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  1. @im0202 @abs-oluteM I found a weibo clip. Dunno if you guys can view it but it should open up in browser! https://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4665496134680585 Hmm this one I dunno.
  2. Like uncle like niece LMAO. They love uri Ga On. 🤣 Nothing spicy @im0202 Think JS mentioned her sensitive point so she grabbed him. Just JS making it look spicy. This! My ship. Nicely acted out from JY. I felt what he did not say even though he said after she left. Ugh, confess already before it is too late!
  3. When I saw this scene, I wonder if it was necessary of JS sitting like that staring into Ga On 😅😂
  4. Not knowing the context, it looks like they are a romantic couple xDDDDD source
  5. Maybe she is not on duty and police can't just use their guns whenever they like in SK. One bullet = a report (refer to kdrama, Live). Assuming it is still the same in Dystopian times otherwise she would have shot him 2 episodes ago. E10 Cut (... cont) E11 Preview Errr... is Yo Han even awake in that shaving scene because he did proudly told her that she'll never get another chance like she did last time (kidnap him).
  6. Episode 10 Cuts OMGGG I take my work back... these Ga On and Soo Hyun were being reckless!
  7. Yes I think so too, just couldn't put it into better words. I do love that Kim Min Jung nailed the line, intonation and expression. Not sure if she'll be the ultimate big boss in the end but either way, I'm greatly entertained. Hurraaaayyy. True, the cinematography is pretty amazing. Is this credit to the director or the camera man? LOL. I don't know this PD as well since amongst the dramas he directed, I've only seen Two Weeks and don't like it enough to remember details. Oh. So Yo Han is there to fight the TV thugs too! Glad to know Soo Hyun was trying to take them on herself.
  8. @bairama It was nice seeing that clip. Helps me forget their characters. Song Kang seems to be pretty blur in real life LOLLL. He does so many silly things in there and keeps looking innocent, "Wae? Wae?" asking why. LOL. I need him back as Hyun Soo in Sweet Home.
  9. Mission Some Possible Is this the same as the one posted by The Swoon? @bairama LOL, I like them more in real life than their characters at the moment
  10. @bairama What Rain or Shine? Nabi - I don't want to judge so soon yet whether or not she is a b*tch. However it's clear that she isn't over Jae Eon and upon seeing the phone call from Do Hyuk, she not only ignored it she wanted to continue on with the kiss. That's the bit I didn't like. Since this is a 19+ drama, let's be blunt - she was feeling lustful and at the moment wanted to go spicy with Jae Eon. It probably has been a while since they fought. I think the fault is not in Nabi if Do Hyuk insisted on chasing her when he knows she likes Jae Eon. However it would be inappropriate if Nabi don't reject Do Hyuk after his confession. She needs to sort out her priority/heart. She would be a player herself if in the next episode she dates/sees Do Hyuk, or treats him like a rebound and thinks of Jae Eon. It does happen in real life I get that but doesn't make it a likeable story. This episode is dap dap hae because nothing really got resolved or cleared up. It's as clear as mud and I don't like it either that Jae Eon is doing wordplay. If you don't have a girlfriend SAY IT CLEARLY rather than, "Is that the issue?" - WTH is that? Like dude, I get it, you are interested (and very) into Nabi but the girl still needs to know your true heart. This is why I much prefer Sunbae because the Hyun Seung is crystal clear from the get-go of his heart to the end. It's suggestive, yes. But I think it's just the editing. Yeah she probably wanted to go overseas in the beginning to run away but then she realises she couldn't because Ji Wan won't let her. Not every character has time to develop depth unfortunately. We'll be thankful the story isn't ruined for the main leads lol.
  11. New stills - Lee Kyun Hyung & Kim Seul Gi!!! And...hahahahaha what is this? Prom night? Oh wait, maybe it's an interview of the sort. LOLLLL
  12. Hahahaha! The first 2 episodes will be a bit hard because there's cheating boyfriend to get through first. You are welcome to back-read our posts. I think for one, both leading characters are likeable. Secondly, male lead character had always been there for the female lead, protecting her and loving her even though she doesn't love him at first. The side-characters are good too apart from the main second leads (that part you are more than welcome to FF, LOL!)
  13. Hahahaha I think when she said, "Your voice". I bet everyone thought of Ursula and Ariel in Disney's Little Mermaid. I also want to break out singing the song. xD
  14. I cannot watch this first. It's so dap dap hae right now. Edit: This show really makes me go back and rewatch Sunbae's compilation cuts. Needed some goodness/good energy from this.
  15. @im0202 @Chocolate @abs-oluteM Admire this one first! When Elijah calls him home for dinner I can only find this for now
  16. Can you and @JenL just kidnap Do Hyuk away from Nabi? 😫 I am so annoyed watching Nabi acting all uncomfortable and worried of any misunderstanding there was something between her and Do Hyuk whenever Jae Eon is around. She was literally walking on eggshell (so to speak) even though she tried to act tough/ignore him! She keeps stealing glances at Jae Eon and gets jealous when Do Hyuk's cousin hit on Jae Eon. One thing I find Chae Jong Hyeop scary is when he is smiling he's so sunny but when he isn't, he looks super pissed. And Sol's sexuality is now confirmed 🥲 I still cannot like Ji Wan. She keeps acting cute to get what she wants. She does it to Nabi when Do Hyuk gave Nabi his trophy doll. She does it to Sol as well. And what was that "I like you" confession. Is it supposed to mean as a friend or more than that? Finally Bit Na and Kyun Hyun. LOL. I thought JTBC said they will reduce Kyun Hyun's screen time but from this episode it has more than he usually does 🤣. Maybe it is necessary and will only be less from next episode onwards. But I hope not if we want to tell a proper story.
  17. It should be the same (+1 year). I got the 38 yo from tvN character description.
  18. New stills Ahahahahahaha source Waaah The Devil Judge is dominated by Jin Young's fans on Twitter. If look into Ji Sung's tags, it's another idol. Ahjussi's fans where are you? Need some handsome ahjussi GIFs.
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