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  1. 2021.10.16 Child Actor Kim Geon's IG Update source
  2. @abs-oluteM @Chocolate I think I'd still choose the seaside over the mountains xD To be able to see the visual of the mountains, I'd have to CLIMB it first. That in itself is something I can't / not interested in doing unless you can helicopter me to the top! However with the oceans, I've seen the beautiful view of the blue ocean when I was in Taiwan, think it was Genting (by car) and it was soooo beautiful. Blue over Green for me too, hahaha.
  3. Hehehe, I'm just looking forward to Kim Seon Ho's acting tonight!
  4. @Alice Wonderland My current main Oppa. @abs-oluteM Not so good for me. Can't see the video. LOL. Will you watch this too?
  5. Walaoeh, sexy scene also complain. Actually I've to say it's not really 19+ @abs-oluteM @ktcjdrama The drama is an OK for me. Average. I kind of guessed it. Probably have to say I'm not into this fist / knives fighting between gangster "The Young & Dangerous" storyline. The bit that I do like is both sides trying to play with each other's heads. Anyway, you watch & you tell me.
  6. New teaser Alternate link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVEtonzLNGg/?utm_medium=copy_link
  7. The Swoon is promoting HCCC so much. I can only hope it'd do the same for Affection 🙏🏻
  8. Had to take a break from all these actions (fighting) scenes... @Chocolate are you watching this now? Enjoy... lol. So much fight scenes
  9. They were both holding their breath for the kiss scene I think. Found a C-sub version you can watch: https://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4692691712409646 Coz he's feeling over the moon...? 😅
  10. Really? I've watched 4 episodes haven't come across anything 😆. Ok I went to twitter to check 😁 looking forward to ABH...😁
  11. Saw a cut on weibo. Woong got rid of Sae Yi. He tells her he knows she doesn't want him but can't bear to see someone have him. He was acting ignorant because it didn't matter then but now it does.
  12. Finally some normal looking pics @bairama
  13. Have they worked together before? They seem to be friends already. I do like how chatty they are, especially Joe lol. https://fb.watch/8F4PwCB9hX/
  14. I just love Moo Hak's reaction to "Uri Won Tak" and I don't know why but I also really love it when Moo Hak's school Dali again. He's throwing in more money than he's getting returned at the moment just to help Dali and she needs to understand that. I suppose, in a way, I can see why the promotional tactic is considered misleading because if we were to apply this same scenario on a company paying the big name magazines e.g. Marie Claire to promote a new cosmetic product with good testimonials, it gives the readers the misconception that this cosmetic is really good since it's endorsed by magazines when in fact there is insufficient data to support it does what it claims. In this instance, as a consumer who spent big bucks would feel cheated. Moo Hak's dad might be thick and loud but hey, I do like that he supports his son's love choice. Hahaha. Oooh. I was actually thinking maybe it's Dali's cousin. He could have followed her home before acting on it. Yeah sadly Jang Tae Jin is going to use this to his advantage. I also wonder with Segi group behind him, will he be able to uproot Don Don F&B franchise? I find Jang Tae Jin annoying as a character. Whatever reason he had 5 years ago, he chose that over Dali (from the hint, I had a feeling it was because he either had to choose between Segi or Dali and he did not want to lose the $$). Plus, it mentioned he is a divorcee. He hurt Dali so bad and he took her to the apartment they were meant to live after their marriage. That was just inconsiderate. More importantly, he's not even apologetic towards Dali. I can't with man with so much ego.
  15. @NiteWalker The clips don't show every single cells' scenes so highly recommend you to watch the episodes in full. You can FF through episode 1-2 but 3 onwards the cells are so enjoyable to watch! I look forward each week to introduction of new cells xD You're a manga reader, you'll definitely like the cells scenes. Agree Woong has to draw the line now. The thing is he isn't the one crossing the line at all with Sae Yi. He doesn't even flirt with Sae Yi. It's not very clearly shown in the drama whether Woong actually knows Sae Yi likes him. There's one scene his cells did activated the "act dumb" and "I hear nothing - bear mode". That to me, actually means he does know Sae Yi likes him and he's just pretend to not know. But then most of the time it almost felt like he's slow on the uptake (because Sae Yi is very good at acting cool and like she's not interested) or just being a guy you know... thinks best not to do anything. What do you think @ktcjdrama? Because the show focused more on Yumi so Woong's backstory with Sae Yi is not as well-explored. @ktcjdrama The lust cells are definitely cute but I am only very fond of the Hunger cell (maybe because he's like me LOL love food)... and then there's the Poop cell... just so cute with the 💩 on top of their heads hahaha. They all have their own distinctive personalities it's so fun.
  16. Love Rowoon's expression here (from episode 3 preview) + the eyes are just How does one have eyes so clear & bright? source: Dorothy @Mouse I think it'll be easier for you to differentiate in the current timeline because I think he must have been promoted. Because he's now wearing this palace costume.
  17. I think for Sae Yi, she had always liked Woong. She was at first content that of their current relationship (and I also think she likes playing hard to get). Plus she wasn't into marriage but deep down somewhere, she thought if she had to marry a man, it'd be Woong. Yumi poses a threat to her so now she's activated to break them up. Hahaha no. It's about Yumi's CELLS! Are you watching it? Watch it. The cells are so fun! Because Lustsaurus is Woong's Lust cell and is represented to be a dinosaur (for obvious reason, you know, men and sex... lol). Yumi has one too which I think the name varies - originally should just be called "naughty cell" but here it is translated to "lust cell".
  18. Sae Yi getting in between them... ugh. Why does this actress always take on a role like this? Last time was Brahms! @NiteWalker Going by the webtoon, Bobby is the 3rd boyfriend (counting from that cheating ex). He isn't the final one either. @ktcjdrama @NiteWalker I quite like the chinese translation for Lustsaurus. They called him 嘿咻暴龍
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