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  1. Confession:

    Wi Ha Joon looks kinda cute 😘

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    2. Tofu


      Kind of?! Wi Ha Joon is so cute! Hahaha! 

    3. Alice Wonderland

      Alice Wonderland

      He is handsome, I saw him in 18 again. But he was evil in Midnight. 

    4. stroppyse


      I remember him in Romance is a Bonus Book and thought he was very cute there as well.

  2. This was the first time...Upon trying to explain to someone to let go of the people who made their choice to leave...I experienced emotional surges. I was using...my emotions to express it. I relate to it...

    1. bairama


      that would be hard, it is like you feel it all over again? Hugs

  3. Spending time to think about life..

    1. abs-oluteM


      Sending hugs! :duckhearts:

    2. SilverMoonTea


      Take care dear... 

  4. Never have I squint my eyes while watching a drama. I’m Lowkey traumatised.:pandadisgusted:

    1. Alice Wonderland

      Alice Wonderland

      Watching mouse effect? Lols


      I think I will watch it when I have more time. 

  5. I know you're somewhere out there. Somewhere far away. I want you back, people think I'm crazy
    But they don't understand. You're all I have, at night, when the stars light up my room. I sit by myself
    Talking to the moon. Trying to get to you, in hopes you're on the other side, talking to me too. Or am I a fool, who sits alone, talking to the moon?

    - Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars


    Sometimes I wish I can tell my kid self that she will grow up with struggles but she will be fine so she can rest easy...She probably would think that her adult self will never grow up okay because she is going through some dark times...I want to tell my young self that I will not give up...Though dark clouds still lingers in me, but I will continue to grow and fight through! Be free from the dark clouds one day...

    1. abs-oluteM


      Yes you will. Hugs!

  6. I missed the deadline for the University application...by accident without me knowing...That said, that’s why I’m pushing mouse a lot just to get that thing off my mind. Feel like a dumbass for missing it. You know...I’m not someone who would missed this kind of dates....and it’s flipping stretching me inside out. 

    1. bairama



    2. stroppyse


      Oh no! That seems so unlike you to miss a deadline! Grateful that "Mouse" is benefiting from it, but sorry that you missed it.

    3. NiteWalker


      is there any other deadline for you to reapply?

  7. Sigh....im 22 today. An age older :brb:Sweet twenty-two~

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    2. Chocolate


      😱 You’re only 22? Happy birthday! 🥳

    3. ktcjdrama


      Happy birthday Sugarrrrrrr :CharmanderYay:

    4. MayanEcho


      Feliz cumpleaños! :MewWave:

  8. A 10-year-old kid once told his mother, "You know mum, a rocket have many little fuel tanks, that carries with it and brings it up to the sky, but once it is up in the sky, it will drop it all so that it can continue on with its journey. You know, whatever bad things in your life is the same. It spurs you on, it helps you to grow and then, you just need to let them go and you can move further." 

    1. abs-oluteM


      Very poignant...nice

    2. NiteWalker


      a sign of growing up

  9. I’m open for donations. Haha

    1. mirmz


      lol i was just about to post something like this XD

  10. When oppa watches the same Netflix documentary as you! AHHHHHHHH:laugh:We have same taste it seems :nya:

  11. “Name a yellow fruit.”



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    2. AwkwarDerp


      wait, what? D: orange is not orange? 

    3. mirmz


      it would be different if it said pick something orange but it it was in yellow font.

      for example :


    4. AwkwarDerp


      I played games like those before, my brain didn't function well. 

  12. Alright....You know..the usual things teenagers are going through...like what do i do with my future? Seeing people left and right they are doing things (people have jobs) , meanwhile I’m here, not too sure if my plans would be able pass through successfully or not..Sigh...That heaviness you get me? It’s either this or that. Haha...

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    2. mirmz


      usual teens: aghh i failed another test!

      me: cRaP i Have To UpDaTe My MeMe ThReAdS tOdAy

    3. Darkarcana


      You will get there some day mirmz haha

    4. mirmz


      some day lol

  13. “They can’t help..falling in love with you~”


    edit: I can’t help..falling in love with oppas~

    1. Tofu


      Go guess the oppas in the event thread! I'm sure I added one of yours to the photo. :smug:

  14. After watching the movie ‘Fractured’ my mind became fractured too. 😆 Such a lit movie. *poke poke* @stroppyseyou look like someone who watches US movies. Have you watched it? This movie is just mind blowing. I’m I’m love with movie🤣

    [love it too much that I wrote “I’m” twice by accident opps]

    1. stroppyse


      Yes. That was a craaaazy movie.

  15. *yawn*


    See clock: 4am


    :PiplupCry:Sleep...Me want..sleep

    1. mirmz


      i feel this on a personal level XD

    2. bairama


      'I feel this on personal level' TRUUUUUUUUUUU:1000::KittyMummy::SquirtleWonderfull:

  16. I’m really tired...I’m in the spot where I can’t even turn back...so tiring...it feels like I’m dragging my body with my hands to pull through....><...



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    2. bluepebbles
    3. NiteWalker


      :hug: a hug for you my dear.....


      im always here for you k

    4. SnowBlob


      Fighting! Hope you feel better soon xx 

  17. Woke up today and noticed that mentally I’m seeing my environment, surrounding me as black and white...no colours at all, feels so lonely...this is such a bad throwback to when I was in a state of disarray, crying non-stop. “It’s okay it’s okay.” I said to myself but am I okay? It’s back...I have relapsed...luckily for a moment my drama is sort of keeping me in check...Thanks guys, just couldn’t express it when y’all asked...it’s hurting internally that I couldn’t even express it. Sorry for not replying...

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    2. abs-oluteM


      take care dear & hang in there

    3. MayanEcho


      It happens, that we reach a point when breaking down is the only thing we can do...But hang in there, take some deep breaths. Whatever you're going through, it will pass. 

    4. Mouse


      Hang in there! There’s always light at the end. 

  18. All of you care for each other...great...but who is there to care about me?...

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    2. MayanEcho


      I hope you're alright...

    3. stroppyse


      We care about you. Are you okay?

    4. AwkwarDerp


      I volunteer to care, are you alright? :cry:

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