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  1. Yeah! I either got conned by the writer or will be conned. So I refuse to speculate further 😭😅 There's still a baby swap to consider. Looks like "Mouse" is really about an experiment by the government.
  2. She does have a lot of fans and they are quite fanatic. BinJin & SYJ fans went against them in some of the popularity contests last year and usually lost. But if she wins, will she turn up to accept the award? That's another question. Though things have cooled down some and her movie is doing fine.
  3. Wah @SilverMoonTea Taecyeon's character's name in The Game is Kim Tae Pyeong. This is Hyun Bin's name IRL! LOL.
  4. Hahahaha that's really funny! At least I recognise his faults! 😂 Stay away all of you!
  5. Noooo! I am a one man woman! It's that video's fault 😭 I watch The Game then I tell you if I'm still hot for him.
  6. You guys are bad influence. But I will try The Game 😅
  7. @mademoiselle Don't out me leh! Lucky he has no other show I want to watch now. Otherwise I may sink.
  8. That chemistry thing, I wonder if there is a bit of sub-text there 🤣 Haha, nothing is ever certain because of the lifestyle. But as long as he is not killed during his new undertakings and Cha Yong does not suddenly find his "business" unacceptable, what's to stop them? Their ending is really within their own control. Looks like SJK agrees with @gilaswan
  9. I have to confess, I did for one day 😭 He's so sexy here. I almost want to say - please sweat on me 😊🤣
  10. I could tell you but you'd hate me... 😂🤣 Inzaghi has migrated to Malta. I feel the same! When Han Seo snatched Joo Woo's hand and pointed the gun at himself, Vincenzo leaned Cha Yong against the table/sofa. I thought he would then sprint across to help HS! But no, again, he is just stationery there with CY! Don't be. He's left a room for her on his Malta Island. His room 🤣. Plus Malta's really nice! Deep blue clear sea all around. The ending is a bit like CLOY. From the time she drove up in her hospital clothes
  11. I think you can watch the start of Predator 2 - just that 5 min where they show Jae Hoon/Bareum and his thoughts/writing his diary. Heh heh. You don't think this scene confirms Ji-eun is Bareum's mother? Am I being misled by the writer 😭😅
  12. In the trashy novels, the rich man always falls for the pretty maid 🤣😅
  13. Woah I can feel @dream's love for Le Je Hoon 😂😂😂 Haha so true! But the car scenes are so fun to watch and done really well with the bgm! https://youtu.be/DOces8N3pJY if the video is blocked The thing I never understood, and this happens in almost every show, is why the car in the middle keeps going at that same speed. Just brake or suddenly slow down and the 2 cars will hit each other 🙄 So was Do-ki trying to save the prosecutor team? Although they landed in the sand instead of crashing into the excavator, he
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