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  1. Legend of Everfree theme 🙂 Missing outdoor activities and long trips. Sigh.
  2. Nope. 🙂 Woke up early for a short trip today?
  3. @OsmanthusTea Johm Williams' a genius for OST: Casper, Harry Potter... Here's another favourite: And this is one awesome visual for it which isn't Darth Vader. 😁
  4. Hahaha, nope! Want a burger later?
  5. It was about to be released, right? Yeah, all the efforts of other cast members and the crew went up in smoke. At the same time, it's gratifying to know that a country's government can step in into matters like this. I rather think what is there to read is still less than what was actually found out before he's banned.
  6. More than 2. 😁 Enjoying a book now? The Ghost Doctor for me at the moment, it got more than 5000 chapters. 😍
  7. ML has been cancelled by the government. Unless the scenes of his are re-shot, this drama is good as forever shelved.
  8. Oh good! I've found the novel, and it's only 30 something chapters plus the 16 epilogue. I can read it while waiting for more chapters of The Ghost Doctor to be translated. 😁 @NiteWalker The posters' purpleness is a bit funny for me. That, and the bubbleheaded bunny. I'll probably wait for more eps aired before I binge watch.
  9. Track list for YAMG 🙂 Her Long Ballad and Legend of Anle co-star Liu Yuning sings one of the OST.
  10. Ahahaha, no, but just about to have a nap for an hour or two Do you like olives?
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