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  1. Hi. I bought the BinJin badge 2 days ago. This is not appearing in my profile with each post. At the same time, I hid many of the older badges, but these are still appearing in my post profile. Not urgent. Thanks.
  2. @oppasaranghaeyo Thank you for the summary and screenshots! Now I know what the mistresses look like and how they met 😂 I couldn't bring myself to watch more as it looked to be not so good for my mental health, though I was curious after watching the first 2 episodes. @ktcjdrama I don't think you're going to get resolution on the marriages in Season 1. Likely everything will come to a head at the end of the season (eg. 40s wife finding out about the affair?) and you'll be forced to watch Season 2 🤣 I'll just get titbits from you guys. Thank you! Btw, given h
  3. Ahhh I missed the last round! Congrats to winners 🤣
  4. I love this too! Yes, I love this one too! The beat is so in-tune with the scene. Everytime the music comes on, we know something exciting is going to happen. As to be expected, I love most of the CLOY OSTs. Especially Song for my brother - where HB's character wrote the song when his brother died, played it only once and was heard by SYJ's character, when she wanted to kill herself. It saved her from being suicidal. She searches for the song to no avail. Only when she plays it for HB in NK, then they realise it is fate. The song made me search for k
  5. round 9 @SnowBlob Is round 9 the last round?
  6. I will still continue to watch as the plot is still interesting, though I think the scenes are unnecessarily over the top. Strangely, they tried to make it comedic. I like CSW and have not seen him in a comedy, but there are many parts where he makes me cringe. He's trying too hard to act cute or act charming? 🙄 And PSH cannot be an action girl. She tries but she's sadly below par compared to other actresses in this area. PSH fans keep out 🛑🚫
  7. My first thought was also that she is good. Then the episode showed her seemingly authorising the assassination of the researcher and HYC. Hopefully this is editing as mentioned by abs-oluteM. Realistically, anyone who thinks money is important will not stay in civil service for so long, especially since she is obviously capable and would have no issue getting a lucrative position in a private law firm. She is late 40s/early 50s in this drama? Plus if she was a bad guy, it would only be a secondary baddie, after the big baddie at Babel (suspected TC). So far, her role seems quite i
  8. Neither did mine 😭😂 May the force be with us! ⚔️
  9. Die lah. I’m facing the same direction as @abs-oluteM Should MTG change to follow SSR
  10. @NiteWalker Yes it’s sad. Used to love watching him in the Stephen Chow movies. Hear he lived in Malaysia when he retired from acting. @abs-oluteM Thanks for restoring the points. I’ve bought the BinJin badge! Happy Sunday!
  11. It’s only 1 point when Min Tae Gu wins round 6
  12. My Min Tae Gu went from winner to loser! I'm still confused by the scoring system. If we are at Round 5 which has not closed, how do some oppas have 5 points already? Or is it that some rounds get more than 1 point? The strategy is to just post a left or right pic as soon as you are here. Don't wait or the round may be over. They don't care if it is sleeping time! And the EOs are working 2 time zones! Which direction to choose - just follow @SilverMoonTea or @katakwasabi!
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