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  1. Rants: This is the first time at least for me….That two ships in a drama is going to crash. They are like the biggest ship…Oh boy…..Why is the writer hurting my feelings…..My Mooreum ship aka Leather lover x Mandu ship is like…Exploded. Crashed, the moment Leather lover found out that Mandu killed a man. My Babong ship, will soon be crashing as well…Mouse really doesn’t give us any freebies eh. I think by the end of this series I am going to be mourning like how I did for V3.
  2. Who is planning to impregnate, I think I’m more like “EEEEEEE” Because one their relationship was still brand new, they were still at rough waters at that time. Two, that time she was just a high school student I think. Three, he killed her grandma, did the funeral rites..…I swear, with context to all this, watching that part was disturbinggggg..but indeed great job on himmm ps..the fact that he called the baby, “My baby” and not “Our baby” you know he is pretty messed up lmao.
  3. EEEEEEEEEESo disturbing omg. Sorry that I an posting here, cause I'm like ranting...I don't wanna rant in the official thread. Plus most of the folks are here so I need a shoulder to rant haha
  4. I feel disturbed too…omg oppa @abs-oluteMi need to make a call to revenge taxi
  5. @Tofu@SilverMoonTea helppp your girl is traumatised I’m feeling so disturbed..omg
  6. Never have I squint my eyes while watching a drama. I’m Lowkey traumatised.:pandadisgusted:

    1. Alice Wonderland

      Alice Wonderland

      Watching mouse effect? Lols


      I think I will watch it when I have more time. 

  7. I just caught the episode live, and I expected it but Lowkey am dramatise. Back then BY was like…19….he was like 23…and he be talking wanting his seed to a young kid.
  8. Mouse dear. BR wanted an heir, that day when he got flipped by BY he named her a perfect vessel for his seeedddsss
  9. *looking out the window sighing* the moment you realised that your drama character oppa dates the FL not because he loves her, but because he wanted an heir. As much as I love you man…but boy you really are….*vomits* He even touch her tummy while she is sleeping
  10. I’m like a sleepy corn 😕Want to just wrap myself in some corn leaves and sleep
  11. I think the purpose of a 2nd poster is on the vibes of the next part. As we see in poster one, it's more brighter, the captions stating "He is hunting humans" so part 1 we get there is a murderer who is hunting people like MW, Grandma, Mukbang Girl and of cause the 7 sins, and the duo will try to investigate. Then in part 2 which is this poster, it's much dull and darker in vibes, caption written as "I am starting a new hunt." So now we know who is the murderer, he will pick up again and start hunting but this time around is hunting for other reasons. KDS/Lawyer/Cat Killer all these. I see it
  12. Lee Seung Gi Is Riddled With Fear And Anxiety At The Thought Of Being Caught In “Mouse” Tension is rising in tvN’s “Mouse”! In the beginning, the drama was billed as a thrilling chase between a psychopathic predator and Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon), a hardboiled detective out for revenge for his parents’ murder, and Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi), an upright and passionate young police officer. Spoilers During the drama, there were several twists and turns about Jung Ba Reum’s true identity as his psychopathic tendencies emerged. In the last episode, Jung Ba Reum was shocked a
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