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  1. These photos are lovely. 😍 It's okay to make late replies, no worries. Pardon me if I might possibly do it in the future too. 😊 It's okay, I do understand. You deserve that rest too. 😊 Yes, I also think he's using her. I find it creepy and disgusting the way Danai treats Mook. It isn't appropriate for a married man to treat his sister-in-law like that. Thank you for the photos. I still haven't watched the latest episodes of Praomook. I'm still caught up with the other dramas too so no worries. 😊
  2. Thank you so much for this! 😍 I love it. 💕 I'll be anticipating these scenes of Petch-Rut and Lan-Mook couples! 😍 A potential kissing scene. 🤔 Maybe it would happen after Petch graduates or as she reach the right age. I'm excitedly waiting for it. It inspires me to watch Praomook more. 😂
  3. It's okay. 😊 I've just finished episode 6 today and I was busy recently so I've just visited Janghaven today so my replies were late. 😂 That's really accurate. I really agree with that. Both of them doesn't like to lose with one another. Yes, it bothers me too. His words can be as sharp as a knife. It really hurts Mook's feelings. She's indeed a strong woman to admire. 😊 She's just a person. No matter how strong she is, still she has emotions. I pity her sometimes. She's just trying to do her best as a daughter and sister to her family and as a wife for Lan. She really needs to set aside herself for the sake of her family. Yes, I think so. 🤔 She's worried that Lan would take over the company which she had work for so many years. Just like a villain should do, she's willing to do everything to break the couple apart so that the company would be hers though there isn't a possibility it would happen. Danai seems like a puppet for her. I understand Danai's part. It feels like the love that they have is suffocating. It is pretty obvious that Lak is the domineering type. With this type of girl, men's pride and ego tends to get hurt. They should love each other equally. Relationships shouldn't be like that but more of a "give-and-take" type. If the other one is hot-headed, the other one shouldn't keep up with that. If your partner doesn't have a job or has one but yours is better and earns more, you shouldn't make them feel inferior. 😊 I also wish he wasn't the one behind these things. I think he's doing all of those bad things (if he really is his doing) because of his love for Lak. I think someone is willing to do everything for the people they love, even though it isn't right already.
  4. They look so good together. 😍 They are one of my favorite couples, or what they called as "koojin". I love seeing them both. 💕 Na rak mak! 😍 That behind the scene photos looks so cute. Okay, let's go with Lan since people might confused him with Rut. 😂 Thanks for the clip. I get to be updated thanks to you. 😊
  5. OMG! Those wedding photos are adorable! 😍 I love it. 💕 Yes I've read translated article. Thanks a lot for sharing it. ❤️ Pon is really funny. 😂 With Lun's personality, he really doesn't think before he speak. 😂 Wow, it's nice to know that you like Blackpink too. Though my bias is Jennie but I love them as a group. I'm happy to know he's one of the fanboys. 😊 Wow, these are a lot of clips. Thank you for these. ❤️ That's an adorable photo of Mook, Petch and their mom. 😍 I think that was Rut's house. 🤔 She seems to move in because of Lun and his dream about him. She's worried, cares and loves him. Mook is an adorable woman. She seems to have matured a lot compared to when she was young. 😊 Yes, I think he really saves her but he got injured. He shows concern for her. That's another milestone for my Petch-Rut loveteam! 😍 The bickering should end soon but nevertheless, they are indeed adorable! 😍 I love the photos, thanks.
