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  1. 6 minutes ago, Tofu said:

    That's how I ended up eating insects in Thailand. 

    What type? Dead?

    I had fried bees in China. Ants in fine dining here.

    13 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

    Hahaha IKR! Not really into war stuff, but I occasionally do this for favourite oppa. Having said that, already few minutes into the movie and haven't seen him LOLS.

    Yes I do too. I remember watching (also called) The Battle by JIS & NJH. It was good actually.

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  2. 13 minutes ago, JenL said:

    Packed schedule person can be me, depending on the country...I get over excited in places like Europe and Japan where there's soooooo much to do...but I'll never force my travel friends into it, so we'll just split up if that's the case and meet up for dinner!

    LOL, I actually did a packed schedule when my sister + family visited but that's only because she told me she wanted to do this and that. Now that I think back to it, I was grumpy because they were not going by the schedule. I feel bad. But we have good meals. This bit my sister and I match. Hahahaha.


    There's too much to do and see in Japan. I did Disney Sea and Disneyland as well as Universal Studio the last trip. LOL. Disneyland was for because I couldn't stay back to see the projection bit thanks to travel mate cracking the shit wanting to go home. So this trip I made sure I stayed until the end. I regretted not buying the USJ's dinosaur headband. At the time I thought when will I wear it again and it cost 1000 yen. Now I want one for myself and another for a friend who loves Jurassic Park! We could totally wear it to the cinema in future! Too many things I want to buy, not enough strength to carry it all back myself.

    21 minutes ago, JenL said:

    Oh noooo....yeah travelling with someone who has a super tight budget can be hard for a trip. I like splitting up, but I think it's always fun to eat with friends so you can catch up (provided the friend is not a boring eater.)

    I'm not a big eater so it'd be nice to be able to share and we can order more varieties. So this is definitely the "cons" if travelling solo.

    22 minutes ago, JenL said:

    But we also spent many days doing things together too - we had planned trips and activities where we knew we both wanted to go the same place and do things (eg. visitng deer in Nara or doing day trip to Mt Fuji).

    Yes, I think it'd be ideal to do some stuff solo and then do some stuff together. With Japan, I don't mind going solo most of the time coz I like walking through the streets at my own pace and just look around and enjoy the view. Last travel mate was walking so fast I couldn't keep up and I had no idea why she was rushing so much when we're on vacation.


    Ohhh last trip to Nara was fun. Took travel mate there actually since she's never been, but personally had a blast feeding the deers myself. I bought some cute souvenirs too which I didn't on 1st trip! They had like something special on so there's this cute deer souvenirs on sale.

    28 minutes ago, JenL said:

    Did she really end up trying them all???

    She had a few more on her own solo adventure but not all 12.

    29 minutes ago, JenL said:

    But I don't remember his voice?

    RW has a husky voice.

    30 minutes ago, JenL said:

    Is this because the second male lead is annoying? Haha this is also on my one-day-future watch list.

    He was not a likeable character (without giving out spoiler). But lol, off-screen RW and him are buddy buddy as well now.

    32 minutes ago, JenL said:

    It's funny you mention this because years ago when I first watched dramas,  I use to never watch the behind the scenes because it shattered the illusion of the characters...but then I completely changed and now sometimes it's better than watching the dramas :laugh: 


    I love when you see them in and out of character and supporting each other...sometimes if they make fun of their characters being cheesy, it's real charming.

    As a whole, EY main casts have good rapport. ^ ^

    I enjoyed watching them goofing around and them teasing Hye Yoon and Hye Yoon beating up them both. I even watched a BTS of Hye Yoon's upcoming drama just to see if it is her habit or it's Rowoon :lmao2: She only hit Taecyeon once in that BTS! I think it's because Taecyeon is sunbae after all :laugh:


    12 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

    Believer is good. It's pretty interesting. The lead detective is Signal Choi Jin Woong. RJY played as a small drug dealer who will work with him to ambush the main boss. 


    My favourite still Money tho. A lot of RJY exposure and the story moving fast. 


    Hit & Run Squad very bland in my opinion. He didn't really shine there. Which is rare. Actually both GHJ and JJS also not so stellar there. 


    I'll watch The Battle & Taxi Driver next. 

    Ok, I'll check out Believer when I find the mood.


    Money indeed was not bad, I just can't remember the details well anymore.


    Hit & Run I just remember I liked his character a lot vs GHJ and JJS. I didn't like JJS's acting there at all. So exaggerated. Him in EXIT was much better.


    Waaaah The Battle too? I see war poster, I am already turned off. xDDD That will take a lot of love to pick up, which is why I haven't watched LJH's Anarchist from Colony. Same for Taxi Driver, it's too political. xDDD That said, I had no idea why I watched Gong Yoo's Age of Shadow. Must be because I love him after Goblin...

