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  1. hmmm coffee truck so cute! So it’s confirmed? Oppa is a psychopath who wants to feel love
  2. Yes. Iqyi Viki and viu are subbing. Viki have updated their viewership guidance to a "R"R-rated...oh...music to my ears Hi @Tothestars @Chocolate! So nice to see comments from you guys! Do drop by more often when it starts! We will be serving mices- *cough*
  3. I got nothing...just small waves gentle waves of the deepest ocean...cause lack of activity haha
  4. Watch me act like a maniac for this few days Over a few things.... 1) Mouse 2) Flower Killerrrrrrrrr🤪 Please support Mouse! Pleaseeee!
  5. My baby killed Ahn Nae Sung and then I get to know that Ahn Nae Sung will be his dad in MouseThanks to ahn nae sung, I get to see baby's precious handsome bad boy face He killed Kim Min Jae too, in this story...all with the help of poison...he seriously must have drugged me with his love potion hahaha In busted..He is a serial killer. Killed a total of...7-8 people now...haha though can't see him act/reenact his magic show kill, but I know...he must be very charismatic...hahaha......not a drama...but I just want him to be included..haha... This is for players who
  6. Had to take a double take on this ... "Please Insert me too"
  7. I hope so too! You know, the moment I see this Something in me, instinctively wants to be like huh him...so innocent @ishipSGxSMoh yes! Haha, feel him up with electricity of love that let him go toppling on the mat hahahaha
  8. Wah. Mouse..hehe...i love the looks of Seung Gi in there. Just as described, he looks very innocent. But he did say that he is doing something different this time, so honestly it’s sending me mixed signals...so fascinated and captivated by his looks speaking of mouse though, do you have any theories? im a big supported of Seung Gi’s drama! So lonely on the other side talking to myself about mouse. Hahaha..I went a little overboard with Seung Gi’s theories haha do drop by when it airs haha and to my other haveners here! Let’s chat about mouse too! Hehe Anyways...enough mouse..
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