  6. 🤔 I don't think it's because of Mook's declaration of love for him. Maybe there's some other reason for it, a deep one. I do feel like he really cares for his family and their company. He's just feeling unloved because he treats him as a useless one and doesn't take things seriously. I kind of understand his feelings. 😊 I also hope for the same thing. They shouldn't let the viewers feeling left out because they didn't justify the reason. I think I've watched a lakorn like that but I forgot its name. Sometimes the reason wasn't explained so it somehow makes it less interesting for the viewers. So far, so good. I think the reason/s will be explained as the lakorn goes on. It's still a long way to go. We've only had 6 episodes so it's still early to say. 😊
  7. I'm watching this one and is currently my favorite ongoing kdrama. I've finished this week's episodes too. I'm just waiting for next week's upcoming episodes. I love how they highlighted Jang Ki Yong's visuals! He's the perfect one to portray as a gumiho. 😍 Their chemistry is so good! 😍
  8. 😂 They really usually end up in an argument everytime. Yes it really comes out whenever Mook is around. 😂 I also can't understand where that hate comes from. Maybe it will be unveiled more in the next episodes. I don't think it's just because of Nuch. I think there's a deeper reason why he hate Mook so much. For me, he's hatred is too much. But maybe it's his way of hiding his true feelings. 🤔 Yes, maybe he shouldn't expect a lot with Mook since the girl is in love with Lun. I don't think she has a room for him on her heart. He should really just choose Petch. 😉😂 I really like the thought of them as a couple in the drama. I think they have that wide age gap. Although Rut is older than Petch, I think their relationship would still be ideal. 😊 I really think Danai is a bad guy and seems to have a relationship with Nuch. Though at first, I did think of him as a good guy but after some episodes, he really seems the opposite type. He seems to get overpowered by Lan which makes him feel inferior but I think he's doing this things for Lak. Maybe Nuch is his other girl and gets romantically involved with her because he wants to feel that he is important too. Plus Nuch can be his Pawn in order to kill and remove Lun which is an obstacle for his wife's happiness (which is to have the company that she wants). Sorry, I think this is the effect of reading and watching too much of romantic stories. 😂 Thank you so much for the photos. I love them. 😍 Lun really deserves that kind of face. 😂 He looks cute there though. 💕 Rut and Petch is such a cute couple. I love that interaction. She really cares and has feelings for Rut. Their relationship is very friendly-like so far. I really wish they would be a couple soon. 😍 I really think Lun has feelings for Mook even when they were young. Maybe Mook has done something terrible to him that's why he hates her a lot. 😊
  9. That was a really bad accident. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one having that thought. 😂 It really is very drama like. In reality, it takes a year or two to recover from that type of accident but in the drama they only have a few scratches and bruises. That scene was way too impossible. Yes it only happens in dramaland. 😂 That's really funny. I would accept the thought of him dying if he really looked like it or else I won't even believe it. Some of the scenes in a drama are way too far from reality. I love how they both showed concern with each other when that accident happened. Yes finally he agreed. 😂 He's too convinced that Mook is involved in the recent bad happenings he experiences since Mook is always there to save him. Lun is way too close-minded. I really love Mook's looks on those dresses. 😍 She's so pretty and has a nice type of body. Lun is so funny. 😂 I love it when he daydream about Mook seducing him or he imagine some situations with her involve. 😂 It really makes it exciting and also when they romantically bicker a lot. Lun can't help but feel something for Mook. I really laughed when he sent a message for Rut to come over and help him. 😂 I do notice that Lun is just like Petch. He's too childish and narrow-minded. After watching the recent episodes, I do feel like Rut is developing some feelings for Petch and not for Mook. Marut and Petch looks so cute together. 😍 I think Rut is just enclosed with the thought that he likes Mook. I don't know, maybe it's just my thought and he just sees Petch as his little sister. I want Marut and Petch to be a couple. ❤️ I really think that Rut's assitant will develop some feelings for Petch. I can't wait to see a jealous Rut when he sees Petch and his assistant getting too closed with each other either because of work or having some romance in it. 😊 The thought really excites me. 😂 Yes, I do suspect those 3 too as the killers since those three have the vibe or thought of something bad for Lun but I really suspect Danai a lot. 