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  1. @chocolate First of all a huge THANK You to you for starting this thread. Love love love ❤️ it so mucho!!!! This is the best forum ever and you are so detail-oriented. Great job. BTW heard the original BinJin will have their CA part 2 shooting by March-April of 2021. Latest news is that HB and the rest of Bargaining team is at Aquaba. Hopefully they will be headed back home in the next few weeks. The second wave of Covid 19 has started it course in Jordan, so I hope they get home safe and sound. Meanwhile since Aug 1st no updates from @yejinhand. We hope to see her at Seoul International Drama Award night on Sept 10 and then she has a Japanese FM on Sept 27th. No other news other than possible periodic drama script she is reviewing and the male lead being KHN from “When the Camelia Blooms” and winner of best male actor for drama series BAA 2020. If I hear anything related to BinJin I will def update here (which is a nontoxic place to speak your mind). Thank you again for the wonderful thread you initiated
  2. Is it true that the movie will be out by Dec of this year. If so that would be awesome .
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