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  1. After not a few nights of not a lot of sleep... b/c of a certain drama... I crashed early last night without any new eps to watch and slept like a baby, lol. Hoping for the same tonight! Have an actor/actress that you crush on?
  2. I would... if I wasn't juggling like 4 other dramas right now, LOL. Counting down to the weekend?
  3. I bang my head because I know how it should be. Subtitling errors that affect meaning drive me crazy, because I feel sorry for those who do need them.
  4. Boo... I guess it makes the meaning of his statement more clear, at least from the friend's perspective. A friend of mine was just asking for clarification yesterday as to whether they understood that exchange correctly (they had). But it sure does omit the whole wit and intention behind that statement, because that's neither what YT said or meant -- that's the whole funny bit of that statement. We know YT meant that statement one way while his friend interpreted it another way, and then we giggle in anticipation of the day the friend realizes that YT had really made that statement in the literal sense! Sigh.
  5. No, the way it typically works for Cdramas and their online streaming services is that the platform will offer two options: VIP members (get more/advanced episodes) and regular members. Since you have to give VIP members an incentive to pay up, they got 8 episodes on Day 1 whereas regular members only got 2 episodes. That means VIP members start with more episodes out of the gate. (People then rip those eps and put them up on 'other sites' which is how so many people - outside of China, at least - can watch the advance eps.) In more recent years, the streaming platforms have also started to offer a VVIP option once a drama nears its end. It's a way for them to earn more money and sometimes can be tied to promotional activities; such as, "If we get X many views, we'll open up the VVIP option." Once the VVIP option is offered that usually means all remaining eps are released in either a final batch or batches. They'll be ahead of VIP and regular members. The poor regular members are always the one limping to the finish line, but really, they're the ones just following the original airing schedule. Hopefully that makes sense. :) ETA: From the schedule posted the other day, looks like there will be a VVIP release option on 8/9 & 8/16, so for those who choose that option, the drama will be complete on 8/16. Otherwise, it will be complete on 8/23 for VIPs and 8/30 for regular members.
  6. Hee hee. That's one thing, since they're basically following the book, there are no cliffhangers for those who've read the book... one of my friends was asking yesterday, "Why does he want to quit his job??" And I just grinned and smiled back, lol. I've always liked this relationship dynamic between YT and JJ. Maybe things are made easier for them in that she's a superstar and has resources at her fingertips, in her own right, but given her personality I'd like to think that no matter what, she'd help him weather all storms regardless of what they had to go through together.
  7. Never got into them. Had a sleepless night?
  8. Oh, the play button was already pressed… just finished 8, lol. Guess I can go to sleep now! Hahaha
  9. To go to bed or continue on with Ep 8… that is the question… hahahahah…. Save me from myself!
  10. Make sure to have a charger too. Alas, too many devices, not enough outlets, I'm on a break because my tablet needs to recharge. LOL. But I'm also playing next to me while I work!
  11. No, thank goodness, I have no meetings this first half of the week so I can do you know what while working. Take a train to get to work? (I just saw Yang Yang walking into the train station, hence the question, haha.)
  12. LOL... finishing up Ep 1 now... but I'm also working! Of course. :P Doing a good job of following the book so far. :)
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