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  1. also, in the morning he said that he heard last night blueberry fairies dug a hole to plant the blueberry tree (and somin laughed after), right? i think he refers to himself (that he's the one who helped em dig the hole) it is possible..
  2. and I started to believe that the laugh we heard (when Na Rae was about to throw up in imos planting the blueberry tree session) is actually SG's laugh
  3. thanks @WaterCat your comment made me smile again (after felt a little heartbroken inside) I can't get picture of Yihan and Yoo Jin as their kids out of my head.. their interactions and bonds are real.. is it just me or you guys also shed a tear in LF's last episode?? but then again, 'the future is up to us' (-Enola Holmes) no one can determine someone else's future.. cheers shipper fellas
  4. @Kumayuna @Myshipperheart_SGSM I'd be happy if that's SM's silhouette, but that is actually Kim Sook's silhouette (a comedian, they called her as a hint fairy guest in few episodes back from that episodes).. well we just don't get it why editor team used that short haired girl silhouette..
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