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  1. I feel like CLOY was actually ok compared with some other things I've seen (eg. my most hated trope - the fatal illness- noble idiocy break up dramas...I made the mistake of watching a few when I first started watching dramas...everyone treats everyone poorly in the guise of protecting their feelings...but then everyone is still crying for the last 10 episodes straight anyway ). I don't much the crying if it's like danger and you might not know if they're safe in the DPRK. But I do mind crying if it's petty/ jealousy/ breaking up for a dumb reason type crying. In terms of soppy romances, I thought CLOY held up the romantic tension well during the DPRK portion...it got a bit soppier in Seoul, when their lives weren't in danger. haha....danger is like the antidote to soppiness So true. I probably do follow one too many fan socials for LJW, HY and RW. I'm just too lazy to find the news direct from the sources, so these accounts help...the down side is seeing everything 50000 times I think it's a bit of both - agency advice and individual choice. I feel like certain stars don't want to post with others because they have bigger fan bases which include the super rabid, possessive fans. Generally idols and popular young stars fall into this camp. There's lots of factors, but amongst them personal safety, safety of friends, privacy and not wanting to damage or reduce brand reputation. I think agencies would just care about brand reputation, but since there is always a risk whatever you do when you have rabid fans, some actors/ idols don't do it just in case. Also some people use to post, but stopped when their fan bases got bigger But for some actors - especially those with smaller followings (LOL 1m as opposed to 10m) - posting with co-stars can actually boost their reputations because people also like shipping and get excited about cast chemistry. So I can reasons for why different people would choose to or choose not to do something. Although not a shipper, I really like behind the scenes content, so it always appeals to me more if actors do post photos with co stars I also wondered But I actually think he's just meant to be portrayed as a moral guy with a strong sense of ethics who couldn't see an innocent baby die, especially one with royal blood....but I will laugh if they unroll a side story with his secret love for crown princess Totally agree. Crown Prince seems like he had no backbone because he wanted to live comfortably and safely inherit his position. And sure he was sad for like a minute...but I know all these old kings. The minute one beautiful wife dies they find like 10 new concubines to replace her I think it was meant to show she died of heartbreak. Which I guess is a kind of stress. I think she always assumed her daughter was alive somewhere. But after those events, she knew her son was definitely dead. She held it in for a long time for her kiddies.
  2. Hahaha, I don't count the Hye Yoon one because Lee Jae Wook is also there And all 3 of them posted that photo - I think LJW and HY posted first with long touching captions about how much they liked working on EY...and then RW put it up like a day later too not to be left out. I remember thinking, I've seen this photo too many times. I wonder if male stars just post like every few co-stars once in awhile when ok'ed by agency. lol. I feel like that's what happens often. LJW hasn't posted with a female co-star for his last few dramas...I remember it set off a little fan war with GAR's super fans who were like, "Why hasn't he posted with her!!!". But I mean he was happy to selfie with GAR and she made him do a zillion selfies each time which she posted on her socials...And he photobombed some of her selfies too I guess they're let off the hook if their co-star posts a lot. I think female stars tend to promote far better than their male counterparts almost all the time. Not surprised that PEB's feed is better that RW's, really Royal inspector = wears blue, is Ji-Woon's dad, he seems to work for the evil advisor, crown princess' dad. Yes, he seems to be their little lap dog who gets ordered to kill people. Personal Guard = wears red, I think it was mentioned that he works for Crown Prince, but seemed to do more for Crown princess. I think that's how I've been telling them apart. Yeah, I thought it should have said a time period...like 2 months later... I mean, it felt like she hugged her daughter and then started dying Hahaha but we are all Oppa and OTP driven. If Hyun Bin did a soppy melodrama I'm sure @Chocolate would still watch
  3. I saw some fans make some edits of LJW and JSM. They picked good pics
  4. I have to go back and watch all these press conferences!!! I'm missing all the off-screen content which I love. But here is a trivial fact:
