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  1. @Jane I second @mademoiselle! Give PP a try... It took me awhile to actually start it too but once I was done with the first 3 eps, I binged the rest like there was no tomorrow. Ended up loving so many of the characters!
  2. Yay! Mine was negative too. Got the results back yesterday! But I’m still feeling under the weather. Should be a flu bug kinda thing :/
  3. Thanks!! Yeah I got 3 days. Plus bonus got sent for swab test 😅😅😅 Can’t get a good rest cos I keep thinking about my work piling up since I’m supposed to stay home. And my work laptop is at my workplace too sigh...
  4. Well once I’ve recovered from my flu symptoms I’m definitely going to watch it! So far I’ve only seen WW84 in theatres since... lol. Been eagerly anticipating Seobok ever since the cast was announced 😅 @SilverMoonTea Are you WFO every weekday already? Can’t say I understand cos wfh option didn’t apply to me in the first place 😂
  5. Mine will likely be out tomorrow.. Here in sg I think once you have any of the symptoms the doctor will ask you to get a swab test done. I was quite nervous cos I heard from some people that it's painful and very uncomfortable. Lucky it took like 10 or so seconds only haha.. Though it felt a bit like my tears were literally being pushed out of my tear ducts lol @Chocolate I just found out that 'Seobok' is finally being released in theatres! Thanks for all the updates. Will you be watching it in cinema??
  6. Hi how's everyone? Got a few days off after seeing the doctor so I finally have a bit of spare time... Got swabbed today and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever. Saw that @abs-oluteM got tested as well? Hope you're okay! I actually can't wait to get back to work, I feel being on medical leave just makes my work pile up more Doesn't help that I'm currently only watching 1 drama. Can't seem to get into anything nowadays!
  7. @LaLa I have watched TGL at least 3 times in its entirety lol. Suffice to say I enjoyed it very much! Had a slight SLS that time too haha but too bad his competition was Cha Seung Won 😆 And yes that Dugeun dugeun song still pops up in my head once in awhile! @SilverMoonTea I liked Heo gak’s ost too! I think it was my favourite one from the drama. The osts from TGL were all quite memorable.
  8. Omo this was one of my favourite shoots of his!😍😍😍 Daniel Henney:
  9. @SilverMoonTeaWow okay I’ll wait for more official sources to confirm too before getting too excited!!!
  10. Midway through Ep 8 and I just wanna say I'm laughing so much watching this...
  11. The title literally translates to ‘Shib-o-ya Business Trip’ lol. I’m not sure if that’s what they are going with hahaha
  12. Okay I’ve decided to view this drama as a Sci-fi comedy to continue watching it, which was not what I’d thought! I didn’t expect to use the ‘LOL’ emoji reaction to most of the posts here either😂 I’m still 2 eps behind but don’t find myself in a rush to catch up... the reveals are coming a bit too slow for me. The plot needs to move a bit faster. I haven’t started fast-forwarding yet, but I may start for the next eps, having seen some of your comments lol
  13. Oh I bought the SD manga from Comics Connection last time (when they were still around lol). Yep I got the english-translated ones from Chuangyi Publishing - they retailed at $6.50 per volume then. Not sure if this version is still available (I doubt so). Kinokuniya probably had a newer version but more expensive! You could also try book depository.
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