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  1. In S3 he was the one who shot DKW and then he met that woman and went into hiding. Dr Fabre is related to Kaneki that’s for sure.
  2. Yes I am, just a little not sure what to say😂😂😂😂
  3. Spending time to think about life..

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      Sending hugs! :duckhearts:

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      Take care dear... 

  4. For me, I feel Ian is more flesh out in the story line when compared to young do. Hoping for more of young do though.
  5. Yup! Watched it the moment Netflix uploaded it!😃🥰Young Do so cute haha
  6. Most plausible thing I feel is maybe he will lose himself but FL will pull him back to heal him. Haha I think he will be obsessed in finding the killer haha
  7. @mademoisellei am not sure actually. But i found this book interesting. Edit: Ok, it is the story. It’s a very dark story. cause this is how the story went: The story starts with the man saying he loves his black cat, but due to him drinking he eventually broken the bond with his cat and killed it. Then he blames others and all that then afterwards in the story, (referring to the picture) Later on in the story, he obtained another cat, the cat eventually got stuck in the walls (the same cat that was referred to in these 3 pictures) and it meowed to alert the police and thus the man was sentenced to the gallows. It was also said the second cat have a white spot that to him, it looks like the gallows. One of the analysis from this short novel: ”One of the most salient things about the tale is the fact that readers cannot trust the narrator. He speaks before he is to be put to death, yet his tone is deceptively calm. He speaks of things that are not sane in the tone of a sane person. He admits that he does not understand the things that have happened, but he thinks that perhaps someone else can. He rationalizes all the things he does but shows no remorse or understanding of his moral degeneration. The tale he narrates shows him lapsing into evil because of his divided nature, turning against reality, rationality, and anyone outside of his own self. As Ed Piacentino notes, the narrator “would like the reader to regard him in his present state as calm and rational, a character presumably with self-control,” but he is “actually excitable and illogical.” “ The ‘someone’ else can really just screams FL to me. The ‘he speaks of things that are not sane in the the tone of a sane person’ screams young do to me. He is super calm and all lol haha Yet sometimes, young do is unreadable by us as well. Then he would reference things for FL when he is explaining stuff about her.
  8. If you are interested, I found a book called the black cat https://www.thoughtco.com/the-black-cat-themes-and-symbols-738847 Audio Book Analysis
  9. This is what I want to know😂 He seems to be emotionless perhaps….sociopath I wonder if he do have it as well… @JenLim charmed by it haha mainly of the psychiatrist aspect. Hahaha I love it @Pooza are you watching this as well? ok just some thinking @mademoiselle@JenL @Tofu @SilverMoonTea “black cat a symbol of bad luck, particularly if one walks across the path in front of a person, which is believed to be an omen of misfortune and death“ Could Young Do be that black cat? Because when he came to the building, that is when he meets shady oppa and FL. Which lead up to YD coming in on shady oppa and now shady oppa falls.
  10. Watching it on TV. Ep 2 starts and I see a half naked man in boxer 🤣 HD.🤣 Ok..so Ep 2 is awesome it leaves us with questions that I want to know....so many questions...Excited to know more. Haha... ***Edited out stuff cause spoilerrrr*** Will give my take tomorrow 🤣
  11. To me I feel YD have something up his sleeves as well, a motive perhaps, because he moved his clinic to the exact place where the murder happened. He wants the murderer to come to him. Why? Idk. But seeing he sees his younger self in the toilet suggest that there could be some sort of connection to the murder. The yellow hood guy who appeared twice, might come back to the story again cause he appeared twice. Though YD called the 2nd ml a sociopath, but I feel there is something more, maybe it wasn’t him…who killed cause it’s too obvious. It would be repetitive if the whole series is the “im gonna fend off that 2nd lead from coming close to fl.” Idea. So definitely im excited to see the twist. If there is one. Any sorts of twist is fine. As for chemistry, I really like YD and FL’s Chem. Although there are opposites (FL is kinda that strong personality while YD is calm), but it acts like a magnet. So I am also excited to see how they will go. Hopefully He can heal her heart and she can heal his heart as well. Usually in dramas the one who helps others often are the ones who is hurting the most, so definitely he needs her. In some how or some way. There is also tension between both male leads. Though it’s clear that the second male lead has hidden his true self but I reckon, YD himself have something more as well. Something more that is strong enough to fend the 2nd lead away to protect FL. I also wonder about the water leakage….they constantly show it dripping..hm…wonder why..excited to know. This series is detailed in a way they show you many items that have a significant meaning to it, so it’s interesting to see what other items that can help to link the story. Think I’m not gonna wait for tmr and watch it tonight. Ep 2. Excited excited.
  12. I really like the first episode. It sets the story of the three leads very well. Can't wait for tonight...I might just wait for Netflix to come out tonight and immediately start watching ep 🤣 it's good. I like it.
  13. @Alice WonderlandOh mannn I know I know. I understand. Watch the finale special to calm your heart~ Sigh…I was there at one point hahaha
  14. Ok, initially scrub through I think the evil twin is the vigilante version of our team leader. The circus man might hoax individual to kill people they hate but as they are about to kill, circus man comes in and kill the person they hoax. Thus it will explain why Christmas lights are wrapped around the targets. Since it’s confirmed they are Siamese twins so I think they have one common goal but different ways of execution so Do Kang woo death maybe caused by her as well. I don’t know, but when leader is here saying Do Kang woo wanted to die and everyone must remember him as a monster, it just feels like he will come back haha though it’s impossible man..heart is a little sour
  15. Insta link is ok, what is not allowed are like Kshow,dramacool etc. But, you can use direct message to send to users here who might want to watch it :) Insta/Facebook/Twitter are ok :)
  16. Hello my lovely people here in this thread. Just a gentle reminder that in JangHaven, we are not allowed to post any links that involves contents from unauthorised websites as it breaks the codex law in Jang Haven as referenced from here: Examples like: Kshow/Dramacool/Subtaxi and many more are not allowed But that said, sending the above links via private message/direct message is acceptable. I hope you understand! Thank you!
  17. Namgoong min is cuteHe bulk up after awaken lmao
  18. Today marks Seung Gi’s 17th debut anniversary!
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