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  1. Well, there's already many versions of the characters descriptions that has been shared and translated in twitter timeline (one example is the one that @Jane has shared in her post), but because I do have and keep the characters descriptions that I have translated one year ago in my word documents, I decided to just share it in here. As I don't have much time to do and review all the new character descriptions, I'll start first with our Mido and Falasol team members. @stroppyse a heads up, the character desxription for season 2 has been released in the tvn official page source : http://program.tving.com/tvn/doctorlife2/9/Contents/View# Note : What I have written below is just a rough translation, so it might contains some mistakes. I apologize in advance for that. Note: the paragraph that is bold and italic points out to the new characters description added in season 2. The other parts are already exists from season 1. 1. Lee Ik Jun (Male / Medical School Class 99, Assistant Professor, Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery / 40 years old) 2. Ahn Jeong Won (Medical School Class 99, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Surgery / 40 years old) 3. Kim Jun Wan (Male, Medical School Class 99, Associate Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery / 40 years old) 4. Yang Seok Hyeong (Male, Medical School Class 99, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology/ 40) 5. Chae Song Hwa (Female, Medical School Class 99, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery/ 40)
  2. @abs-oluteM I just want to let you know that option 3 and 4 for questions 3 is the same. If the vote can't be changed or when the vote options is changed and will reset the vote, will you let me know? I'll re-do the vote again. After that I'll tag others about the vote :) Thank you for setting up the vote. Thanks to @Janefor making the questions and options look neat and clean too! I couldn't imagine if my rough draft questions is posted 😅 It was so messy Finally this Thursday! After exactly one year we will see the next warm and intimate stories of our favourite doctors! *edit tagging people to let you know about the polls. @SnowBlob @Lynne @SilverMoonTea @stroppyse @im0202@40somethingahjumma @ryanallright @left_phalange @Tammy_fullofdrama @ktcjdrama @Mouse @bairama @Alice Wonderland @Ameera
  3. One days consists of 24 hours a day. A day where you were born only happened once a year. 

    Spent more than half of it for work, 5 hours for sleep, 2 hours for commuting and the remaining hours finally for free time. Not what I wished and planned but still I feel grateful... 


    If not for hospital playlist contents, I might lost it. Let's hope the remaining 364 days will be normal...

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      Happy birthday :) cheers for the better future that you wanted. Let's party to The HP! :)

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      Thank you @bairama💕 let's enjoy HP 2 together 

  4. Let me help @SnowBlobanswering this one. There is men's double pair from Indonesia that currently number 1 in bwf list. Their nickname from the fans is minions because they use yellow uniform for the match. If you compare their heights he hwith other players (especially from the European and the Chinese men double pair, that was dubbed as their enemies because they keep meeting each other in final ) they are smaller in comparison. And they also like a fast paced game and moves everywhere in the court, that's why one of the fans said they look like minions. And that nickname started to grow among fans and even international fans of bwf commentators also called them by that nickname. For the said poster, it's just a background property and you might have missed it if you don't recognize it. It will be shown in ep 4, at the coach or badminton club room at the school ;) I don't play badminton myself (I did play just once or twice in the past just for fun with classmates, which I mostly miss to hit the shuttlecock ) but I do watch the games. I don't really mind about the pose and the technical because I just watched to enjoy the match. @SnowBlobhas described it best But you do know about the lines about in and out and the difference for single and double playeers, don't you snow? Hahahaha I watched raw for both ep 3 and 4 a d I really enjoyed the light stories. Like in prison playbook style, they mixed the seriousness and laugh and add some touching scenes in one hour. Ep 4 will be last about 75 to 80 mins. In ep 4 we'll know one of the reason Hae Kang choose to quit badminton and move to baseball. And yes @mademoisellewe'll see more of the class president! He'll join racket boys!