  5. Hahaha I rarely drop dramas. Only 2 this year. And Park Eun Bin is one of my faves....Rowoon is ok too Very safe customer here even though Sageuk is not actually my genre. Episode 2 - I feel like this drama is pretty straightforward but I don't see a happy ending for this since the brother is not alive? Haven't read the manhwa...is it a sad ending?...If they discover she's a woman and have been lying this whole time, I guess she'll be killed? - I was surprised by how far the child actor had to carry the backstory...it's most of 2 episodes and she did a really great job playing both roles Also all the emotions of a character who not only finds out she's actually royal, but also discovers she was meant to be killed and by her own grandfathers, no less. - I really liked the Crown Princess' character - how tough would would it be to have to pretend everything was ok over and over again when you always have to be losing one child? No wonder she didn't live long But still she had this inner iron core to continue on and to be firm inspiring her child to continue on - But with the whole attitude of only respecting the royal family but ignoring others below your station, I can totally see why royalty failed in the past. That would make for some selfish leaders. But I guess Dam-i would give it away because she was too caring unlike her brother, who was caring, but still not doing everything for every servant - So sad for Dam-i seeing her crush but having to pretend she's the prince! - That so scene with Dam-i's maid friend was so scary...also I can't believe Ji-Un's dad killed in front of his own son...he didn't even try to hide the fact he was a killer. I guess he's just a lap dog who would get in trouble if he didn't do as told. But still! That's terrible - I did think the editing was a bit choppy in this episode - the transition to the crown princess' death and the deer hunting scenes were noticeably rough. Also CGI was a bit obviously fake, but I'm not complaining as long as no real deers are being hurt - The introductions to PEB and RW's characters were so fun and cheeky. I am also majorly girl-crushing on PEB She is a bit on the pretty-girlier side to physically look like a guy. But I think her cool attitude helps her to pull through. RW is such eye candy. I'm looking forward to upcoming chemistry. Also @mademoiselle he posted with PEB on his instagram...first time I've seen him post a co-star. I like it...also understandable, if I got to work with PEB as an actor, I would also cherish those selfies
  6. Ooooh Thanks so much for all these links! I had so much fun looking at all these. I also liked that edit of the BTS scene where LJW was making a weird face at GAR's puffy cheeks And yeah GAR's star post definitely brought back DDSSLLS vibes! I haven't been on Instagram for awhile, but I was so happy looking at the DDSSLLS tags last night before I went to sleep. It's was an instant happiness boost to see quite a few people post 'Happy 1st anniversary' post for DDSSLLS and also people still make edits for the drama Some pretty edits I love: Super cute Lala/ Go Ara edits (I love the background songs and the cuts of GAR) https://www.instagram.com/p/CU7fOfCD3ug/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CTOZ6zOlpu8/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CT-Zhp-tFyU/ Super cute Jun/ Lee Jae Wook edits (I love the background songs and the cuts of LJW) https://www.instagram.com/p/CREmci-nLuq/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CSCJLRqhXaW/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CQJTue_pSi1/ Super cute Lala and Jun edits https://www.instagram.com/p/CUnGAbfIMBx/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CTsE9gdNCCu/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CTNxZSTIdfC/ Haha I think you mean first 13 episodes...14 is the really painful episode that I have erased because there was nothing enjoyable about it *shudders* Looking forward to Return also. They built this pretty fancy set for it! And Mimi is also my favourite. I always like Byeol's photos on Insta when they pop up. Mimi is just too cute!!! Yesss! Even when people where angry with the series, I love that this thread existed to balance everything out and to share the happy moments
  7. True...what is a book club if LJW is not going to show up, really? Can't remember who I've seen Moon Ga Young, I think and someone else. But there's definitely more Oppa interviews anyway I think my soul only connects over Indomie Mi Goreng if it's LJH. It's picky like that I actually didn't mind the mysteries...if it wasn't for the fact I want to find out what happened in those 5 years, I might have dropped the drama at the sugary parts I think if they resolved the Mr Hong's secret past too early they might have added more sweet scenes and I definitely would have bolted then! Hahahaha, I love this too. I am also secretly evil like you To help revive the book thread, I think I need to read first I love reading! And yet have been so lazy...distracted by Oppas I guess...I am eventually going to get onto the more interesting non drama threads one day soon!
