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  1. Kairos is still best drama for me~~~ 여러분 카이로스 결말 일단 스포해드림Everyone, I will spoil the ending of Kairos.
  2. List update! 1. Kairos 2. Perfume 3. The Last Empress 4. Return 5. On The Verge of Insanity 🥳
  3. Shin Sung Rok please return to dramaland in the future~ 

  4. *peeks in* hello all~ how is everyone? I hope everyone is in good health 😊
  5. I'm just finished ep 11.... I joked about MoA having a doraemon door as the characters seem to teleport from Spain to Korea. I didn't expect to actually see a doraemon door in PSH next drama aka Sisyphus 🤣. And...the dreamland sequence was so weird. Or was it just me? I find it off that Taesul bawled his eyes out when bro gave him the injection, saved his life and said they will not meet again in the future but the next moment he wakes up with a smile 😅.
  6. Exorcist Jang Nara and Dracula Sungrok needs to reunite in a drama. The visuals. I will totally watch 😆.
  7. Sungrok revealed his next project last night and it was confirmed today 🥳 Introducing....Dracula-Rok 🧛🏻‍♂️ 2021-version 2006-version 😆 And...my wait for a tv drama continues. Hahahaha 🤣
  8. Hi alllll~~~ cast your votes for next Sungrok role 😆.
  9. Hello all~ It's Master in the House day. Yay!!!
  10. I have too many pics with glasses from many dramas but only 1 actor hahahaha 🤣 For starters....a pic from 2010 😎
  11. Kekekekeke. No. He only has 4 MBC dramas between 2007-2020 . I noticed the preview thing by MBC during The Spies Who Loved Me and Kairos last year. Maybe it's a new tradition? Hahahaha 🤣
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