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  1. There is a spin off for veil for Su yeon story Möbius: The Veil 29 OCT 2021 honestly if you ask me lmao. They probably was probed to do so. Phew the only comment on this article
  2. What if there is some sort of reversal. Turns out is that JH is the spy tryna enter NIS to find out the mole for S group. So technically he is helping S group to clear people. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. Idk why..but I kinda felt that NIS is the bad guy...cause they be dumping agents left and right that is why JY's bro(?) Hacked the nis as a revenge plot. So honestly I don't think NIS is as good as it seems to be. Let's not even start on how they have internal battles. I think S group is like a grey group. They are probably making a 'save' tarven for defects that NIS had dump but equally they do illegal stuff.. @abs-oluteMI even read that someone was speculating what if JH was in that S group and I was like..errrr
  4. @abs-oluteMlowkey..,JH looks like he didn’t get to use his drugs. His eye bags omg hahaha. I think perhaps is a good thing that JH & YJ ‘separated’ I think now JH can do more solo missions to get more in-depth stuff? But I think YJ will somehow give him information too.
  5. Kinda don’t think SY is like truly dead, maybe she is in a state like JH who disappears for a year and somehow she will come back. Second on this, I just feel off over how the people like Baek mo sa and others who talked to JH felt like it’s staged in the way of tryna hint something. We been waiting for two weeks. It’s high time to show us already and stop making us confused. I finished ep 8 boy was I confused 😂 I kinda got this feeling too because it’s the words that they used really felt like they were all tryna indicate something but at the same time it still doesn’t make any sense how he washed his memories…it feels like he crippled himself to start all over but whyyyy Why did he instruct people to set up the whole thing for him? Like the thumbdrive at his parents ashes. To the video recordings. To check if maybe I’m losing it I went on Twitter and saw that I’m not the only one who felt this way..whew..thought I was crazy… Some even proposed: Oh yeah we never really gotten like who is this girl right?
  6. Ji Hyuk memories resurfaced and we see him holding a gun as a kid 👀 I swear if he did murdered his family 👀👀👀 btw I’m deeply….into Ngm chucks abs yeah hahahahaha. So I’m more invested in his line. So now I’m like, you telling me, he hid from everyone for one year and not even like he got captured or anything. Hahaha I wonder what changed him to be like this feared beast.
  7. In the new episode we will learn more about how this thing started, more reveals. O I can’t wait to watch it with subs…the starting scene thoughhhhhhh now newer questions sort of start to rise~ ooooo yeahhhhh
  8. Yeah they started implementing a buddy system for places I think like resorts or hotels.
  9. @im0202@Chocolateyall know right? They have a buddy system. So in a room there are 2 patients staying together
  10. Girls! The bob hair girl haha look at that script bookkkk ep 7-8🤩🤩🤩
  11. @abs-oluteMhonestly no idea what the answer is
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