  8. That's the one! They started following him on Instagram. LOL I see sponsorship and gifts becoming a thing Damn...now I'm craving! Hahaha, oh so true @Tofu I think our tastes are quite similar in our overlapping pools of Oppas. Speaking of overlapping Oppas, did you know Simon Lian has a movie coming out where he's lead??? It's called Waiting for a cup of hot milk tea Simon does an interview about it: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUEK7IyjsXI/ Oh my weakness! I always think of how Star Gazing Dog finally cracked open my heart and made me cry over a film. Damn those dog films where sad things happen to beautiful dogs. Hahaha I feel like it's nice to watch happy things during covid, but sometimes I need a range of different shows. Also I feel like sad or moody films/ dramas can also really speak to your soul and be genuine about things you really feel but find hard to describe. What I like in Lost from the first episode is that the characters seem to have an existential crisis about whether or not they're ever going to feel ok enough...which I sometimes have too. This is unlike something like Hometown Cha Cha Cha, which I think is good overall as a show when tyou take into account the mysteries, the villagers etc ...but lacklustre in more genuine feelings? I felt that the happiness and love in episode 11 and 12 was so showy that it didn't speak to me at all. It actually didn't make me feel happy/ heartfluttery. I think of all the romance in that, I preferred that scene where they played in the rain at the beach...luckily the story has gotten back on track in episodes 13 and 14 though I loved Little Forrest - it was so pretty and peaceful And lots of food and nature. I forgot RJY was in that, but you're right...they had a mild romance from memory? I'm glad you're putting Jasper before others out of your own free will Hahaha Ryu = is the same sound as Liu in the Japanese/ Korean sounds. There's no 'L' sound in either language...it's more like a sound between 'R' and 'L' that often ends up sounding more 'R'. Because he's always liked Japanese culture and had a fan base in both Japan and Korea first, he picked the name from his Japanese/ Korean name (Kr name is Ryu Yi Ho (류이호)) I have never tried watching a drama at 1.5 speed...but Thanks for introducing me to your secret tactics...now I understand how you have such a packed schedule I might try it if I continue and find the drama slow. I have had extensive training with arthouse films though...you don't believe some of the things I've had to watch in my life before and how slow they were Hahaha yes, I have seen these interviews before. They are super cute. Especially baby LJW who is like freaking out over the balloons I think Seo In Guk was also scared But the girls who do the balloon interviews were more chill from memory Hahaha I'm glad you see the resemblance too I can't imagine them both being super tanned! Aw, not adopting LJH, I see he will need to work harder to get to you! Ok, I shall see everyone's thoughts if I continue on I miss that drama. It was so warm and cheery and I loved that book club. I was seriously tempted to join a book club after that, but felt like it might not have that same warmth between members or provide an aesthetic bookshop meeting spot which is what I wanted
  9. This is my life trying to learn how to Photoshop and Primiere Pro all the time. You probably don't need an opinion anymore, but I liked the second option too - skin colour looked better warmer? OMG Hello guests if you're reading ! You must think I am a weirdo for all my weird thoughts, really mega long posts and tier systems *** I still stick by my Tier system. You need to sort your love for your Oppas*** HAHAHAHA I love Mi Goreng. LJH and I must be soulmates Or Malaysian food is the best
  10. Hahaha I see you ended up watching Traveler even though you said you weren't in the mood for a variety show So did you end up adopting my beautiful bargaining Oppa, LJH??? I love that he sounds stingy. I must watch this when I have the time! Also even if I don't watch the whole series I will watch episode 8 to see LJH bargaining while shopping LOL I tried the first episode of Lost by the way. It does feel quite arthousey which might alienate some viewers, but personally I don't mind it. I think it captures some of my feelings at the moment, so I don't mind trying a second episode tonight. I think the performances seem good though! I'm glad there's someone discovering the joys of TW dramas even now Not all are good, but I think there's some gems to be found. I also love the actors in the industry...they always build such good cast chemistries. Has the ratings for the drama gone up? I'm surprised people badmouth a drama when this is just the style it is? Maybe they have never seen this style of slow-burn, arthouse, cinematic content before? Sometimes oddly enough LJH reminds me of Jasper. It's hard to explain, but just the way he talks about things and humour I agree...I like the short hair...but maybe it;s because I generally don't like longer hair on guys Pretty sure this Oppa is immortal I feel like he's never going to age. But he always looks good so Oh man, I am still on Episode 3. Life has been real challenging, but I'll do a catch up tonight and hopefully that gets me at least a few episodes ahead! Wait, you didn't get into it till episode 16 I have to admit I'm still not fully into it. But I loved watching them in their off-screen interviews. They both have their similar humour and coolness.
