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  1. SJK wants to try darker genre than Vincenzo https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/052/0001585306?lfrom=twitter Rough translation "I don't have a thirst for a character, but I have a genre thirst for a work. There are many genres that I haven't tried yet. Vincenzo has a variety of genres in one work, so through this drama, my thirst has been slightly quenched." "I had a lot of greedy to express my dark feelings, but it seems like the darkest genre of my works. Since I have a lot of greed, I also want to try a darker genre than Vincenzo."
  2. Yes 😍 ••• Jae Jae IG update https://www.instagram.com/p/COk0pqejVvM/
  3. @movingwheel @abs-oluteM we will get new content every Friday on HiStory D&C YouTube channel 🤩 Thanks Movingwheel for updating here ^^
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    "Nothing is completely wrong, even a broken clock is right twice a day." ~ Paulo Coelho
  5. Jae Jae will be the MC for SJK fan meeting Eng trans by ace_chingu http://m.joynews24.com/v/1364709#_DYAD Jae Jae will be the host Actor Song’s 1st Online Fan Meeting held on May 7 at 8pm KST. These two met for the first time earlier this year when Actor Song and “Space Sweepers” Squad went out to promote their movie on SBS "Civilization Express," which is hosted by Jae Jae. Impressed by her well prepared and considerate emceeing, SJK sent love call, saying he really wants her to be a host of his live fan meeting. HiStory D&C said,
  6. Psy with Heize and Song Joong Ki https://www.instagram.com/p/COhAeuUM88x/ Message from Psy
  7. SJK is nominated for Popularity Award at Baeksang Arts Awards. For you who want to vote, check this tweet ⬇️
  8. 2021.5.5 SJK IG update https://www.instagram.com/p/COeVR4eBaI0/ Child Song Joong Ki Today is Children's Day in Korea ^^
  9. New CF : Mom's Touch ••• 2021.5.4 SJK IG update
  10. @mademoiselle I imagine him talking to you 😁 I don't know hahaha... Google 'mademoiselle in Italian', translator says 'miss'. Is 'mademoiselle' French and Italian??
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