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Trophies and Medals

  1. Oppa Expert

    For knowing and loving my oppas so well!


  2. Live Chat Launch Party!

    A memento of the glorious Launch Party hosted by Soju and Abs! Chatting, singing, maybe even some dancing!

  3. Staff Knowledge

    You think you know, but do you really know?

  4. Halloween Event 2020

    Awarded for participating into the limited event

  5. Start Up Sandbox

    Making your own dreams come true.

  6. Kim Seon Ho

    World dominator!

    Dominating your hearts and the world with his dimples!

  7. Tiger Protector

    I may look cute and cuddly, but don't let that fool you.

    I'm a fierce tiger and your personal protector!

    Granted on the 100th day of JangHaven

  8. Knowing Each Other

    Thank you for taking part in our Guess the Member game!

    You make being here together so much fun.

  9. Mr. Queen

    A modern male soul in a Joseon era female Queen. Uniquely herself.

  10. Happy Lunar New Year

    Receive many blessings in the new year!

  11. BinJin

    BinJin Forever!

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