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  1. Episode 14 - how oh how did I survive their good bye scene with no kiss - it was completely touching and I loved it and will rewatch it but I still can't believe no kiss. I'm beginning to think we will never get one - just real tight hugs. Anyone else think if creators teased a kiss in a preview the rating with for sure hit double digits?
  2. Anyone else curious how Cha Dol came to be? Like is the story about his mother running away true? Is he really BW's son? And I want full explanation of Princess marriage to second son and his sudden death - give me flashbacks please. I sometimes feel like dramas drag at this point, as if they are just chugging along to get to 16 (in this instance 20) but Bossam has so much story left to tell us, I haven't even mentioned the the brother in law and his secret. And can't end this post without stating the obvious - more passion please. If we don't get an actual kiss soon.....
  3. I'm torn between two very different dramas - Flower of Evil and Unfamiliar Family.
  4. Enjoying how this drama plays with the audiences expectations. For example, who the real villain is and the suit buying scene is episode 7. And then for episode 8 - after watching the previews, I assumed we'd get more love connection scenes from leads and instead.....we got something else
  5. For the ending I would love to see all historical characters in modern day incarnations.
  6. Duke Ahn is childhood friend, which is why I think Fu Ring trust him so much, while us viewers know he's no good and just want her to stay away.
  7. Just noticed Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion is now available on Viki. I prefer that streaming service so may use this opportunity as an excuse for a rewatch.
  8. I’ve been saying all year - I didn’t want to live in a world where BinJin wasn’t real, and I guess I don’t have to anymore. Best news!
  9. 1. Who was an actor/actress you discovered this year that blew you away? I didn't discover him this year, but I think Park Seo Joon and his chestnut hair cut in Itaewon Class and how he actually made it work, blew me away. 2. Who was the most memorable character you watched this year? Han Ji-pyeong - or what we call him in my family - Good Boy from Start Up. 3. What drama did not meet your expectations? Itaewon Class - I like a lot about this drama especially Ahn Bo-Hyun's acting. I kept thinking is this guy really making me feel sorry for this character? I think the last minute (IMO) addition of romance between the leads really left me with a bad taste in my mouth. 4. Was there a drama that did not have a big following but you thoroughly enjoyed it? Into The Ring / Memorials. I just completed a re-watch. The chemistry between the leads is fantastic and loved the story of characters trying to do the right thing, when maybe the right thing isn't so black and white and at times failing. 5. Was 2020 a good year in drama land? It was a good year in drama land, and I'm thankful for everyone who worked on productions this year given the pandemic - it could not have been easy, but I'm so appreciative of their efforts. Next up for me is 18 Again - it's been mentioned so many times I feel like a fool if I don't watch it. Also - need to watch Go Ahead. I see a post in my future where I'm saying "why oh why did I not watch this earlier?"
  10. Deng Lun - Mr. Fighting, My True Friend, Ashes of Love I like him so much, I figured out how to put an emoji in my post hahahahahaha
  11. Feeling the same way - truly enjoyed Flower of Evil and had no idea there was a ship. I feel so out of it 😊
  12. Random question - does anyone how does FR know XJ doesn't like garlic and ginger?
  13. A friend of mine and I called him Mr. Smolder while watching Princess Agents, we just love him and his new show is on our radar.
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