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  1. Been quite busy so far this week... too tired after work to properly catch up with the drama threads. Jealous of this @abs-oluteM who has time to livestream the dramas! Haha.. Thanks for the recap! I’ll probably try to squeeze in watching Ep 6 tomorrow morning before work. @mademoiselle Me too I was quite surprised that Ep 5 managed to keep my attention throughout despite quite little happening. The entire ep was basically Round 1 of the art competition! Bold move lol and the ratings were still not bad too! This drama is making me appreciate traditional art more. The way they film the drawing scenes is so captivating too.
  2. The colour palette of her umbrella and the scene where they played in the rain totally reminded me of the rainbow paddle pop ice-cream! Love those pastel colours @stroppyse Agreed I want DS’s past to be revealed soon too, they are indeed dragging it out. But the story here is pretty simple. I guess the content plot-wise is not that much that’s why they have to reveal stuff like that slowly else there’s not much left to do for the remaining 10 episodes! The chemistry between the two leads is what’s keeping me watching. The ending with the three leads had me LOL. Did not expect that!😂
  3. LOL @mademoiselle that I did not notice! Was too absorbed by KSH’s acting to notice the size of the hand, apart from the fact it was bloody.
  4. Where do all the kids go after school cos we only ever see 2 but there’s a whole class (and school) of them as shown in Ep 5 😂 @mademoiselle I’m guessing someone he was close with (maybe an ex) died and he feels some sort of guilt over it hence the ptsd.
  5. @stroppyse Thanks for the update! Got me some dimple badges It’s to make up for the dimples I will never have lol @abs-oluteM Thanks to posting so much during TDJ days I got enough points phew!😂 I feel so happy watching this drama (mostly) it’s like an instant serotonin boost especially with regards to the Sikhye couple. But looks like tonight’s episode won’t be as much fluff as they need to sort out some issues according to the preview
  6. I’m more looking forward to when they filmed the playing with water scene. Must be quite fun lol. (Btw, I did not expect her blank out to be that!!) I need a minute after that episode. Aaaaaaah How can each epilogue keep topping the previous one?! Thank goodness we have one more episode tomorrow phew😂 I love the Gongjin halmeonis. Their photos with the flowers were so adorable and slightly bittersweet.
  7. Always this problem when we watch an on-air drama and it turns out to be good 😅 I was also inner-screaming at the end of ep 4 cos of the 6-day wait haiz... @mademoiselle I don’t know LOL but I don’t wanna risk it! So I will just watch their videos and not comment. I will give heart-eyes only
  8. @abs-oluteM He is really showing aegyo side in this preview video lol. It’s weird cos so different from his Du-sik character (“don’t you call me Oppa” lol). Have you seen him in 2D1N? Does he do a lot of aegyo there? Since he must be one of the youngest in the cast.
  9. Just finished Ep 4, and I can’t help but regret that I started watching this as soon as it aired! This drama wasn’t originally on my radar but the period/fantasy genre and overall feel kept me absorbed. Now I await each episode with anticipation.😅 I’m liking the music being used as well. @abs-oluteM I don’t even dare to post anything in response to @mademoiselle’s tag on the other thread cos I don’t want to risk getting stoned 😂 Hope to get more scenes between CG and HR in the next episodes!! So far they haven’t had the chance for much convo as adults. The Hong Hong Hong part was so adorable
  10. Haha I have the exact same thoughts. The storyline is predictable and there are so many romcom-y cliches but I’m still hooked mainly due to the chemistry between the two leads and the other supporting characters in the village bring much fun too. Plus the views! Oh the views And in every episode there is always one or two characters who throw in a line that makes you think deeply and reflect about family. Overall the drama has been exactly as advertised - fun and healing. @abs-oluteM See this @mademoiselle posting HD gifs of SMA and KSH!! I heart-eyes the post but 😩 lol
  11. @abs-oluteM Hahahhahahaha yes I’m strictly shipping them in the drama only 😂 This is unlike CLOY where both reel and real life ship is possible lol. Dimples seem to be my weakness. Safe to say I will be getting a dimple oppa badge if I can!
  12. OST Part 1 MV: I’ve been randomly humming this song the entire weekend 😂 Also, I finally made the connection that this singer is the same one who sang one of the OSTs used in Chocolate (my Chocolate chingus @SilverMoonTea @abs-oluteM @Jane?) No wonder the vibe and voice sounded really familiar the more I listen to this HomCha ost...
  13. There is so much convenient plot in this story but I don’t care KSH and SMA are killing it @abs-oluteM Same here I will try to stay away from too much of their off-screen interviews and stuff because I’m going into dangerous territory 😂 I’ll just ship their characters in the drama~ Besides the epilogue part, I loved the scene in the car where Hyejin was driving them both back to Gongjin and they were going back and forth with the comparisons between what’s great in Seoul vs Gongjin. Such opposites in what they like, but they say opposites attract, so... Their smiles, really!!
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