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  1. Yay, another one I'd like to watch! Also, I like Bambi Zhu!
  2. I actually teared up when he was fighting. Normally not the kind of scene that will get me, but it did. And gosh, applause too for his support team. That look of so much surprise when he showed up, and maintaining the disbelief as they watch is hard to act IMO. The two child actors didn't disappoint! I'm done watching until ep49. The most notable and powerful for me are the scenes when Sun's adoptive mother chose to die and what happened afterwards, when A'dou was killed, and LOL, when Hao Du gave that watermelon smile. There are many more, small ones, that are memorabl
  3. The mounts of Tu Kashe and Khan must be Arabian horses. 😅
  4. I must say, the young cast members of this drama are very good! They can give some older actors a run of their money in acting. Still binge watching, now at ep29. I think I can finish the rest in 2 more days. Until now, I haven't been bored in any scenes or episodes yet.
  5. @SilverMoonTea I'm binge watching Long Ballad right now, but yup, I'll consider it as one of the next to watch. 😉
  6. I do, grew up to it, thanks to great grandparents who survived both the WWs. They told me their life and experiences during the wars. Do you know how to clean fish? 😉
  7. Plenty of eps for me to catch up, but I think I can finish all this week. Now about to start Ep14. Young A'dou is a good child actor. Hope he continues acting without getting self conscious as he grows older.
  8. Now I've resumed watching after couple weeks of hiatus. Just done with Ep7, about to start Ep8. Great way to be entertained and have some meal before the fasting hours start again. 🙂 Ep7- there are former friends and family members you can't be friends or filial to again. True. Trust abused or betrayed is a sure relationship breaker. The funny thing is that they expect that nothing has changed.
  9. Gosh, I need to catch up so much! RL demanded a break in many things for a while. Will seriously binge watch from this week on.🙂
  10. Lurking in the threads. 😁 Happy weekend!
  11. I wish! You belong to top 10 when you play social games. 😁
  12. Fortunately no, hehehe! Do you bake?
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