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  1. Surprised to see him in this drama compared to make my heart smile. in this he looks intimidating.
  2. I'm still in early of 3rd episode...omg..the awkwardness killing me but in good way
  3. Oh dear...gonna wait that long~~~~ Yess...i heard its some sort of special ep..
  4. saw it too...a lot of negative comments. But I haven't watch it.
  5. This ending kinda similar to the king's woman. I just wish she's didn't kill herself, maybe runaway and hiding somewhere else, change to new identity.
  6. Maybe some of you have completed the drama and while me struggling to continue after ep 16...I cried so hard to see them not being able together
  7. I want too.. In fact I hve seen few eps.. but I can't see chengyi with other female🤣.. His acting with Crystal yuan in L&R given hugh impact😂
  8. Will do but maybe after I finish secret in the lattice
  9. REALLYYYY???? YESSSS...they're babies to me... TBH, before i "trapped" into this drama, I was supposed to watch dream of chang'an and one and only...and suddenly this drama passing by my IG timeline..and i went straight to see this drama..
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