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  1. First peek of Promo Poster! Kyaaaaaaaa @Alice Wonderland @abs-oluteM
  2. @UnniSara Think this may increase @abs-oluteM's love for AHS. Not sure if you guys had seen it. I have somehow missed it. It has subs too ^ ^ Although @abs-oluteM
  3. More Elle Interview - ASK ME ANYTHING More for you to ship secretly @abs-oluteM
  4. Hahaha it's not that complicated. My logic is if there is no Yang Yang, there is no Yu Tu. Plus look at below, can you say that's YY or Yu Tu or XXX? I'm definitely attracted to his face, beauty & charisma He's let loose a lot in The Irresistable especially at the near end, that's why the show was able to capture the scenes shown in the gifs LOL. And viewers were able to see another side of him. All the sunbae/hyung commented he was too uptight in the beginning and they told him to loosen up. Think he had a lot of fun too hanging out with them LOL .
  5. @bairama That's an awesome collection of scenes on Yu Tu & Jing Jing. My personal fave is #3. Making clips like this take patience and lotsa rewatch... BRAVOOOO!
  6. I need to file a complaint against @bairama. Because of her, I've spent my weekends on YY. To the point of watching countless cuts and even his variety show, The Irresistable S1. Expectation: Cool & handsome Yang Yang /Yu Tu Reality... Gimme back my brooding Yu Tu
  7. 38 Ice cream soda @TRaNz I'm trying to name something different xDDD
  8. Oh wow, didn't expect to see @Chocolate here, and picking up another sageuk. Bwahahaha @abs-oluteM How in the world did Ahn Hyo Seop's spell engulf you all of a sudden? Is it the eyes? The beauty or the abs? xDDD Eyes is like the window of soul (from Chinese saying) so actors who can emote with their eyes are triple plus for me to be honest.
  9. @abs-oluteM B-cut photoshoot BTS → https://www.instagram.com/p/CTZUWpdF1ez/?utm_medium=copy_link Alternate link
  10. Shin Min Ah & Seon Ho's reaction watching the drama
  11. I'm on E5, dumb dumb YY appears again! They had to play virtual football and he couldn't figure out his directions. He's killing Yu Tu's image here Hahahahaha that was a cute one even though at the time I watch it for JCW but I definitely was attracted to YY too coz I found fan pictures of him I saved back then Lamb YY is so cute LOLLLL you be careful when there's thunder & lighting during the moonsoon season, missy!
  12. @TRaNz Hahahahahahahahahaha gimme those fries! You didn't get Classic Angus to try!
  13. Have to admit Glory couple is giving out CP vibe (or showing closeness) outside of their drama. I saw a cut of this Happy Camp and YY just goes up to Dilraba and whisper answers to her ear. Is this a norm for C-entertainment? Coz you know how Korean couples don't do that & prefer to avoid rumours unless when the show is still airing (in this instance, Glory couple might be doing it for the show too) @Tofu PSJ in Captain Marvel 2...what!? But I'm sceptical...Asian doesn't get good roles or focus so I need to tone down my expectations.
  14. 40 hamburger Haha get classic Angus & try?
  15. But there's no new Oppa to adopt recently. All the new dramas - KSH, AHS and soon KMJ are already Oppa. Plus I'm seeing a side of YY that's 180° different to Yu Tu hahaha. The actor playing Zhai Liang (Wang Yan Lin) is also in the show and I feel he's exactly like Zhai Liang - super cheeky. You need to update the front page, otherwise we can't keep track of your adoption. Don't forget to add Song Kang, Rowoon, Kim Dong Wook too. Lee Do Hyun is adopted too, right? I can't remember, see. Hahaha. @Chocolate should totally add hers! No more denial! You may use JenL's Oppa tiers to separate your Oppa acquisition. I've done it for you. Open for editing yourself hahahaha! Eye-candy tier - Taecyeon, Yang Yang (?) Significant tier - Ji Sung, Kim Seon Ho VIP tier - Hyun Bin
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