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  1. @abs-oluteMI watched You are My Sunshine and loved the younger versions of the characters so much more than the adults! I am definitely putting this on my list to watch.
  2. Glad to see people are still excited about this show. I'm not a huge fan of some of the stories, Benedict and Francesca in particular, so I'll probably skip those seasons. I'm super excited for season 4 though as the 4th book is the best in my opinion. Penelope is my absolute favorite character in the series. I don't remember who said it earlier but I'm disappointed that they took away some of what her character's essence is. She's not the type to confront people so the whole blowout with Marina over Colin was weird to me. It's also weird that they already outed Penelope as Whistledown because that's such a huge part of her story, and part of what makes me love the 4th book so much was the journey I took to figuring out Whistledown's identity too. SLIGHT BOOK SPOILER BELOW As for the whole thing where Colin/Marina almost get married, I think the show was trying to give him a reason to leave the continent for a while since in the books he leaves for like 10 years, or something like that, between Simon/Daphne's story and his own. Without the show watchers having context for him to stay away that long, and the depicted obvious closeness of the Bridgerton family, it seems like they were trying to give him a reason to be out of the picture for that long.
  3. @Dhakra I can't have hydras but I do the chicken build where I can go fast af! it's so fun. lol. chicken build plus that staff that makes my locust swarm auto cast? heck yes! I play with friends who do they hydra thing though. so there's that.
  4. @Dhakra It is but I am very much a social gamer. My friends play diablo, so do I. My friends play classic wow, so do I. I don't do well playing games alone. Diablo is definitely a social game for me. Its definitely more fun in co-op though. If I hadn't been carried through the set dungeon this season, I wouldn't have finished it but my friends know how much of a sucker I am for pets so there's that. I don't think we're going back to retail anytime soon though. They've added too much bs that just makes the game not fun to play anymore. =/ What are you playing atm?
  5. @Dhakra Yeah, I didn't play it at all when it originally came out so when retail 9.1 took forever to even be announced, I got talked into playing Classic and D3. Never played D3 before either but I really like playing Witch Doctor. I suck at it, but I like it.
  6. @TRaNz I feel bad. LOL. Stop making me feel bad! =p Nah, I just wasn't on voice too much. But the people I talk to are not top tier, Ivy League. I'm still undergrad. I do community college. lol @NiteWalker I probably won't play the rpg game tbh. I'm too far behind and I don't enjoy playing with people I don't have some interaction with. Right now I've been playing WoW: TBC classic (World of Warcraft, the burning crusade) and Diablo 3.
  7. This is true, and doubly true if any of your friend group works food service. It's too much like work at times. >< I think we passed all the levels once with 3 stars and then moved on to other things. Only took a couple days of attempts. Yep! Not insane amounts like before as I still have other stuff going on outside of school but at least I have time to check/reply on JH and discord! It's so weird to have time to play video games without having to stay up until 4am to do it. Daaaaang. Definitely a chaebol male lead right here. Female lead: homework, job, etc. Male lead: upset that female lead won't drop it all to hang out with him.
  8. Hahahaha. I have that game! It's such a good drinking night thing. What level have you guys gotten to? I'm getting that vibe too..... Hey, at least I warned people I was going to be busy with school. My signature said Currently Watching: Business Calc ALL THE TIME until last night.
  9. @TRaNzNobody really believes you think I'm a newbie. We only have a ship centered around us. no big deal. =p @mademoiselle I like romance stuff; of course. But I really have no idea what's come out lately. I feel like I haven't surfaced for air in weeks. I think I talked to @TRaNz like 3 weeks ago? and that's it. I have no idea about drama-land..... but if the romance is cute, I'm in! I am on summer break from school though. I have life things going on but I'll be around a lot more than I have been the past few months. I legitimately did NOT think I would be as busy as I was. It was horrible! . 18 again is that Chinese drama right? I've had it on my list forever but just no time to watch.
  10. @SilverMoonTea Probably! Idk what exactly I'll watch yet. I'm kind of just in "oh I'm done, I can relax" mode. Don't want to do anything except veg and play video games. LOL Which was your favorite?
  11. Hello again everyone! Sorry I've been so MIA the past few months, I was really struggling to keep up with my life/school workload and just didn't have time to pop on. How have you guys been? How's the drama world? Catch me up! Missed you all! <3<3<3<3
  12. @SilverMoonTea I've been stuck working on school stuff in every spare moment. You should see more of me May-August though.
  13. I am alive guys! Just extremely busy with real life things. Miss you all!

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      I'm glad to hear you are doing ok!! :duckhearts:

  14. @mirmz omg. Your teacher sounds JUST LIKE the Calculus teacher I had in high school! Do you have that class after lunch too? Because that would just be the icing on the cake for falling asleep in class! Have you tried telling the teacher that you already know the material [and that she can quiz you on it to prove it] and asked if you can work on stuff for other classes until you get to material that you don't know?
  15. @mirmz Interesting! I don't think I've ever done it that way tbh. I usually do mine in worst to best class order. Leave plenty of time to do the classes I suck in and do the easiest classes last, where the procrastination isn't going to affect me as much. . I don't think I've ever taken consumer science but why don't you like history?
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