🤔 I'm somehow convinced it was him since he really loves Lak a lot and I think would do everything for her, just like how Win would do the same thing for his wife. I really think Nuch has a connection with the killer. I think that Win has been liking Laknara since they were young, based on the throwback scene in the episode but I don't think Lak has feelings for him. Yes they are way too close for being friends but I do think that Lak only thinks of Win as a friend while Win thinks of her romantically. I think she sided a lot with Win since she benefits a lot with him around. 😊 There's a lot of things that could possibly happen in the succeeding episodes. It's way to early to have a fixed mindset for the characters in the drama. There might be a hidden plot twist towards the end. 😊
  10. I think Lun pretending to be a gay in order to avoid the wedding is a really lame excuse. Actually, I didn't even believe it in the first place. 😂 Everyone knows that his character is a womanizer so it is way too impossible. I think if she chose Nuch, his parents would still insist him marrying Mook. Whether he pretended to have a relationship with Rut or with Nuch, I think the ending would still be the same. I think Marut is a trustable friend. They've been friends for so long already. Yes, I don't think you can trust someone to pretend or do something for you with payment involve. We actually don't know what might they think of. They can work for other people with bigger amount offered to them, unless they are loyal to you. 🤔 Yes, I do remember Nuch was his ex-girlfriend. That girl was really mean to Mook when they were young and I think she'll be more mean now that they've grown up. Yes the lakorn made the viewers think like that. I really believe she has an objective in mind for approaching Lun again when I don't think she has feelings for him and she's doing it for the killer. Yes, I did like the part that he directly told her that it was really over and it is all in the past.
  11. I can't help but laugh at Marut and Lun's so called romantic relationship. 😂 I really do love how Mook tries to seduce Lun. It really is exciting to watch it. 😍 Everyone can tell that they have feelings for each other but tries to hide it, most especially Lun. 😊
  12. Yes, almost every episode of a lakorn are that long. I also prefer the shorten ones. If it tends to get draggy, I do FF a lot. It seems to get less interesting too since you will feel like they've offered enough for the drama already but want to have more episodes since it is popular. Yes for the new episodes. Alwaysgrumpycat website will have some delay with the release of the episodes for this week since she is busy with her exam. 😊
  13. Yes it doesn't match at all. I think they are both funny and have a nice personality. Didn't know he can say such things. I think that inheritance thing is indeed really popular in Asian countries but I don't really know if it also exists or popular in US or European countries. I mostly see this matter with Asian dramas or movies. Well thank you for sharing that thoughts. I think my parents would left something valuable for the three of us so I think we're going to have some equal share of things though we aren't as rich as those like that in the dramas or movies. I think it's okay to give such inheritance to a man since they need to support their future family in order to provide their needs. It really happens a lot of times. Yes, every people has their unique way of coping up with situations but Petch's behavior isn't justifiable. She should be more understanding with the current situation that they have. She's really a spoiled brat. 😂 Yeah, I think so too. You should marry who you love not because it's what ypur fate dictates. 😉
  14. They are really funny. I love their bromance. 😍 I don't think they've played a role like that before. What Krating said is hilarious. 😂 I also don't think it's that bad. Thank you for the clips. I love seeing them together. Krating and Pon are much sweeter than Pon and Bua. 😂 You're welcome for it. 😉 Yes it isn't that long. It only has 14 episodes. I also like shorter lakorns. I think I could go to a maximum of 30 episodes as long as it is a good one. 😊 Oh Praomook has a lot of episodes. I hope it wouldn't get draggy. I think we would still enjoy watching it even if there are 22 episodes. Yes, that one. 😂 I laughed a lot on that part too. So true. What he's saying doesn't match his thoughts for her. 😂 Wow, this is nice. Thank you so much for this. I'm going to read it one by one. 😍 It's rare to have some dedicated fans to translate magazine covers of Thai actors and actresses. I'm so thankful for this fan. 😊
  15. I love both of the OST's. The first one was mellow and the second one was fun. I've enjoyed it both. 😍 The sweet scenes are so good. 💕 I want more. 😂 I've just remembered the scene from episode 2 wherein Lun imagined Mook seducing him in bed. I was laughing hard for it. 😂
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