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  1. While hunting for pictures, found this old article: https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2020/04/09/actor-lee-jaewook-revealed-to-be-a-star-student-in-his-school-popular-among-female-students-343242 Popular with the ladies from a young age, eh? Not surprised...but found it funny that he always had fan girls writing comments about him anonymously.
  2. Ooooh Thanks for this! I wonder how it works with Netflix I guess we get some version of this non-sub timeline? Ehh, I'm in no rush to be honest given all the things coming out at once when I'm honestly a one episode a week gal Loving all this promo content and they look cute doing their little cleaning dance
  3. Yay! Glad you guys all liked the goodies! It made me happy to find someone willing to translate that content and I thought it was worth the share especially since we've love this series even 5 months after it ended and despite it's ending Can't believe Move to Heaven will come out next week and LJW looks so good in the teaser pic. I also loooove Lee Je Hoon at the moment and the story sounds so touching and unique! If you guys are interested in a chat, we have a thread for Move to Heaven here: I totally agree about Hong Sister's projects being a hit or miss
  4. I'm not sure what works in the tiny square format, but here are some nice pictures that I like of him - any of these are fine unless someone has better pictures of him Sorry for the LJW spam...hard to find just one good picture you know... Hahaha, I suppose that's why he goes topless every second drama He is also very tall and handsome in real life. You know how some people look good in pictures but then look less flattering in real life? That's not him - he is super pretty And onto my third Oppa, L
  5. I know right?! I was like, who is this random guy talking.....Ooooh...it's meant to be "Jasper" Hahaha it's ok we have @SilverMoonTea to fangirl on our behalf Yeah, I'm not sure how Chinese dramas work...I'll need your guidance @Tofu . How many episodes is this drama? I'm excited for all my favourites appearing again too...even if it will kill me in the one week!
  6. I've been busy this week for late replies! Yes was definitely thinking it would have been nice if LJW joined Artist Agency or Salt...but I think it's nice to see he's been confirmed with a new agency. For awhile it felt a bit up in the air and during a time when lots of young artists were being suspected of things....him joining a new agency feels comforting, especially because I think agencies must be pretty careful with picking new artists these days...so it feels reassuring? I hope they will look after him well and give him lots of opportunities and us fans lots of picture/ phot
  7. A Rich and Handsome Mr Jasper Gu Not restricted in Australia either... ...but suddenly I have too many dramas to watch. Still watching Sell Your Haunted House and Taxi Driver...But also suddenly getting Use for Your Talent, Doom at your Service and Move to Heaven dropped on me all at once...Not sure whether to be happy or stressed His voice is so beautiful and soothing. It makes me sad that it'll be some random voice actor's voice Hahaha I've turned from best Japer fan to most lazy Jasper fan...I was pretty meh at fi
  8. He looks so gooooood...can't wait for this one to come out! Not just for LJW, but because the story looks quite interesting and touching too Your post on Twitter made me super happy too Hahaha well I guess they couldn't make them all look trash...if they must give LJH a mullet, better give LJW the clean cut looks
  9. Hahaha, between you and me we have the EY leads strongly covered Someone make me a LJW badge one day please Edit: Speaking of EY, I came across a LJW edit to a Britney Spears song, and it made me laugh because it's meant to be 'naughty'. Has to be watched with the music for full effect https://www.instagram.com/bestkdramakimchi2/?hl=en Hahaha hopefully...but he'll be dubbed Hoping his chemistry with SY will be a pulling card, but honestly, he was always best with Puff - They are super playful with each other I don't think any of Jasper's new
  10. I'm looking forward to no love triangle also...Aaaaand KTO even in a small role is most welcome in my books. I've missed his beautiful face @abs-oluteM Hahaha, she's just so good at cuteness. I liked Do Bong Soon despite the filler episodes because of Do Bong Soon being super cute (and PHS of course!) In the photoshoot video, I'm impressed they didn't have laughing fits when looking into each other's eyes for so long. I would have laughed sooo hard I don't think I could be so unnaturally romantic You know I always look at PBY and think
  11. Hahaha how cutteeeee I don't think it's Mimi (Byeol) I just checked her Instagram and nothing was posted. Also I think this dog has a slightly bigger body. Kinda looks like the size of my dog. Mimi was very small It's probably the DYLB phootshoot dog....Maybe it belongs to the photographer since it always turns up at photoshoots
  12. Hahaha Yes!!! You're such a mindreader @mademoiselle - I was thinking how I was going to post about this today because I finally found the clip Also I've started watching Hello it's Me! as a waiting-for-public-transport show on my phone and noticed Kim Young Kwan's character also wears a similar jumper! (But not sure if exactly the same...still they sure love this bumblebee look )
  13. Episode 5 -This line is really relatable. Honestly, it's me when someone comes up to ask me a question at work just when I've decided that it's time to head out to lunch: -I really like that the ghost cases are not just confined neatly to the separate episodes and the ghost stories seem to tie into the personal stories of both OIB and HJA....but there's still the OCD version of me that wishes each ghost story was started and summed up in one episode for the sake of my memory ...but I think this style is actually differentiating it from other ghost series
  14. Episode 3 & 4 -I'm behind, but finally catching up! I actually really like this series, but just been busy the days that it's been on! -I love HJA and Secretary Joo's savageness towards OIB and KHS...it's hilarious when they drew up the contract and they literally wrote "+1" for KHS Even more funny...the grilling about his purity!! Poor guy got outed in front of everyone! I really like the dry humour and the banter between OIB and HJA -This series is really letting the leads get all touchy feely as much as possible even in episodes 3 and 4 I like that he is her
  15. Hahaha that was quick Song Kang has much more work to do As the taco girl said, why not both? I see you adopted the wisdom of Taco girl Hahahaha "please sweat on me" ?! What a line. You mean that you should rub sweat on each other, right? LOL I see @mademoiselle is determined to see @Chocolate widen her heart from just Hyun Bin Hahaha @mademoiselle is correct. You have my support @Chocolate I love Jasper Liu I love Lee Jae Wook Currently I'm really into Le
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