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  1. @JenL Yeaps, I saw the food truck support. LOL, I agree with ma boy that your boy needs a haircut too. Is he growing it out for the sageuk? Mine cut his super short, his fringe looks like dog bit it off so I'm not very happy about it at the moment. LOLOLOL. @Tofu I don't think I've watched YAMG yet when the event was up. I'm happy to contribute YY's handsome picture. My only problem is most likely having difficulty picking out the best one.
  2. I'm hoping the individual poster will be beautiful too. @Tofu @abs-oluteM Can I have more Rowoon's badge later? I'm getting one badge ready for later Hmm, 50x50 looks too small their faces. OMG @abs-oluteM I'm devastated to realise belatedly that I didn't have Rowoon's in Sunbae badge. He was so gorgeous in there.
  3. In general, anyone in her place. Hahahahahaha! Until my heart stops beating for him, I'll be jelly... KBS is not working as hard promoting Affection on Twitter though. They didn't even upload the main leads' stills but did it for the side characters. What's the logic in that?
  4. Hahahaha @bairama Pssss... don't tell your bf. This is so that you'll feel better soon :) :P
  5. I agree with @bairama After finishing the drama, I was looking at the YAMG badges and wonder how come no one made a YY badge?
  6. As per my answer on bird app, all except 22, 24, 11 (and 18). Technically Ji Sung and Lee Dong Wook also not Oppa but those 1st three are definitely not quite near adoption. xD
  7. New stills of other characters What the heck is with KBS? They posted the supporting characters on Twitter but not the main leads!
  8. Gaaaaaaahhhh I wanted to know so much how her painting turns out and the show ended there! The funny thing is I thought from last week onwards, the story-telling slowed down tremendously, even episode 5 they took one whole episode for one round of competition. However strangely, I'm still so captivated. LMAO! @Chocolate The Goblin was once a painter too. It appears that painter was possessed all of a sudden at the same time Haram's father tried to lock Mawang in the painting.
  9. OST 3 I haven't even listened to the first 2! 😅 Posting this because Ahn Ahn looks handsome
  10. @JenL Are the videos of DDSSLLS on your channel still viewable by public? I'd imagine them blocking it too. These days I'm so unmotivated to download & upload on YT due to this. It's OK, I'd be able to see it from Weibo and if I need the clip, I can get it off Naver TV directly - the quality is clearer than YouTube. Plus we have also Rowoon and Park Eun Bin's fans we can rely on. ^ ^ Come to think of it, I didn't collect BTS for Sunbae. I just kept it as a playlist on YouTube 😅 I think the most important BTS for me from that show is the one RW was with the little girl. source
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