  5. We didn't know whether the fighters intention were to squeeze more money or not, but it's true that the younger fighter is still alive. But I guess in critical condition. The blow he got to the head was quite hard. Good guess! My God I really love Seo Hyun. She is so precious. While in the beginning I said I'm on Hee Soo's side and wishing for her happiness, it still stays but now I too wish for happiness for Seo Hyun. She is just a great woman and leader. She is so precious and unique. I really wish nothing but happiness for her. Gaah The title of this episode is the real mother. This could point to both Seo Hyun and Hee Soo. Because of her uniqueness, Seo Hyun couldn't be happy because it won't look normal to others' eyes. She sacrificed her own happiness for others She asked the butler who spied on Soo Hyuk whether he looks happy when he is with Yu Yeon. Then she felt relieved. To her as long as Soo Hyuk is happy then is fine. She later also asked Soo Hyuk privately about the Chairman's will. She asked him to be honest with her because at least for once, she wants to become a real mother to him. She might not gave birht Soo Hyuk refused to inherit the seat because he then have to sacrifice bigger things. He realized from his birth mother that it would only bring unhappiness to his life. He doesn't want that. And Seo Hyun supports his decision. Hee Soo too have some mother and son bonding with Ha Joon. She brings him to her house and they have fun together. Poor boy who finally got a taste of ramyeon for the first time. They also have a heart to heart talk. It looks like a foreboding of the upcoming fights between her and the evil jerk. She assures Ha Joon that whatever happened, Ha Joon has to be strong because he is her son. In this ep we got another revelation from the past. Sister Emma whose real name is Seol Hwa has known Chairman Han since she was young. I didn't know whether they are related like siblings or cousins but the way the young Emma looked at Chairman Han, it's as if she loves him (not sure in what way). She knew Kim Mi Ja and Chairman Han asked her to introduce him. Young Emma said that Mi Ja already in relationship with other man and even has a child of that man. It looks like a good scolding and harsh words could open her eyes. When she demanded another consultation meeting with Sister Emma, she was refused at first. Then Emma gave the harsh scolding and reality check which resulted in her crying. She seemed finally realized of her mistakes. I hope she will become a better person after this. Jin Ho is well... at least until the current episode, he is still beyond helpful. He still loves drinking and quite abusive when he's drunk.
  6. Found this on twitter timeline.. Yoo siblings interactions off the camera.. They both looks so cute.. So precious I saw in ep 1 or 2 where the boys were practicing their stances, their ears were so red. They must be filming during winter or early spring :(
  7. Me, me. I watched the first few minutes of swoon video (well I click for Ik Jun :P) but because the first few categories doesn't seems to match with mine, I didn't continue until the end. I'm a homebody and don't have that many friends (maybe because of I'm not a social butterfly. I mostly just stand from the corner while observing). My weekend schedule (although these days I rarely read books and watch dramas instead) :P @JenL I hope whatever that you are having will be solved soon. Stay safe :)
  8. I've been watching since it premiered. But I have a hate and love kind relationship with this drama. The first 10 episodes or more, I struggled and kept wondering if I should drop it. But whenever I didn't feel like watching my current dramas, in the end I kept picking this up back where I had left it behind. I might not be up to date with the current episodes, but I'll try to watch it just for my pure curiosity about what happened. And I even played the drama in the background twice while doing something else, and I didn't miss that much LOL The relationship in this family is really strange. Previously I enjoyed watching 2 family dramas of KBS before this. And because I have watched 2 previous works of the writer (Wang Family and Liver or Die) I thought I already knew about the writer style and could still handle it. But oh my, there were several times I wanted to hit someone with my pillow while watching this. Either the elders and the youngers characters would make me mad over their stupid actions. Probably the one that I have no problem is Ttu Gi, but she doesn't appear that much and mostly sleeping xD I agree with you @stroppysethat Gwang Nam and Byun Ho still clearly cares and in love with each other. They got married because the love each other and despite got treated badly by Gwang Nam in the last years of their marriage, Byun Ho still trying to understand her condition and sides with her. There were times when he wanted to talk with her, but because of various things, he kept silent and just let it through without solving the problems. Sadly he was used by Shin and I like how you describe that she raped him when he's drunk. Until now, I have this little suspicions that there is this possibility that the son was not his. I've watched the latest episode and the nerve of Shin by suing GN is just really out of line. She kept using her son to guilt trip Byun Ho to do as what she wants. And his mother is so petty and blind by her grandson that she couldn't see that clearly her son doesn't happy at all. What made me stay so far is the relationship between Gwang Shik and Ye Seul. They are just cute and I root for their happiness and success in life and love. They clearly match and can make each other shines brighter when they are together. But sadly education background and family