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  3. 11 hours ago, Tofu said:

    I feel like that's the case for almost every drama out there or something. Everything is so hush hush. The drama airing after Lovers of the Red Sky doesn't have much promotion and it's supposed to air next week..

    Is this Woo Shik's drama? I think it is slated for December. NamuWiki puts it as Dec.

    2 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

    Oh I'm back to dramaless again. Sigh... so sad. I'll just watch RJY movie then. 

    Which movies have you seen other than Little Forest and Money?


    Believer? Is it good?


    One Way Trip I didn't like and not much of him.


    Have you done Hit & Run Squad?

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  4. @abs-oluteM OMG, he's Nam Ji Hyun's brother I just realised now! Hahahaha. I actually wasn't very invested in 100 Days My Prince but overall was a decent watch. He has very little screen time in this. I even remember Han So Hee (D.O's wife) better in this drama.


    Speaking about supporting roles, when I watched Gu Family Book, I didn't realise YYS was in there. :lmao2: And all of a sudden because of R94 he got famous. Like RJY with R88, no one noticed him before this. He was in Producer with KSH as one of the newbies at KBS back then.

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  5. 23 minutes ago, abs-oluteM said:

    But got a fellow classmate who likes him , so I can imagine she must have been the one to report them. 

    Not sure she likes him. But she was the top 1 student because LDH couldn't be bothered but after Soo Jung's encouragement he's unleashing his geniusness that she felt threatened by him.

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  6. 18 minutes ago, Tofu said:

    Yes! I agreed! I traveled with someone who was extremely picky when it comes to eating. Since, I didn't care, I went along with her choices but after the third day of eating the same type of food, I was over it. Your friend who only wanted to eat ramen, it's such a full meal with lots of sodium. I don't know if I would be able to eat that everyday. Haha! Money is important too because it might restrict you from doing the things you want to especially if your friend doesn't want to do things separately. I think it's important to travel with someone whose personality matches yours. I'm an introvert and my friend and her husband are extroverts. We traveled to Las Vegas together for our friend's birthday and because they wanted to get married. They were so talkative and her husband has bad social boundaries (would do and say things inappropriately in public) that I was so drained by being with them. I needed a vacation from this vacation afterwards. Haha!

    We didn't eat only ramen every meal but I sure don't want to have ramen 12 times+ in 2 weeks. We had ramen 3 times and 2 out of 3 I didn't like it because one was very heavy in flavour, the other was salty. I was glad I went off to Shibuya alone and found a stand-up sushi counter and had a great time myself having fresh sashimi. I so loved that experience of the fresh fish.


    Oh dear, I can imagine just how mentally exhausted you are with her hubby! You definitely needed your Me time!

    12 minutes ago, JenL said:

    Totally agree! Holidays are to rest up and not sweat the small stuff!...I find it hard if someone is like super uptight with time and money. Like we have to go from point A to point B in x minutes and we have to walk to save money...but they're so impatient so we can't leave too early because they don't want to get there too early and wait. That sort of behaviour drives me mad.

    I agree on being uptight with money bit. It's OK to spend a little more if we can save time. I also had to walk from point A to B for because they didn't want to spend money on MRT.

    29 minutes ago, Tofu said:

    Not yet. Hahahaha! This is my first Rowoon-lead drama that I'm watching. I am being sway by the second lead a lot, so he has not been adopted. I do love making gifs of him because his facial expressions are great and worth capturing. Haha!

    You guys are so difficult 7dwYVf1.gif I hope I will hear good news soon...

    30 minutes ago, Tofu said:

    @mademoiselle Yes!! I've always liked Kim Min Jae and his acting but he's always been in this 'oppa but not really' tier for me. Moo Hak has definitely ignited my love. I told Tea and Abs, that Moo Hak is my favorite Korean male lead so far (at least in the second half of 2021).

    Hahaha was it from Dr. Romantic period? He was cute there. I adopted him early (seeing potential) but it was not until Brahms that he secure a "better" position, LOL! I'm a sucker for a guy who can play piano / musical instrument.

    23 minutes ago, JenL said:

    Yep..turns out to reach VIP tier, all you have to do is look gloomy in the rain and make sad longing expressions and I will have no self control 

    📝 I'll send a memo to Rowoon! But hey, he was wet in the rain and broody here too!



    But for me, it was scene like this that he flutters my heart (and Dan-Oh)




    Is Kim Jae Young's character likeable in Reflection of You or he's a terrible cheater/jerk @abs-oluteM?

