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  1. Yeh @ktcjdrama you're watching! Hmmmm... the layering is so nice isn't it 🥰😂
  2. @__ekleona "They’re almost 40 years old, but, They’re still in trouble They work things out for each other They’re cheering for each other's love & blame They lean on their best-earning friend..." "That's a pretty good 39-year old. One day when they were toasting because they thought they didn’t have superstition of the number nine The story of their very eventful day.." Promotion for 39 #서른아홉 posted on the drama production support blog. Can't wait! Theqoo
  3. I think she does like Yo Han and was hurt. Then she tried to salvage her pride and smiled through it - as a woman, that is 👍. She thinks Yo Han and herself are cut from the same cloth - they both have the brains to scheme, and the capability to carry it out. She is lonely and Yo Han would be an ideal mate for her. But she doesn't understand that Yo Han, despite the beatings he suffered from his father, deep down, is a good person. Perhaps because he had Isaac to help and teach him. Whereas Sun Ah is a born villian, not one that is truly made by circumstances. Yes she was born poor but she already liked shiny things when young and was thieving. We don't even know how her mother died. When she was raped by the SRF chairman, that added to her sense of grievance and yearning for money and power. She could have done good with SRF, but she did not. I wonder though, who is the end target of Yo Han's revenge. If it is the SRF, was Sun Ah already in power then and caused the fire? For now, it doesn't seem that Yo Han knows that Sun Ah has been the main force behind Chairman Seo before his death.
  4. Every scene, he's great to look at 🥰😍 Edit: Opps sorry, just saw it was posted earlier. Source: https://twitter.com/silvertrhee/status/1421643209726316546?s=20
  5. She looks lonely - no friends to celebrate with. She called her "assistant" - but in reality, she only treats this person as a paid employee - reference back to an earlier scene where she expressed her displeasure on not getting to the witness of the first case earlier than Yo Han.
  6. There's an article here on the music http://m.slist.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=272596
  7. Ah thanks for the tip. I'm not a big fan of theatre/musical, but I try to watch the highly acclaimed/popular ones when in the city. Just like sports. I've sat right at the back and right in front, and also realised to enjoy theatre/musical, the front is the best. So @mademoiselle eat a few less fine dining and sit in front hahahah!
  8. Opps, wrong name. Kim Seon Ho. The start-up guy. I think the ahjussi probably has a very boring sex life. Not someone to emulate. I have watched My Love from a Star, because everywhere you google for "best kdrama", they recommend it. The first few episodes were cute. I "tahan" until episode 10, then fast forwarded till the end. I've come to the conclusion that most kdramas that focus predominantly on romance doesn't appeal to me. You've got a good height @abs-oluteM. Your height with hubby just nice for kissing lol! I wish I was taller - am 1.6 :) I think Hyun Bin's height 1.85m is probably true. SYJ is 1.65m - a whole head shorter without the heels. Haha, Ji Sung is 40+ but still looks very good. It would be interesting to see if all these 20+ year old actors now can grow to still be as impressive in 20 years.
  9. 6 Shocking Reversals From Episodes 7-8 Of “The Devil Judge” Jul 31, 2021 by shalini We’re already halfway through “The Devil Judge”! This week, it’s an all-out war between the elite and Yo Han (Ji Sung) as each side seeks to outmaneuver the other. Ga On (Jinyoung) continues to waffle back and forth on whose side he’s on, but the time for decision-making has finally arrived, and both sides still have a few tricks up their sleeves. Here are the most shocking reversals from this week’s episodes! Warning: spoilers for episodes 7-8 below. 1. Sun Ah’s advice to women 2. Chairman Seo’s death 3. The man in the jail cell 4. Jin Joo going over to the dark side 5. Yo Han being transparent 6. Ga On choosing Yo Han earthmix-myonethousandstar The moment of truth is here at last. Surprisingly, it’s Min Jung Ho who brings things to a head, demanding that Ga On join with him and tear down the live court. With everything Ga On has seen and heard thus far, it’s impossible for him to agree. Instead of suggesting that they fight corruption, or tear down the elite, Min Jung Ho argues that it’s the court that needs to be dismantled, completely missing the root of the problem. Ga On points (parroting Yo Han) that it’s not that the court is instigating all the madness overtaking Korea, but that the court (or Yo Han, really) reacted to a widespread problem that everyone knew existed and never did anything about. And judges like Min Jung Ho are responsible for that problem, for not doing their jobs and focusing more on pure ideals rather than on protecting people with the law. The real instigators are out there, and they want Yo Han’s court taken down. Playing into their hands would be a real slap in the face to the memory of Ga On’s parents. At last, Ga On sheds his righteous mantle and walks into the dark. Because the light was so blindingly bright, he never saw what it was hiding. So, he finally takes Yo Han’s hand and prepares to fight a corrupt world. drrav3nb YES! Ga On’s finally seen the light! Next week’s preview shows things getting much darker, with Ga On fully immersing himself in vengeance and the fight for justice. Sun Ah ups her game by introducing a wrench in the live court in the form of Jin Joo. Cha Kyung Hee seethes as the elites close ranks and leave her out to dry. Soo Hyun’s gotten herself into a sticky situation, and put Elijah in danger by possibly being the worst cop in history (who leaves a minor in a wheelchair two feet away from a gunfight. She should have at least called for back-up and stayed with Elijah instead of leaving her unguarded!) Every time it appears the stakes cannot get any higher, they go through the roof. But Yo Han and Ga On are fighting this dreadfully unjust game together now. So let the games begin! earthmix-myonethousandstar
  10. Actually, they are the normal height for regular asian men. It's just that there are some actors who are exceptionally tall for asians - 185cm. It's a wonder they don't get neck pain from the kiss scenes lol. I also would like to check out a musical performance in Seoul if there is opportunity - maybe Cho Seung Woo or Kim So Heon. So talented. I'm confused because that kiss is barely 2sec long! What is there is there to complain about? Just imagine that male ahjussi soompier as a lonely, inexperienced old man.
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