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  1. Actually, unless the price is a lot of difference, it’s better for the production and actors to choose Netflix if they were offered. The reach is just so much wider.
  2. @liddi I think it’s 2 episodes a week - Sat and Sun at 9pm kst.
  3. “Someone is killing people on the mountain”. Woohoo it’s a mystery! Thanks for the highlight @mademoiselle @liddi. At the beginning, the mountain looked so attractive and there seemed to be a footpath for an easy walk. I was thinking whether it was open to tourists, you know with F&B kiosks and gift shops along the way, cause I wouldn’t mind trying it 😂 By the end of the video, it became “not going anymore” 🤣. This looks like a fantastic cast and from the short clip, Oh Jung Se and Jun Ji Hyun look like shoo-ins for award nominations again. Thanks @stroppyse for the intro to the 2 leads. I’ve also read somewhere that after My Love From A Star, JJH did commercials only for a period and raked in $40M a year! Greatly anticipating this, though the weekly waits for episodes is likely to be torturing.
  4. Not yet, will start tonight. Is it good? I saw a sexy scene and people complaining on twitter that such scenes are not necessary 😂 Is the drama good?
  5. Talk about massive fail! To broadcast to all that you are the killer 😅 This reminds me of the adage - never ask a question that you don’t know the answer to. I finally realised something odd about this drama. The supporting actors are really just… supporting. They don’t contribute much to the story except just being there. When you watch Hot Stove League or Squid Game or many other dramas, there is depth to the surrounding core characters, no matter how brief it is. The character itself is important/necessary to the story. This makes a great ensemble cast. For “The Veil”, there isn’t. For example, is the character of So Yeon necessary? How about Kang? Everything is centralised on Ji Hyuk. The rest are… just there. We don’t feel anything for them. And it’s like, even if the character was removed, it doesn’t affect the storyline much. I enjoy watching Namgoong Min and the action sequences have been good. Other than that, I wonder how the script won the competition. Unless the rest were much worse 😂
  6. Nobody exercising last 6 months? 🤣 That's why this is my motto. Source
  7. “The Veil” Previews NIS Agents’ Tense Struggle For Power During Emergency Meeting Oct 15, 2021 by L. Kim MBC’s “The Veil” has shared an intriguing sneak peek of its upcoming episode! “The Veil” is a blockbuster spy drama starring Namgoong Min as Han Ji Hyuk, an elite field agent whose perfect record and skill at completing missions make him a legend at the NIS (National Intelligence Service). However, just when he seemed to have finally succeeded in driving an organized crime syndicate into a corner, Han Ji Hyuk suddenly vanishes off the face of the earth. After losing his memories and going missing for a year, he makes a bold return to the organization to find the traitor who attempted to kill his entire team. Spoilers On the previous episode of “The Veil,” Han Ji Hyuk finally came face to face with the mysterious Baek Mo Sa (played by Yoo Oh Sung) after a life-threatening chase. In addition, a video of Han Ji Hyuk leaving a message to himself in the past was released, and it was revealed that his colleague Kim Dong Wook (Jo Bok Rae), who died a year ago, was secretly communicating with an insider traitor. As the story flows in an unpredictable direction, the drama unveiled new stills of NIS officials holding an emergency meeting. Some of the agents who attended the meeting are Do Jin Sook (Jang Young Nam), NIS’s second deputy director, Bang Young Chan (Kim Byung Gi), the director of NIS, and Ha Dong Kyun (Kim Do Hyun), head of the NIS Crime Information Center. The NIS executives are looking at something with serious expressions. Soon, an unexpected scene unfolds before them, shocking everyone. At the same time, Han Ji Hyuk is also watching something with anxious eyes. What is the emergency meeting about, and what new events are in store for Han Ji Hyuk? The production team hinted that the power relationship within the NIS that has gone through many twists and turns will be a key point to keep an eye out for in the upcoming episodes. They said, “We hope you will watch and see what important role Han Ji Hyuk’s existence will play in this war where the winner is unknown. The truth that will surprise everyone as well as fun that exceeds the expectations of viewers awaits in episode 9, so please tune in to the drama.” Source
  8. https://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=022&aid=0003628647
