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  1. Yep it's out! I watched on KissAsia Oooh thank you! That makes much more sense. Haha, look at me poking fun at Tik Tok generation when I also mentally skip information while watching dramas On the other hand does that mean I'm like one of the youths of today?
  2. I think because it's hard to play a character with autism if you don't have it - you'd want to make them look believable, but not stereotypical and you'd want to play them as having a heart, but not always being able to understand/ relate to the world around (whilst also not trying to paint the disability in a bad light). Those who pull it off are truly talented actors!
  3. I forgot this one started yesterday! But since the episodes were so short, squeezed them after my other short supernatural drama, The Witch's Diner Episodes 1-2 - The good thing about this is that the supernatural parts are not scary at all (The only scary parts are the suicides )- I find the evil spirits remind me of The Uncanny Counter . I do think it's kind of funny (but logical) that an evil spirit at school targets students who come last (because of the real-life pressure of rankings in Korean schools). But why only at that specific school huh? - KSR and NDR didn't feature much in the first ep, though I guess it set up her backstory of being the reluctant shaman....and I don't blame her for being reluctant. How traumatising would it be for a little kid like her to have to see someone do that?! Also poor cute child actress had to run up so many flights of stairs! - Well, the end of Ep 1 where Na Woo Soo (NWS) stares at Ga Doo Shim (GDS) was pretty But then I got to the end of episode 2 and he hugs her?! Wow, NWS is quick. The romance here is moving faster than at The Witch's Diner They both look so good when they're looking at each other though - Haha can't believe the teacher touched the shoulders of top student NWS...my friends are primary/ high school teachers and you're definitely not suppose to make contact with your students - I didn't understand the part where the mum almost got choked...was that the blond ghost or a different blond ghost? As in the one who died at the start of ep 1 and later also shows up and talks to her? I know he wants them to find is mum, but why would he try to choke them?! I feel like she can, but maybe she's quite weak? I know right? What's with all the ultra short series these days?? Is it because they're tailoring to the TikTok generation who have limited attention spans and find it hard to get through Youtube videos? On the other hand, I am kind of use to this because some Western shows on Netflix tend to be 20-30 mins long. I finished The Good Place which was about 20 mins per ep. But I guess it's weird for K-dramas which often have rather full multiple storylines with twists and extensive character and romance developments
  4. Hahaha, my main thought while watching Episode 4 was: Has this girl never seen The Little Mermaid before?!? She totally got sea witched = trades amazing singing voice for a man! Ugh, no...you should never trade your talents for a jerk who didn't notice/ appreciate you! On an even bigger scale....NOOOOOOOOO.....Jin can't fall for that Nevertheless guy when Gil Yong/ Chae Jong Hyeop just scored a date! Thank god @mademoiselle tagged me and @Tofu for the behind the scenes crumbs Episode 4 - I'm glad that GY's friend is back from the hospital and no longer scared of the bullies...and Damn, Gil Yong looked so cool standing up for his friend However, it makes me wonder how they're going to stand up to the bullies...not through the witch's food right? - Ah, I was simultaneously sympathetic and mehhh about this week's restaurant visitor. As mentioned before, she fell into the exact same trap as The Little Mermaid. Haha, I personally would have started running as soon as Heera said she wanted a voice payment because we all know from the fairytale that she's not going to be 'loved' once she gives her voice away. - What I liked about this week's episode is that it shows that we always think we'll be happy if we get want we want, especially when something bad happens and we always have a sense of nostalgia for things being better the way they were. But actually sometimes one doors closes so that another one opens. If actress had accepted that her boyfriend had cheated on / dumped her, she could have found someone even better. But because she forces fate to align with her wishes, she no longer has that sense of nostalgia and the truth is that her everyday relationship was already full of cracks but she romanticised it when she was told it was over. Letting go is key. - Speaking of the 'someone better' she could have ended up with, damn, she missed out! ...A doctor who loved musicals and came to watch her every show?! I thought it was silly that she didn't question who the flowers were from when she got them. But I guess people tend to fixate when they break up - Noooo!!! I'm stressed for Gil Yong and Jin. I mean, I was so happy that Jin just volunteered herself for a date with him (notice Gil Yong was all adorable smiles when he didn't have to do much for her to agree to see a movie )...That scene where they walked home together made me smile for a week...but now there's danger because of damn Tom Kim - Why did she have to eat the leftovers?! But I guess Jin wasn't thinking of anyone as she ate since it's not about her ex coming back into the picture. The girl was just hungry - But wait, did Heera's words mean that Heera herself ate magic food (ie. succumbed to magic) and that meant she 'chose' to be a witch? I can't wait to see Heera's backstory. - Jin's mum definitely struck a deal with the witch. Maybe Jin got lost and the deal was: Find my daughter and you can have her when she hits a certain age? - Hahaha he was also the abusive boyfriend in Age of Youth ....haha maybe the actress wouldn't have been happy with him either Maybe the torture is she thinks she would have been happier with him (although JIJ was the fairly likeable funny best friend in Weightlifting Fairy) I think it shows that the wishes are not instant gratification. It takes time for things to come into effect, and could take months and years. Though the payment was taken relatively quickly I would have thought