matters kept them apart. Both have low self-esteem because of their pasts and they couldn't easily change from their old habit. I would sometimes feel frustrated with their stubbornness while facing their interfering family (especially Gwang Shik) but clearly family is important to both. I really hope they can stay strong facing all the obstacles in their way. Especially when Ye Seul found out that the woman that his father cheated his mother with is Aunt Bong Ja all this time. There will be another long angst in the future for that. For Gwang Tae and Ki Jin, at the beginning their interactions are just purely funny for me. But now that Ki Jin has completely fallen for her, I hope that he will grow up first and mature before they become official. Either of them has to woke up so that they could stand for what they want. @UnniSara I hope you the best for surviving the first 10 to 12 episodes. From my experience I couldn't binge watching it or I will have a high blood pressure from being angry
  9. Sorry for just seeing this. She was told to have a consultation/therapy as a condition for inheriting her father's stocks in the company. It was written in the will. Jin Ho introduced Sister Emma to her and she call to make an appointment. Emma said she's not a therapist, but a nun. Jin Hee kind of pressured her to agree and make time for her and Emma shouted at her 'No!' Typical chaebol daughter behavior hahha Finally in ep 9 it's revealed whose blood that Hee Soo saw and made her scream. I guessed she didn't expect it at all that the one who is bleeding to death is no one other than evil jerk Ji Yong. Now it made me moreee curious about what's happening that day. I guess only several days or couple of weeks until the day of incident to be shown in the drama. Another twist that I don't expect was that Evil Jerk doesn't have any Han's blood at all in his vein. And he knew it since the beginning because he remembered what his mother said to him when he was sleeping (or pretending to sleep?) Kim Mi Ja said to Chairman Han that she's pregnant with other man's child but Han being so much in love with her said he will raise him as if the child is his own. Apparently Kim Mi Ja seems to want to have some parts for Han family because she kind of (?) regretted that evil jerk doesn't have any Han bloods in him. That's why Han said to Seo Hyun there's no way that the jerk will inherit his company. I guess blood is thicker in case of inheriting the family. We also got the result of the Chairman's will. In her rage for not being satisfied with what she got, madam peacock hit the Han which miraculously the cure for him. He has finally woken up from his slumber. I'm excited to see whether things will happened as in the will or it will be different after the Chairman woke up. The fight between Hee Soo and Fox for Ha Joon custody is starting. Stupid evil jerk in his anger ordered the fighters to fight to death and in the end one of the fighter really dead after being brutally hit by the other one (which surprisingly both are brothers). That will be another weakness that Jerk has to hide. He even blamed everything on the Fox, like he has nothing wrong. What a psycho...
  10. I didn't remember which happened first, Chocolate or Hospital Playlist. I did remember seeing your posts at chocolate thread back then but I think we didn't really interact. Only after @abs-oluteMinviting me to +/- thread that I started to talk LOL Oh and yes of course I was grateful for you being the first captain of the ship, although after that you back down a little and move to another ship. I believed you would come back one HP2 starts... or else For Mine... Oh I need to figure out how to make you stay hahaha because of my current username? :) I actually saw you back then in weightlifting fairy. You were having this heated discussion because you were on Shi Ho's side while others couldn't understand you. And I guess we never interacted that much because I much more a silent lurker that sometimes dropped rough trans of drama clips here and there and then gone missing again. And after seeing your checklists for drama watching, I don't know if we will cross path in the future. But the one that I know I'll be seeing you soon in Mine thread because you like Lee Bo Young. She's gorgeous in that drama Yeah I only started to be more talkative after that drama and mostly my conversations stays around that because I'm waiting for season 2 :) Are you going to watch it too? Oh I remember I was looking for you as Haru's owner during the staffs' quizzes. I was looking for fellow VIP ;) I guess I was hyping Hospital Playlist and IkSong too much in our early interactions and up until now
  11. Teaser/Trailer for Hospital Playlist part 3. We are going to see more about interns, residents, fellows (?), nurses and our doctors! More scenes of 99z as mentor and seniors rough trans Video title: To everyone who suffers from the pain of growing: 99z's warm consolation. "It's okay, you've worked hard" MH: I guess coffee in the hospital have no caffeine inside it JWan: Did you enter my operating room just for watching it? You enter to learn from it. Learn from it SB: Consistently from the start to the end, there's this look in her/his eyes as if saying 'I don't trust you' and to keep seeing that looks is... MH: How comes I still can't do anything from my experiences? MH: I have no talent as a doctor nor the ability and I'm a bad learner. It seems that I can't do anything by myself JWan: Do you think doctor is not a person too? It's okay SHyeong: The only best thing that you can do in the current condition. Just think about that SHwa: You've worked hard, Seon Bin-ah IJ: You just need more time. You can do it and you can do well @stroppyse do you mind taking a look at mine? Especially at Seon Bin and Min Ha lines. Thank you in advance :) tag for fellow watchers @Jane @abs-oluteM @SnowBlob @Lynne @im0202 @Alice Wonderland @bairama @SilverMoonTea @left_phalange @40somethingahjumma
