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  1. ride on this wana share another version of Chinese translation for this part, the keyword is "์‹ ํ˜ผ newly wed" and thats why the 2 others answered "์—ฌํ–‰ travel" (meaning honeymoon for newly wed); while SG answered "๊ฒฐํ˜ผ marriage", making it as "์‹ ํ˜ผ ๊ฒฐํ˜ผ newly wed+marriage", as it sounds a bit weird for this phrase even in Korean, so others doubt if this phrase really exist and ask what is it LOL then the guest in SG's team act like an angel and being supportive saying its possible to describe as "i'm now in a newly wed marriage". anyway, it shows marriage, get married, wedding, all these ar
  2. wana revisit the happiness index/life chart that SG shared in MITH EP143 in Oct 2020, the red line for his real happiness and the blue line for how the public see him in terms of popularity/successful level. His happiness rises largely during and after military and the peak is at 2020!!! He said he got a balance now and willing to listen to himself (his real thoughts), this also imply that something good has happened in 2020 that makes SG happy!:) a hint of showing that he enjoys his personal life now as someone special stands by him and support him.
  3. LMH and SG were singing Aloha, a OST of the hospital drama in 2020. Aloha (Translated in English) A candle in the dark, a wineglass filled with our promise I will always stay by your side and protect you, because you've always believed in me The only thing I've been dreaming of is eternal happiness with you It doesn't have to be fancy or perfect, the only thing I want is you Don't worry (l believe) Always (l believe) I won't forget this moment In my arms (l believe) your smile will never lose it
  4. yes, feel like SG loves his new phone so much that he keeps showing it in MITH recently (which is not necessary); and wana keep his eyes on his phone whenever hv time:D he must be thinking of someone special during work, so sweet as what he sings "cause your love is so sweet, you are my everything.....you are the one in my life"
  5. Among the series of LF press con pictures that SG posted on IG, the last one actually was SM talking, can it be a kind of connection between SG and SM where SG selectively chose the last pic? https://www.instagram.com/p/B1EH_xbnWPn/ Actually, SG did helped to promote LF with a few IG posts: the post that holding Yeolmu; the post that he shared his childhood pics with LF tag and mentioned August is the month of childcare; the post that he was doing carpenter work - making of the wooden stool for kids; the press con series of pic; and the post of traditional rice cake for
  6. Little Forest PD will take over MITH, meaning SG must think of LF always hahhaaa, and may have more "creative" or surprising ideas for MITH from now on! it's good to have some changes!
  7. When SG said never tried couple yoga and shook his head abit, his eyes rolled so big and didn't blink at all, immediately got tensed. Yes....he is the one who brought this topic up and spotted the yoga mat, and after that he demonstrated the couple yoga perfectly....maybe he is thinking he did couple yoga but it's not with his lover at that time, so considered that he can deny and say didnt try couple yoga at all, tricky ans!
  8. here is a summary of the interaction between SG and SM during radio interview: - they all teased at SJ and asked the host no need ask SJ's question, as SJ said he dun hv much confidence on the rating for the show to be on air - SG agreed with Nara and praised SM that she takes very good care of kids, and popular among kids - SM "WoW" when the commercial break was ended and the radio show resume, SG laughed happily together - the host asked about comments on SM, SG listened carefully on Narae's comment, Nara said SM's personality and acting skills are good - SG said l
  9. In the little forest press con, SM was being asked this is her first time participating in variety show, who (among SG, SJ, Narae) worked perfectly with her. SM answered no time to think of this at all during shooting as they are fully occupied, and each of them take care different things, she learnt sth new from each of them. Then SM was being asked did she find it difficult for shooting variety show, SM said yes surely, its alot more tiring and exhausted than she imagined <<< this is the time that SG tapped SJ's thighs and laugh>>> SM continued and said while s
  10. https://twitter.com/Ley011387/status/1358395346573922310 SG is more determined now for getting married, because the right one appeared! he looks deeply in love now, so sweet!
  11. https://twitter.com/4everlsg_Aya/status/1358361666195390464 SG did the couple yoga perfectly well with Eun Woo and the Master, because he is practising couple yoga with SM all the time?
  12. https://twitter.com/1301sg/status/1358368749892423684 https://twitter.com/Igemwoeyo/status/1358374604801155076 that's a sweet message and it's a promise that he won't get divorced after married with his love. feel like SG is happy and enjoy this topic throughout the show, he enjoys the couple yoga, enjoy cooking, enjoy sharing.
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