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  7. 3 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

    Haha your friend is me? I also prefer Haru when he's quiet and mysterious. Once he opened his mouth, I fall in love to SL LJW Baek Kyung :lol:

    Hahahahaha I think she still likes Haru but she definitely also like LJW.

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  8. 2 hours ago, JenL said:

    So True! There's some great friends who you love, but cannot travel with! But also lucky that I have a few close friends who are super chill travel buddies. One in particular - we've done a number of long trips with no conflicts. I think coz we're both fairly independent so can split up and meet back for dinner or have a number of sightseeing locations we go together, but then she'll go shopping and I'll go to a theme park and then we hang out for supper/ drinks later at night. I think it helps that we have flexible personalities with money and time - ie. she's not mad if I head out first because she wants to sleep in and I'm happy to help her lug her extra shopping at airports and pick souvenirs for several hours. It's win win

    That's great for you! Was your friend a decisive shopper? I find that important now after my last trip. My foot couldn't handle all the standing, waiting for the travel mate to decide on "should I or should I not buy?". I kept telling her we're all the way here already, get what you want so you won't regret later. We went solo after the second week in the trip. I needed my Me time and go at my own pace. She wanted to try out all 12 types of ramen introduced by a blogger and I was like, "No. I did not come all the way to Japan to eat only ramen. I want fresh sashimi (which she refuses to try) or try other new menu." Other than Ichiran ramen, I'm actually not a fan of the intense flavour of ramen broth.

    2 hours ago, JenL said:

    Well, Rowoon is actually one of my Oppas, but not sure why he has always remained at the Eye-candy tier only. To tell you the truth, I only picked up EY because I was like, "Who is that handsome tall guy?" 

    I actually don't quite know the FL/ML when I picked up EY. I've actually seen RW's works in the correct timeline since School 2017 → Where Stars Land → EY. His characters didn't make a lasting impression then. But in EY, he was like the ML coming out from my childhood manga; I was ♥o♥. A friend and I both loved it most when Haru is all mysterious and quiet. :laugh: After he opened his mouth, it was like *imaginary shatters* :lmao2: It took some time to get used to his voice, hahaha (mianhe Rowoon-ah). However, I must say Rowoon has worked on his intonation after EY. He was so much high pitch in Where Stars Land and improved A LOT between EY to Sunbae and now Affection. So, all good coz I love seeing improvement in Oppa's acting.

    2 hours ago, JenL said:

    So. In conclusion, Rowoon has to pick a project with no second leads so I don't get distracted

    That's not possible. But heyyyy, you can pick up Sunbae then coz you definitely won't get SLS!

    2 hours ago, JenL said:

    I think people love the EY closeness from all the behind the scenes content and those actors have been on record saying they still have a private group chat, so people feel comforted that they're really friends

    True. They were really close because they were about the same age and they supported each other when the pressure was high. I still remember Hye Yoon kept stuffing up her lines in the BTS & was upset. RW comforted her by patting her back. The pressure was high since it's their first time in a leading role. I also remember loving (and kept having to adjust myself) when I watch the drama and the BTS because Hye Yoon and Rowoon are just so different on and off screen. It was entertaining. EY is probably the only kdrama thus far that I may have watched all of the BTS (from MBC and Wavve).

    2 hours ago, JenL said:

    Hahaha I thought @Tofu adopted Rowoon from this or I'm making things up

    She never declared Rowoon Oppa so I'd say you've made it up. :lol:


    @Tofu Is Kim Min Jae your Oppa-ya now?

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  9. 8 hours ago, Tofu said:

    Moo Hak is definitely one of my favorite male lead this year. I love this character more than Kim Min Jae's Brahms character.

    😲 Andwaeeeeee~ don't abdandon poor baby Joon Young. Hahaha. Moo Hak is definitely a way more positive character.

    22 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

    Somebody needs to put that annoying stepmother in her place. How dare she slapped Dali?

    The irony. The last time we saw her, she was the really nice Noona who always support the Brahms couple and here, she's an utter nightmarish, low-class uneducated loud woman! 😵

    5 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

    The question then is... can Moo-hak do what Tae-jin couldn't? Can he walk away from his family demands for Da-li's sake? History is on the verge of repeating itself. Not to pre-empt anything but if there's anybody who can, it's Moo-hak.

    Good point. I definitely think Moo Hak is capable of it. I also think some of the staff will follow him.

    5 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

    Lying to his father about the land registers made a lot more sense. But I'm sure his BS radar has picked up on Jang Tae-jin's involvement in the green belt land fiasco and the fact that the stepbrother knows about it.

    It was definitely a strategic lie. He was trying to force Ki Chul to dish out the person hiding in the background. No doubt Tae Jin later will go to jail for murder. There had to be some link to the piggy USB Moo Hak bought and the one Ki Chul had.

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