  11. An article about the set...apparently an expensive set! https://m.cafe.naver.com/ca-fe/web/cafes/mggaeun/articles/11232?useCafeId=false
  12. Hahaha should have been a lake. I always think of the lake in Kingdom where the evil people dumped the bodies after they murdered people....like it looked so beautiful on the surface and so evil under the water Oooh thank you! She had most of Episode 2 as well. She held the story together pretty well for the childhood of Lee Hwi! She does have a cool streak in her attitude though. I feel like it's more passable as long as she doesn't have her hair down. She's super girly when the hair frames her face. I do know some guys who don't have much facial hair though! I mean they get like one whisker and try to brag about having 'a beard'...this one particular guy who I'm thinking of is now a dad too. Granted, he doesn't look girly, but I guess it's possible not to have much to shave your entire life. Aw I like Jung Chae Yeon. She's so pretty Yeah, I found this scene super choppy. Like it's weird that they didn't just put in a time jump there...like 3 months later etc. I felt like it needed some explaination. It's not like she died 2 hours later right? YESSSS...I was really pleasantly surprised. They had correct accent and spoke very well too. There's nothing that breaks the illusion more than language. I hate when they say a character is fluent in English/ Chinese/ some European language and got top grades/ lived abroad for 10 years...and then the depiction doesn't match the description I LOL'ed at the face masks too
  13. Episode 1 - I enjoyed the first episode. The child actors were really good. Is the little prince and twin sister played by one actress? She's quite talented if so! This gave me the whole Start Up vibe with the whole tragic backstory being told first through child actors - Glad this episode was pretty easy to follow. I think I'm sometimes a little hesitant to follow dramas with confusing first episodes. It's already work to try to invest in the main characters...too much work if you have to then try to keep forcing your brain to figure out what's happening - The fact that the crown prince's wife's father is like an evil advisor reminds me so much of Kingdom - I guess that was the tactic in the old days. Make sure you offer up a daughter for a royal marriage so you can brainwash the royals. Women's lives seemed so sad back in the day. Was so disgusting that he was choking her and wanting his granddaughter to be killed. Actually, I think that's one of my main frustrations with Asian period dramas - I think there's always at least one evil advisor who has a lot of power and I can't believe in every drama the royals are always so bad at judging characters that they would willingly listen to them - Haha, whoa so much romance already in youth! I mean those teens/ tweens already went on a full date to the festival and gave each other gifts and practically kissed through the CPR, which I agree was totally suss because they would not have known to do that (totally a reason for lip to lip contact) - The settings were really nice. There was something about the pond they both fell into that was magical. So many flowers floating on top - I was so sad for the little prince! It was so tragic that he got killed. I guess I didn't read the plot beforehand and thought he'd still be around and they did a twinswap and he mistakenly left the palace or something. But I did think it was weird at some point they stopped running to answer questions?! Also I was hoping he would yell out he was the prince. Not that it would necessarily save him, but buy time people! Didn't happen though
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