  12. @SnowBlob I tried to find the posters but haven't found it yet in the drama. I guess the scenes where it was aired in the trailer is for the upcoming episodes. Although it's not very clear I do think that it is minions in the picture Don't mind about the writer past work, focus on the current one. :) From my guess, this story will focus on the journey of the athletes from being just a regular player to professional one. I like the first 2 episodes. It has the humour and also the touching story mixed in to one. Like in episode 2, I don't that curry could bring laugh and make you feel touch at the same time. Throw in the kimchi (I think it's geotjori, one kind of freshly made kimchi that can be eaten as soon as you finished make it without long time process to ferment it) and it will give a meaningful gesture for the dinner time. I wonder how long that the actors and actresses practice for the badminton. I don't know whether they use a substitute when they shoot the match because the pose, strokes and the whole process of the game or rounds looks very realistic like a real match in a game. If they don't use any substitute then I gave a big applause and appreciation for them for practicing hard. It's not easy to do that but they've done it like a real athletes. And also for the female actress. They really cut the hair short for their role and it's not easy. The haircut they have reminds me of Ahn Se Young (Korean Single Female Athlete) and Akane Yamaguchi (Japanese Single Female Athlete). Maybr the story of Se Yoon will take a background of two of them because both were still young when they joined the national team and won a lot of medals when they were in junior section. I'm interested to find out why Hae Kang left badminton and moved to baseball. Perhaps it related with his parents who also used to be an athlete themselves when they were young? This scene. It's actually quite sad to hear it. What Hae Kang said about it, not all wrong. As far as I knew (from watching k variety shows) badminton is a quite popular among the Korean people and they do have local clubs and local competition, but if you compare it with baseball and football then the differences and gaps were too big. I felt sad about this when I watched the first episode. And found this on timeline. Apparently the badminton world federation also watch the drama? Maybe because many matches were being cancelled because of the pandemic?
  13. I found this questions in my twitter timeline and because I knew several members here from our interaction in drama thread (in haven or in the previous site), for fun I decided to ask it in here. What drama do you associate with me? When you see me, which drama do you immediately think of? :)
  14. Yay @SnowBlob is watching this too... Are the same watchers of Lie of Lies are now gathers watching Mine together? For a nun who have taken her vows, she has a collection of expensive bags inside her cabinets.. Thanks for the info. Hmm after reading this, I kind of imagining that Rubato suits Hee Soo. She 'disregards' the strict rules of Hyo Won's family so that she could still retain herself without losing it when staying inside the family. It can be a simple one, like her outfits on the death anniversary of Kim Mi Ja, eating foods outside the house (fried chicken with Ha Joon). She's still trying to maintain the dignity of the family in front of public eyes but now after she realized the true face of the Jerk and the family, she started to make a way for herself to get out from the mansion. While Cadenza, the meaning of 'solo passage' catch my eye and I immediately thought of Seo Hyun. Among the main family members of Cadenza, Seo Hyun works 'solo' and to the viewers (in my eyes) she is like the solo fighter and who conducts everything in the house and maintain it properly while the rest of members are making ruckus or getting into trouble (Jin Ho and Jin Hee for example). I too want to see if this reference will be explained later in the upcoming episodes or not. Take my thoughts with a grain of salt ;) No quick summary for tonight episode. There were several parts that I wasn't sure yet and I don't have a smooth streaming so I missed many parts while trying to make the streaming worked. But I'm sure that I really want to know about the whole story of the accidents in Ep 1. The drama is keep teasing us by repeating the same scenes again and again :( Rough trans for text preview ep 9 (taken from tvn official website) The contents of Chairman Han's will made Ji Yong furious and in his disgusting hobby, someone got sacrificed. Sun Hye (Madam) found out about the basement bunker and exploded with anger. Hee Soo wants to work again as an actress but Ji Yong prohibited it because she is pregnant with 'his child'. Meanwhile, Ja Kyung finds someone to win back Ha Joon and Hee Soo decides that she won't back down either.
  15. you got a nickname for Madam. I named the tutor as Fox @abs-oluteM named the jerk as Evil Jerk. Should we make a dictionary or some of contents so that other people won't be confused with our conversation hahaha @ktcjdrama and @Chocolate have any nickname for the drama characters? Oh does anyone have some knowledge in music? I searched for Rubato and Cadenza, trying to find any clue and so far my google search shows that it related with music. Does it play something important? While I'm working on Chairman Han characters, his description said he loves music and arts so maybe he built the mansion with that reference in mind
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