  9. Oct 15, 2021 GQ x Under Armour Coming Nov Issue ❤ Source: bean82925
  10. ‘Squid Game’s Wi Ha-Jun On Acting Behind A Mask, Jun-Ho’s Fate, Netflix Series’ Success & What’s Next By Brandon Choe | October 12, 2021 5:00am It was very late at night in Korea when Wi Ha-jun popped on a video call to chat with Deadline about his role in Netflix’s mega hit Squid Game, and how his life has been turned upside down since the Korean-language series entered the cultural stratosphere last month. For those who live under a rock, Squid Game is a survival drama set in Seoul, where hundreds of financially strapped contestants signed away their life rights to play children’s games for a chance at winning a $38 million grand prize. Lose any round and be prepared for a grisly death. Since debuting last month, the series directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk quickly reached No. 1 on Netflix in 90 countries within its first 10 days. Currently, Squid Game is on track to become Netflix’s biggest non-English-language series and possibly supplant Bridgerton’s as the streamer’s biggest show of all time. Wi plays Hwang Jun-ho, a rogue police officer who accidentally stumbles behind-the-scenes of the modern-day Hunger Games. His mission to find his lost brother quickly shifts gears as he’s confronted with an impossibly heinous game that uses human lives as entertainment. Netflix A scene-stealer despite his few lines, Wi spoke with Deadline through a translator about the hidden beauty of the gruesome series and why he thinks it resonated with an international audience. He also reveals the difficulty of acting behind a mask, and what we can expect next from the rising Korean star. Here’s the full interview, which has been edited for length and clarity. Source: Deadline
  11. + Thanks to @PRNforhappiness for her humongous effort to translate the hour long documentary, and including screenshots and comments 🤣. *** I am posting NHK documentary translation here. It was much better than my expectation, I was so excited and thrilled and even cried throughout the 1 hr show. Thank you @fakektp925 for the link. I am so glad to have everyone's support. So this is NHK documentary on Crash Landing on You, aimed to discuss the insight and interview from many perspective to understand why the drama became a HIT worldwide. The show was 1 hr long. 2. The MC (Nanako) opened the show and said there are three points why the drama are so famous. The first one is the casting. They made interview with the main lead Son Yejin. #SonYeJin Son Ye jin "I am very surprised that the drama was hit worldwide , I did not expect it ." 3. Also, she thinks because the story is like a forbidden love lie Romeo and Juliet and people is interested in North Korea. #SonYeJin
  12. + Son Ye Jin was also interviewed for the documentary (no Hyun Bin though 😢). She says Yoon Seri fell in love with Ri Jeong Hyeok in episode 4 when he found her in the market with the candle 😢 It's wonderful to know the actors' thoughts and feelings. Source: @binjinfeed Source: @binjinfeed @binjinfeed Yejin abt filming cloy's ending scene in Switzerland @binjinfeed Yejin didn't hesitate to accept the role. "When I read the script for the first time, I was surprised by the daring idea. A romantic comedy in this setting?? Truly a genius to come up with a story like this! That's what I thought. There was absolutely no reason not to do it." @binjinfeed “Life is unpredictable, and doesn’t go as planned. However, if you move forward, you may reach an unexpected destination. I myself thought this way as well.” ~ Yejin about her favorite line from cloy +
  13. Oct 2, 2021 Japan NHK Documentary Japan has been the biggest fans and given us a lot more on CLOY from the fan meeting to the script book to the exhibitions. On Oct 2, 2021, Japan NHK broadcast a documentary on CLOY. The biggest revelation was that the swiss ending was not the original ending. Thanks to @binjinfeed for the translation from Japanese. It would have been this scene 😭 The director had also spoken about the ending in an earlier magazine interview: +
  14. It's just as well that he didn't tell the Crown Prince/King. Firstly, the CP seems to be a wuss. He would not have gone against the King. Secondly, now that he has a new Queen and a new favourite son, Lee Hwi would definitely have been killed or banished, to make way for a "proper" CP with the correct gender. Haha, that's true. I would at least try. Although I must confess I couldn't finish the melo Snow Queen (of course that could be partly because he had a horrible hairstyle 😂) and couldn't even start the sobber Friend our legend (he died). Ok taken note. CURRENT!
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