he would get prize money or something, but maybe that was spent on his hospital bills *me overthinking drama logic* That's why I wish there were more episodes to flesh out the storylines - I'm thinking maybe that is the lady he saved? Maybe she has a rich family or something. I think maybe there'll be a few episodes where SJH will have more airtime, but I feel like Jin is the main character. But I'm not too surprised since I feel like it was sold to me that way (ie. from the posters and promo stuff). Totally agree the episodes are short...I need more! Yep totally felt the same way about the actress' wish! Having seen friends (both guys and girls) go through bad long-term break-ups, I guess you should never make rash decisions straight after a break up. People get so irrational at that point. And You're totally right - no one should pin their self-worth on a relationship or someone elses' love or their opinions of you. I guess the problem is people tend to do it if it's a long-term relationship and they were not privy to the decision to end it. Still I'd hope to love myself enough to never torture myself in that way
  5. Chae Jong Hyeop has such a killer smile....I have a weak heart...he's going to kill me at this rate
  6. Wow Her performance was really good in the team competitions too, especially since she had to do an unexpected routine to replace Simone Biles Wow, that's so cool that you've seen her before in real life and kind of know her family. Haha, I have no connections to athletes as far as I know. I like watching gymnastics though Australia doesn't ever really make it into those finals. But swimming is good. We seem to have amazing swimmers who somehow find energy in the last 50m to beat everyone I keep missing Malaysia badminton matches! I saw Women's Doubles Quarter-finals where Korea beat Japan. It was an intense match too. The final game ended up being 28 to 26 since each team kept catching up to the other
  7. Hahaha, so you are in the same notorious dropping league as @SilverMoonTea I can't really fast forward dramas even if it's predictable Haha, but given the length of Chinese dramas, you would have to in order to keep up with all the ones coming out! I generally tend to know what I like, so I only drop a few dramas each year. So far this year it's only been Sweet Home and You are my Spring Hahaha...I'm not much of a binging person. It happens only once in awhile...remember, I'm the only person who liked the 1 episode per week Taiwanese schedule. And I came to Janghaven because I met @Jane when it took us 6 weeks to watch the Jasper Liu- Lee Seung Gi variety Twogether and we could have just binged it in 24 hours as all the episodes were dropped by Netflix on one day @mademoiselle is like the Olympian of K-drama watching Oooohhh Thanks so much for this @stroppyse It's nice to know what they're saying since this seems to be a nice little clip of these two! Hehe, my Korean is nowhere near advanced enough to understand clips. But this week I learn how to negate verbs and adjectives using 안 They're so cute... Gil Yong is very smooth - pulls out all stops including his height as tools of seduction...can't blame Jin for falling into his trap The logic of that scene went from "Hey I'm taller than you" to "Let's watch a movie" But I love them soooooooooooooooooo much
  8. Noooo ...I want as much (good) Kingdom content as I can get! Haha, I suppose if JJH is not free they can always turn Ashin into a side character...a stepping stone to another evil person (even though they teased out the character so much that she even got her own stand alone movie )
  9. Those pictures are soooo pretty. They're both so stylish in black! I'm already living for this pair....why do all my faves have to be in super short dramas?
  10. Don't worry @Tofu...I choose to believe we also could have been Olympians, but we sacrificed that to watch dramas Hahaha, does that make me feel better? I'm not sure....
  11. @Tofu @NiteWalker If they're not young and talented....then they are multi-talented? How are some of these people lawyers/ dentists / university professors and also Olympians?! https://www.buzzfeed.com/kristenharris1/olmpic-athletes-day-jobs?d_id=2440585&ref=bftwbuzzfeed&utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bftwbuzzfeed
  12. Thanks for that @Tofu ...I thought he looked quite good in the blonde, though I guess bleach kills your hair very badly! Hahaha...even if he tried hard not to be cute, he wouldn't be able to succeed...
  13. Wow, this is so wrong on so many levels. It's full of stereotypes and also the types of images selected ...if it was just food and holiday locations, fine - it's like they're introducing the places themselves. But the way that it's horrible things for certain countries is really bad and narrow minded Whoa, I'm crushing on him already because he says girls don't have to be skinny Yeah, nothing like the Olympics to make you feel like you haven't achieved much ...all these 13-17 years olds already getting gold medals...and then there's me, an adult, double some of their ages, struggling not to make my tea too hot or to spill it while I watch them perform on TV
  14. Haha don't blame you - it looked painful! I was glad I wasn't eating dinner! This leading trio are the best And even though it's not a long drama, they've built up chemistry really well. Haha, can't believe you recognise all the drama locations Yayyyy, glad you're watching. I agree, it's got rather smooth graphics and there's an air of mystery which I always like in the series I pick up. Haha, I wonder if the series is short because it was expensive to do those magical graphics I see you're spreading the good word about Chae Jong Hyeop on all mediums Haha, I wouldn't underestimate yourself though... I think you watch the most types of Asian dramas out of everyone - Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, Korean (Do you watch Japanese ones? ). I tend to do Taiwanese, Korean or International shows (usually British, American or occasionally, Spanish). Correct me if I'm wrong, I think @mademoiselle is able to fit in Western shows because she said she doesn't really care for Chinese dramas? Chinese dramas are intense with their dropping 10 episodes at a time!
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