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  1. @SilverMoonTea I've been stuck working on school stuff in every spare moment. You should see more of me May-August though.
  2. I am alive guys! Just extremely busy with real life things. Miss you all!

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    2. NiteWalker


      hahaha good ....keep yourself busy is the best thing hehehe

    3. SilverMoonTea


      Miss u!! :duckhearts:

    4. Tofu


      I'm glad to hear you are doing ok!! :duckhearts:

  3. @mirmz omg. Your teacher sounds JUST LIKE the Calculus teacher I had in high school! Do you have that class after lunch too? Because that would just be the icing on the cake for falling asleep in class! Have you tried telling the teacher that you already know the material [and that she can quiz you on it to prove it] and asked if you can work on stuff for other classes until you get to material that you don't know?
  4. @mirmz Interesting! I don't think I've ever done it that way tbh. I usually do mine in worst to best class order. Leave plenty of time to do the classes I suck in and do the easiest classes last, where the procrastination isn't going to affect me as much. . I don't think I've ever taken consumer science but why don't you like history?
  5. @mirmz Do you do the work for those classes first to get it out of the way?
  6. I wasn't even going to ask. It's smart not to tell anyone your age on the internet. Never know who's on the other end of the screen. I don't count Thanksgiving as a proper "break" since it's only a 4 day weekend vs having a couple weeks off from school. That's why I jumped straight to Christmas. I'd ask if you had any plans for your birthday but considering the way my state is going [we're going back to uber lockdown starting tomorrow] and that you said your school has now shut down, I think you're in the same boat. =/ But hey! Not failing any classes is good! Especial
  7. @mirmz Just woke up so it hasn't really gone anywhere yet. lol. Trying to wake up enough to be able to concentrate on my school work. Want to get it all done with so I can spend Thanksgiving weekend playing video games. You doing alright in your classes? Ready for Christmas break?
  8. Hi @mirmz! How is your day going?
  9. I don't know. I've always just liked figuring out variables and such. Plus, I had really good teachers for Algebra 1 and 2. It's easy to love a class when you're good at it and the teachers take the time to make sure you understand the core concepts. Also, math answers don't change! Once you understand how to figure things out, you'll know how to do it every time. Unlike with some other classes where the concepts/accepted outcomes change every few months it seems. If you don't have Netflix, where do you watch your anime?
  10. I love how you guys tag me for this but not @TRaNz. Is he really that scary? @bairama Don't think I didn't notice you were the instigator here. @mirmz I actually liked Pre-algebra and Algebra in general. Guess I'm the oddball here. lol. If you're still looking for an anime and have any interest at all in Greek mythology, Blood of Zeus on Netflix is pretty good! Not sure what the viewer rating is though so might want to eyeball that first. PS. Loving all the new emojis!
  11. We've been friends for years so it doesn't count! You should do it though. Just stay away from mentions of TS and you're golden. There's plenty of stuff that you can say about yourself that most people here wouldn't easily be able to guess!
  12. @Alice Wonderland I think so! I found all the candies but I wasn't the first one to do it I don't think. I think that belongs to either @im0202 or @mademoiselle! Hint:
  13. By spending too many hours of my life skimming through every page of every thread/club/announcement we have here. I needed those emojis!
  14. @im0202 Did you send @Soju your list already with the 29 you found? I found all of them but I think one of them is hidden to members so you might be the first one to find all of the ones that are actually visible to you! I brought the hidden one to Soju's attention but he's sleeping right now so can't fix it until morning.
  15. Yeah, this quarter ends Dec 15th and I think the Winter term starts January 7th? The schedule is a little weird right now so it's hard to say exactly when classes end/begin atm. Hwaiting!
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