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  1. Hmmm now I have a feeling that maybe the second lead had someting to do with his death? And I don't even know why. It looks like SJ maybe knows that ES likes HR or he thinks that HR likes ES and is trying to help them getting closer. I just checked the MyDramaList page for Blue Birthday and duh? 6.1 rating? Ouch
  2. I finally have some time to write about YAMG. My conclusion after the episodes so far: - There are a lot of city footages - JJ likes wearing long skirts at home (By the way did you saw her sweater with the teddybear on the bag? I want that.) - If there is not a scene with YT on a balcony then I don't want to watch it anymore Okay all jokes aside I am really happy that the drama is so similar to the book (I kinda expect that bc of all the trailers we saw but I didn't thought that it was so similar :D And yay 32 episodes but each ep is only 35 minutes long :( But I am fine. I mean I am showering in a lot of promotion pics or videos from YAMG so I am totally fine :D
  3. But I want to talk about my first impression of BB Do you know the meme why are you running? That's what I thought when I saw the first ep. I understand why she was running bc it's her job Let me be honest with you after running for 5 minutes I think I would already give up and sit for an hour. Oh boy I really need to start working out. Okay back to the story. A week ago I saw someone said that SJ was maybe murderd by someone. I kinda think so too. I don't think that he commited suicide. He said that he is pessimistic and narrow minded and that he wasn't sure if she would like him for who he is. Hmm I think that he has his problems but he don't want to talk about them with others bc he don't want to bother them. I believe that he maybe has a mental illness and maybe he had thoughts about suicide but I don't think that he killed himself. And it's really sad that she blames herself for his death. (For not beeing curious about his concerns or sadness.) It's a really traumatic experience when your crush died on your birthday. I didn't expect me to write so many things lol But the first ep was not bad even when I thought that the trailer already spoil the whole first ep for me :D And the OST is nice so far.
  4. Blue Birthday The Plot: A fantasy romance drama in which Oh Ha Rin will revisit the past through mysterious photos left by her first love, Ji Seo Jun, who died on her birthday 10 years ago. He had resolved to confess to his childhood friend since elementary school but he ended up taking his own life, much to her shock and horror. He was about to confess to her when he met his sudden death in the photography room. She currently works at an abandoned pet shelter, but on the 10th anniversary of the incident, she comes into possession of some photos that her first love left behind. Ha Rin, whose painful memories were relighted again, decides to burn all the pictures. When she was burning the pictures, she suddenly realized she was back to the day she took the picture 10 years ago. The camera only has 8 pictures, so Ha Rin only has 8 chances to go back in time. (Source for the Plot: MyDramaList.com/Soompi.com) The Cast: Kim Ye Rim as Oh Ha Rin Yang Hong Seok as Ji Seo Jun Lee Sang Jun as Cha Eun Seong Kim Yi Seo as Ji Hye Min Kim Gyeol Yu as Do Soo Jin Some Pictures: Source for the Pics.: MyDramaList.com
  5. And GY's wish surprised me. Noooo 1 episode each week? But well that's life :D
  6. If you are interested in the book here is the link to the translated novel. Wonderful human beings translated/edited it :) I am still thankful that they exist. https://hui3r.wordpress.com/gu-man/youre-my-glory-on-going/
  7. That's a good idea xd And about the break up yes I think you are right but still how dare he do that to her? Okay sorry I am just kidding I know it's not real :D And it's great that she got over it so quickly. I don't know why but I kinda thought that her mom would die (bc they got scammed by her so called friend and she maybe couldn't take it anymore) and that's the reason why she wanted to get revenge. Lol but no that's not it and I am happy about it. But it is kinda funny bc I thought that Jeong Jin learned her lesson after the whole contract thing. Well I guess not :D How could they do that? They are ending episode 2 like that? Hmm and about Jo Hee Ra your theory could be true. I am like or maybe she did something bad and that's why she was punnished for it and has to live as a witch. Lul my thoughts are sooo creative......not. Can I have the next episode like right now pls? No? That's sad.
  8. I have a big problem now. I already ship them and I am only on ep. 2. And I am finally watching it. I was finally in the mood for it and I am not regretting it. The first two eps are really funny. I just love the misdirections :D And I really want to eat some fried chicken now. I am not drinking alcohol but fried chicken and a beer sounds good to me. The toilet scene was unexpected and I already feel bad for the second lead but I am team Gumiho. This drama is based on a webtoon so I think there is something else that I need to do :D
  9. ©dramapotatoe on Twitter I have trust issues and when I first saw this I kinda thought that it was CGI. I know I am lost :D And now the only thing I need is the air date pls thx.
  10. Yas finally :D And that's true both of them were natural. It's my first drama with her so I don't know how she usally acts but she has a new drama with Vin Zhang and I will def. watch it. (But they just started filming so I have to wait)
  11. Okay I finished it after 1000 years. This sounds weird but I don't know if I like it or not. I was confused bc. I didn't realized that they were living with each other for two years already. What really impressed me was Ding Yu Xi's acting. It looks so natural when he is acting. I really liked his crying scenes. Both DYX and Yu Shu Xin did a great job at acting. And at some scenes I thought to myself: Lol I think Chu Li is Yu Shu Xin or is Yu Shu Xin Chu Li? I didn't read the original novel and I don't know how CLs personality is in the book but she did a great job. They were cute together and it looks so natural when they were a couple.
  12. What's Wrong with Secretary Kim: Kim Ji Ah and Go Gwi Nam At the beginning I didn't really care about them. After the tomato scene everything changed and I was more interested in them than the main couple (I am sorry) What's Wrong with Secretary Kim: Bong Se Ra and Yang Cheol This couple was funny and cute. The moment when you realize that the person you like likes you back And this reminds me of them. Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard: Jiang Xiao Ning and Gu Chuan A person coming into your life and suddenly your whole new world becomes colourful day by day. This couple is one of my fav. couples this year. The Day of Becoming You: Yu Sheng Sheng and Jiang Yi I just love them. They found each other without looking for each other. And 3 more couples: My Girl (2020): Wei Lei and Sui An / Ah Tao and Jiang Jiang I don't know but I just liked them more then the main couple. Off the Course: Kang Soo Ji and Goo Sung Chan
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