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  1. This is true! I do wonder about LJW since he's normally go several projects on the go He was pretty much doing Search WWW and Extraordinary You at the same time and when that finished, went straight into When the Weather was fine...and then into DDSSLLS. It seems weird not to leverage the momentum of having just finished his first lead role...but maybe he really needs a break...and he could be waiting for better projects. I know his fans all miss him for sure! Ooooh you're beautiful edits are always welcome if you choose to make any I love how much cheer your talents h
  2. I'm still deciding whether I want to watch this one... On the one hand I'm curious about the squid costume and it looks funny! On the other hand, I'm taking a break from live watching several dramas at the one time...And I'm not sure if I want to live watch a KBS rom com since DDSSLLS got me with the ending of the last rom-"com" I watched Still, I might pick it up since I'm so use to having several dramas on the go... Speaking of DDSSLLS, I heard the male lead is similar to Lala in the money department...
  3. Hahaha do my villains have to be hot? I can't think of any hot ones!!!
  4. For you Rowoon lovers @mademoiselle @abs-oluteM
  5. Hahaha I'm glad you liked my discovery I have spent a little too much time on Instagram! He does seem to wear that jacket a lot! Here's another photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIAvSMmnUR4/ Haha, I wonder who made the call to let him wear the jacket as Jun...haha, a character's costume isn't normally fashion - it's specifically designed for the character so that they portray a certain style and behaviour...so I guess they feels like LJW 'is' Jun And I wonder if LJW offered it to GAR during the shoot since it was cold at night time...he would have been fin
  6. Shen Yue and Jerry Yan is like what you said about Kingone looking like Rainie's uncle I do like Jerry a lot...but there's already a huge difference between Jasper and Shen Yue! I would die from happiness
  7. Wow this thread is so active lately! Feel like I've missed out by not joining This is definitely the definition of fast food - 2 min noodles! I've had dessert pizza before, but it turned out more like a flat strawberry tart with a cream base? So not really a pizza but a tart? How is Hello? It's Me going? I'm in 2 minds about watching it. It looks like it'd be fun and the story sounds interesting...but not really attached to any actors in it and lazy with live watch? Do you guys think I'd like it?
  8. Wow, this news is killing the internet today. So apparently they've signed a contract to re-make a Korean version of Someday or One Day which is pretty much the best Taiwanese drama out there. While I don't personally like re-makes, I am curious about it being remade since it was so popular in Korea. I doubt they would be able to do the series justice because original content is the best and it was just a good combination of actors, chemistry, cast chemistry, scriptwriting etc....but even just saying that it's be interesting to see a Korean version on Twitter earned me some salty c
  9. Also wanted to say the dialogue is very sharp and cutting which is fun along with that oddly dramatic and ironic music at the end of the episodes...And yay, the girl Min-Jung is Kang Min Ah from True Beauty This actress has had quite a fast jump - she's already going into a lead role next (Blue Spring from a Distance)
  10. Haha, it's just like her Instagrams...I like that GAR is so carefree with her rings. But also maybe it helps her when one day the rings come to mean something no one will know I'll watch a trailer and see how I feel...I never knew PEB and LJY worked together actually, so I'm excited about discovering it, but I'm not good with ghost stories unless it's reasonably light and there are warm/interesting backstories for the ghosts like Hotel Del Luna and even then I was covering my eyes. I always think of LJY fondly from Weightlifting Fairy and a few other side roles I've seen
  11. Hahaha I was just about to ask this since I noticed the picture change! I have to say he is really looking good in this series. I use to not feel anything for this one. I do think his hair has gotten better...so maybe you're onto something about the hair
  12. Episodes 1&2 -Just finished 2 eps of this and I'm enjoying it so far, but man is SHK's face super creepy when he does his soulless eyed jeers at YJG -I love a good small, backwater town with a close-knit surface but massively sinister undertone. The fact that "someone is always watching" also means that someone in the town did the deed and there's often a few others covering it up for some reason or another -It looks like LDH's cameo might be reoccurring since they seem to slip in and out of his memories of what happened in LDS's youth? -I agree with @abs-oluteM
  13. Hahaha not going to lie, I always thought this too. Thanks for saying what he were all thinking
  14. Skipping a few replies to say: I know, right?? It's like what has this series done?? I'm sure the logical reason is that there's some sort of copyright issues...I just tested the other videos, and some have been blocked too, so maybe there is a disagreement or contract thing with KBS. Hahaha, this series was meant to be healing, but I think I've gotten so anxious about happy things being taken away The main thing DSSLLS has taught me is that if you like something, download it right away or it'll probably disappear! In any case, I've put up the other BTS videos t
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