues in Korean society. I sure would love to see the Rainbow Crew exact revenge for the weak and the suffering again. It's nice that KHN is on their side now however unbelievable it is! haha I am still conflicted that a prosecutor is on board with them and with Go Eun as a police officer now. It just blurs the line between true law abiding justice and righteous justice. This drama reminds me a bit of Strangers/ Forest of Secrets but prosecutor Hwang Si Mok there achieved justice with the law, for the law and by the law. I also liked that there are no love lines in this drama like that of Strangers just genuine respect and true friendship. Lastly, I would like to just say that I liked LJH way back from his Architecture 101 days but his Move to Heaven and his Taxi Driver made me a fan that would attend his fan meetings from now on;) Cheers to more good dramas this 2021!
  5. Hello @twinkler0415 I saw an interview of Lee Je Hoon that filming started with Move to Heaven last May 2020. By that time, When the weather was fine was done already so Lee Jae wook filmed DDSSLLS and his cameo for Move to Heaven at the same time! No wonder his Move to Heaven character looks like Jun!
  6. My Mom and I watched Move to Heaven today and I was pleasantly surprised when she said "Look! It's Rara's Boyfriend!" hahaha We really liked LJW's cameo in Move to Heaven and since he was wearing a school uniform in one part of the drama, made me miss Jun and Rara again! Oh my DDSSLLS couple! And I remember in the drama May, 2021 was the month when Jun stole Rara from her wedding with Dr. Cha! hahaha
  7. I'm done watching the whole series in Netflix and boy was it worth the wait! I can say that this is one of LJH's finest performance. He was in character in every scene even if it is not focus on him. He gave his character such depth and nuance that you cannot but root for him no matter how shady he seemed at the beginning. I also really liked the portrayal of TJS, his Han Geu Ru is believable, heartfelt and touching. This drama made me think about the things that we own and how the ones left behind will deal with them after we are gone. It is really true nothing in this world is without a story to tell. Anyway, I enjoyed the cameos in this drama, from JJH (HGR's Dad) to LJW's Seungchul. They really are good actors! I hope for season 2 since we are left with many issues still. These are the kind of dramas that they should be producing and we should be watching. Cheers to more to come!
  8. Wow 5 months after the end of DDSSLLS! and yet we are still here;) congratulations fellow lovers of Rara and Jun;) @JenL thank you for these goodies! seeing them make me miss GAR and LJW on my screen more. I'm glad LJW found a new agency though like you guys I was hoping he joined Artist Company instead! haha I am anticipating Move to Heaven since the trailer had me teary, and I can see LJW's cameo there. I also plan to check out LJW's new drama when the time comes and hope I will like it because the past years the Hong Sisters' dramas are hit or miss for me. I just hope we'll hear some casting news about GAR soon. And I'll never get tired of saying this, when are we going to get our ONE special episode for DDSSLLS?! We need answers, weddings, and babies drama gods!
  9. Hello chingus! I am glad that this thread is still active despite the inactivity of LJW and GAR these days. Anyway, what a crazy week again for K-ent. world! I found this article in allkpop that mentioned our GAR. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2021/04/netizens-say-there-are-plenty-of-1990-line-actresses-who-are-better-than-seo-ye-ji I really hope that no scandals come GAR and LJW and that they both commit to projects soon;) @JenL, I throughly enjoyed the wishlist! I share some of her wishlist too;) MY DDSSLLS WISHLIST 1. Rara attends Music Grad School while Jun is in college, they can be CC!;) 2. That they only got separated for ONE episode and they're together all the time till Ep. 16 3. They get married outside Raraland and Hayoung trips with the bouquet that she's holding for Rara and Jun catches it 4. Rara volunteers at Jun's hospital, playing piano at the lobby and make everyone happy, Jun's parents proudly tell bystanders -"she's our daughter in-law" 5. Rara and Jun's newlywed life (bickering all the time, biking around Eunpo and being sweet 200%) 6. A flashback at the end with Rara sharing before her disastrous first wedding that her first love is a mysterious guy that bought her watermelon juice one afternoon that she lost her wallet
  10. LJW updated his instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CNFe63gHS-2/ He's looking more and more like Sunwoo Jun but with longer curly hair! hahaha I really hope that he joins a new agency soon and gets to do a drama or a movie this year. LJW figthing!
  11. I know it's making me anxious too Even if his contract ended because they signed him for only two years, it doesn't make sense to let go of someone like LJW. I think LJW is too nice to leave VAST on his own as well just because he got his first lead. Besides, Hyunbin and LJW are the only male artists in VAST, it was an advantage for LJW and VAST seemed to like him a lot as well. I just hope it's not a scandal. He said in his latest IG post that he's happy. Is he getting married and joining the agency of his wife-to-be? (calling GAR!) is he joining the military? I just hope that VAST clears everything up soonnnnnnn.
  12. Hello Guys! I was very surprised when I saw your post @JenL about LJW. I was also wondering why he is so quiet these days. I've been hearing about castings left and right and he's nowhere in sight. I am also wondering why he left VAST Ent. when it's a great agency. It's very surprising that a newbie changes to another agency so soon. I just feel bad for his staff for it seemed that they really love LJW and now they can't work with him anymore since his staff is provided by the agency. I hope it's nothing serious. The Korean Entertainment has been in a chaos the past months because of bullying scandals. I hope LJW is not part of it. Anyway, I hope we'll hear drama or movie castings for GAR and LJW soon;)
  13. Thank you @JenL for the jacket side story;) It's more heart warming to know that it's LJW's and GAR wore it for the shoot. Given that he's always wearing it, I think it's his favorite and he let GAR wore it awwwwwww @multiloverss and @JenL indeed, all the photoshopped pics of Rara and Jun are great and makes me so happy. It reminds me of the happy episodes of DDSSLLS. The Balenciaga incident made us so happy hahaha what more if they really do a photoshoot or project together again and their chemistry is crazy even if they just wearing the same brand in different locations! May the dramagods hear us! Please let them work together again! SOON! They are both silent with their next projects, I hope they will somehow cross paths with each other sometime this year or better yet surprise us all with a S2! hahaha as Rara said :
  14. @twinkler0415 hello, GAR just posted some pics on her instagram and the date is today, it seems that her hair still brown like Rara's;)
  15. @eNDe wow! the pictures are superrrr niceeee! even if they are just edits and not real, Jun and Rara's chemistry is out of this world! GAR and LJW look soooo good together! The pictures made me miss Jun and Rara even more! I really wish they would make another project again... sooon!!! Anyway, SAENGIL CHUKHA HAMNIDA Araya or Raraya!;) I hope LJW greets her on instagram;)
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